34 Pretty Vital Things Women Wish They Knew About Sex Just A Liiiiiiiittle Bit Sooner In Life

'I wish I knew I wasn't a 'bad girl' for having sexual thoughts and desires.'

9/26/2021 4:35:00 AM

“I wish I knew I wasn’t a ‘bad girl’ for having sexual thoughts and desires.”

'I wish I knew I wasn't a 'bad girl' for having sexual thoughts and desires.'

1."You shouldn't feel ashamed of what you find pleasure in. I spent way too much time feeling ashamed, and not enough time enjoying myself and my partner."Columbia Picturesu/MamaD_Cooks"I feel the same way — I have kind of a specific 'kink' that my ex wouldn't even entertain the idea of, and it made me feel really ashamed for a while. Then my current significant other did what I liked out of the blue, and I knew it was meant to be."

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—u/you__guys2."Your first time having sex is not guaranteed to hurt — for some it does, and for others it doesn't. I went through my life being afraid of my first time because I was told it would hurt so bad — I was expecting it. It ended up not being painful at all, and I was confused. I learned it doesn't hurt for everyone, and I wish I knew that so I wasn't so freaked out about it."

The CWu/[deleted]"I hate how everyone said it's supposed to hurt. It made me so terrified to have sex. If you've never had so much as a finger in your vagina and then let a male partner pound you, you're probably gonna have a bad time. But if you regularly masturbate, explore your own body, and then go slow your first time, there is absolutely no reason you should expect sex to hurt." headtopics.com

—u/Equipoisonous3."Communicate! Don't be afraid to take your partner by the hand and show them how you like it — no one knows how to get you off better than you do. I think too many people are either too shy to talk about it or too worried they'll offend their partner. Neither of these should impede you because if the sex isn't that great now, imagine a monogamous relationship with years of it."

Bravou/fyred_up"Learn to speak up, and know what you want and are looking for out of a sexual experience. Good partners appreciate a 'Could you please go half an inch to the left?' and if a partner makes you feel unsure or is unkind about it, then get out of that bed as soon as you can."

—u/aenea4."That even very good sex is often actually laugh-out-loud funny and awkward. Sex is just sex. It can be romantic and heart-stopping and incredibly physically enjoyable with someone who pushes all of the right buttons for you at that moment. And even with the best of intentions, it can also be a bit silly and laugh-inducing."

Universal Picturesu/aenea5."If you did something once with a previous partner and enjoyed it, it doesn't always mean you'll like it with the next partner you have."Marvelu/[deleted]6."Just because you aren't both moaning like in a porno doesn't mean the sex is bad (sometimes it's so good, it's hard to make a sound). Orgasms feel different depending on so many factors — don't focus so much on trying to have an orgasm, and actually enjoy the sex!" headtopics.com

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