Yorkshire Wildlife Park: Polar bear with sore head sees dentist

Polar bear with sore head sees dentist at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

10/25/2021 7:13:00 PM

Polar bear with sore head sees dentist at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Three-year-old Sisu now has a new gnasher after snapping a canine at her Yorkshire home.

Image source,Yorkshire Wildlife Park/Acquire ImagesImage caption,After the operation, Sisu took a short time to recover but was soon back on his feetDr Kertesz said: "It was a standard procedure, where we cleaned out the infected root canal, which was over three inches (7.6cm) long, and filled in the canine.

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"We then had to build and shape the tooth, ensuring we kept its length. Sisu will now have a perfectly functioning tooth for the rest of his life."He added: "After the operation Sisu was standing very quickly, but he was kept in his den to recover fully."

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