God, Vol 53 Issue 00

God, Vol 53 Issue 00

God Announces Plans To Shift Majority Of Resources Tied Up In Humanity Project To Birds, Rocks

God Announces Plans To Shift Majority Of Resources Tied Up In Humanity Project To Birds, Rocks

9/26/2021 2:00:00 AM

God Announces Plans To Shift Majority Of Resources Tied Up In Humanity Project To Birds, Rocks

THE HEAVENS—Telling reporters it would be a more worthwhile enterprise in the long run, God , Our Lord And Heavenly Father, announced plans Monday to shift the majority of the resources tied up in His humanity project to birds and rocks. “I feel like I’ve kind of hit a wall with humanity and this is probably as far as…

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Personally, I look forward to the rock update. He's a bit late in going this route. Hopefully it isn't too late! Can we also increase the Flora Budget? I have some R&D ideas. Let me guide you to the righteous path, r/birdsarentreal Who told ya? And the African fish eagle to rule them all Howis this even possible? Birds aren’t even real.

Philosopher: God, why do good people get hurt? God: (ball taps Philosopher and has sex with his mother) C'est vrai ? _dieuoff Rock on, rocks 🤘

God Considering Moving Dinosaurs To Separate Area Of HeavenTHE HEAVENS—Concerned that the prehistoric reptiles’ behavior had gotten out of hand, God , Our Lord And Heavenly Father, told reporters Friday that He was considering moving dinosaurs to a separate part of His Kingdom. “It was fine 200 million years ago when there were only a few of them here and there, but now there… Mario movie confirmed by the bible What's even the point of trying to get in then 🙄

Popehat Good! TrumpZombieCult That's why He's God. Recent backslides in common sense levels to below that which God gave gnats a clear sign that humans headed for another Dark Ages and Creator simply cannot deal. I'm guessing he's infinitely powerful but still has to multi-task. TheTweetOfGod is this true?!

Popehat But think of the further benefits of bringing all these resources to bear on rocs instead! Popehat Bring back non-avian dinosaurs. SUEtheTrex Mixed emotions here, eh? Popehat Understandable decision

'The Daily Show' Talked to Anti-Mask Parents. Good God.Jordan Klepper from 'The Daily Show' headed to a North Carolina school board meeting to talk to anti-mask parents. I want to see the ones that were edited out. Ones that had the stats of survivability in children and the ever increasing rates of depression and suicide among school children. If you don’t want to “co parent” with the government then don’t send your children to a publicly funded school. Problem solved

Why is god a white old man? Isn't he supposed to be a chill dude you can go get a drink with? It was fun while it lasted! An overdue move angels_pimp Not when 7 planets are in retrograde! 😨😱🤯 Understandable tbh Keeping our streets clean only sounds like a chore until you put it that way. thegoodgodabove ProBirdRights Finally!

pfenomenologist It’s about time.

Black Lawyer Launches Legal Fund To Support Black-Owned Start-Ups Using Crowdfunding to Raise CapitalA Black-owned securities law firm has just launched a legal fund to support Black-founded start-ups that plan to raise capital through crowdfunding campaigns and other means.

God seems centuries, if not millenia, late on this assessment, but God may have been buying into sunk cost fallacies. Huh. He screwed up to begin with, except he doesn't exist. scream-laughter! Word !!!! But birds aren't real.....oh! I think usidoretheblue already had that covered. You go,God! is this true TheTweetOfGod

Does this mean more volcanic eruptions and the return of the dinosaurs? Better birds and rocks than cockroaches and radiation

Red Hot Chili Peppers Announce 2022 Stadium Tour Plans With Wacky News BroadcastRed Hot Chili Peppers announce 2022 stadium tour plans with wacky news broadcast Never miss the RHCP! So excited John is back ❤️❤️❤️ Is this for real, I have made my request year 2016. I really appreciate John Frusciante and I'm glad he mad it.

Rocks have been underfunded for eons. It’s about time. thegoodgodabove oh wow It's hard to negotiate with a single deity. The ancient Greeks had several, and played one off against the other. Dammit, my money was on squirrels. BirdPerHour Good call. Hard to argue with the decision tbh jasonmantzoukas Probably for the best at this point.

Not a bad idea tbh

Erdogan: Turkey to make Teknofest an international brandThe six-day Teknofest event, an annual exhibition on the commercialisation of patents, inventions, and new products, began on Istanbul on Tuesday and will end on Sunday. many countries ready to get those.

The Ugly History Behind Those Border Agents Chasing Haitian Migrants on Horseback“It really raises important questions about what does humanity look like in the United States?” Suppose the border guard was Black? He would still be doing what is necessary to protect the border and enforce the law. Who is making this a racial issue? Certainly not the border guard, nor his horse. STOP WITH THE MISINFORMATION! STOP MILKING THIS STORY ALREADY! THERE WAS NO WHIPPING DONE!