AP PHOTOS: A weekend of protests in America

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AP PHOTOS: Flames shooting from an L.A. Police Department kiosk. Kneeling protesters having their stinging eyes flushed. These are some moments captured as demonstrators took to the streets over the weekend to protest killings of black people by police.

Flames shooting from a Los Angeles Police Department kiosk. Kneeling protesters having their stinging eyes flushed. Police in riot gear standing outside the White House.

These are just some of the moments captured as demonstrators took to the streets from Boston to San Francisco over the weekend to protest killings of black people by police. As night fell, many demonstrations that had started out peacefully sank into violence: Cars and stores were torched. The words “I can’t breathe” were spray-painted on buildings. Police responded with tear gas and rubber bullets.

Floyd’s death in Minneapolis came after tensions had already flared after two white men were arrested in May for the February shooting death of black jogger Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia, and the Louisville police shooting death of Breonna Taylor in her home in March.


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“Protests”. Lol no Riots.

I know this is a crucial issue, but this pandemic thing hadn’t quite finished when it started, and I shudder to think what could happen to someone who has Covid-19 if they had to breathe mace/tear gas.

When they beat innocent people, burn businesses to the ground, vandalise others property and loot, they are no longer protesters but rioters and criminals.

Why doesn’t anyone protest the constant killing of blacks in Chicago EVERY SINGLE DAY!!

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AP... are you panicking now that people are waking up and no longer taking your ill-concealed baits?!

AmericanSpring BlackLivesMatter It is time to change

A weekend of riots ... not protests .... riots

So I guess mass gatherings are ok now?

This outreach of agression is partly related to young people being couped up for two months - Covid-19 Put young people back in school back at work or at least back to part time work

They are protests of America not in America. If you can find a better country, then go live there.

FINELY.... There you go!!!You see if something evil happens to us in the united states like 9 /11 what happened We all united that's what america is all about. EQUALITY TO have the right to live a life the same rights as everyone else..THAT WHY ALL LIVES MATTER!!

Protesting of Liberal mayors, police chiefs and unions protecting bad cops so when they finally do kill, those same people then call in their ANTIFA organizers to burn down their cities in hopes of more government power.

Facts matter

Trump is a poster boy for racism. Remember Spencer and his 'Heil Trump'? And KKK David Duke's 'Trumps our man'? The Republican Party has done all it can to paint Blacks & Hispanics as criminal subhuman leeches sucking up welfare & food stamps. The Republican Party is Racism Inc.

And where are your pictures of the innocent people who’s businesses where destroyed by the far left riot groups?

Why can 4 Swedish vacationing officers stop NY attack in 2015 NOT just re 4 officers; jogger killed takes 2 months; NY bird watcher having PD called Is re Police Chief, justice system failing TrumpResignNow STOP MPD, LA/NYPD; Ferguson training in Israel

Looks like a movie I saw once before, called Return of the Planet of the Apes.

Antifa showing their true character. They are thugs and terrorists.

Did you forget pictures of small business owners who’s stores were looted and burned out

Riots Riots Riots Report all across this country the number of police officers injured

Keep it up!! Time these cops get what they gave !

These riots will do wonders for the US economic recovery.....

Now show some photos of police officers having their stinging eyes flushed. If you can't find them I'll send some.

Show the business woman that was beaten!

so called media seems determined to call these 'Protests' .... looks like Hooligans to me...burning, robbing, stealing, beating up people...absurd Mayors + Police Departments have pathetic little balls lol

They should stay home instead of out spreading the virus.

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United States Latest News, United States Headlines

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