Mum, 21, pregnant with fourth baby hits back at claims she does it for benefits

Mum, 21, pregnant with fourth baby hits back at claims she does it for benefits

10/25/2021 7:25:00 PM

Mum, 21, pregnant with fourth baby hits back at claims she does it for benefits

Christa is expecting her fourth baby around Christmas time and has hit back at people over their assumptions about her life - including accusations that she is only having children for benefits

Christa, from the United States, is due to welcome a little girl at Christmas with her husband.But her joyous news has been met online with savage judgements from people who think she is too young to have such a large brood.In response to the comments, she posted a video to her 80,000 TikTok followers with the caption: "You shouldn't be proud of being pregnant with your fourth baby when you are 21 years old" - pointing towards some of the comments she's received.

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But the stay-at-home mum says her husband works to provide for the family, and she wouldn't want her children to go to nursery as she doesn't "trust them".In response to nasty comments accusing her of having children to claim benefits, Christa responded: "No help, their dad has a good job. I'm a stay-at-home-mum because I don't trust day cares."

Christa has said in previous videos that her children were all been born a year apart, with her first child coming into the world in 2018.She and her husband have been together for over five years, and all bar one of their pregnancies were planned, she said.

Not all the comments were negative, with other young mums congratulating her on the happy news.Some had similar stories, with one saying: "I'm 22 and just had my fourth, who cares what everyone thinks and says, babies are blessings."And another commented: "Beautiful family, I don't know why people hate on young adults when they have multiple children at a young age. So many women have done it successfully.

One added: "You are doing great Mumma, sorry people are acting crazy."Christa is not the only mum to strike controversy this week. Another mum has said she will only stop breastfeeding her five and six-year-old boys when they ask her to - and isn't bothered by her family's criticism.

Sheryl Wynne still feeds Riley and his younger brother Mylo before school, in the evening, and throughout the night.The 39-year-old from Wakefield, West Yorkshire, insists it is completely normal - and has told anyone criticising her to mind their own business.

She says it has cemented a lifelong bond between them and she won't stop until they are totally ready.Sheryl claims "mummy milk" is the "ultimate parenting tool" as it helps calm the children and comforts them when they're upset or ill - but she admits she does receive negative comments from strangers and even family members.

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