Prince Charles Middle East trip for religious tolerance

Prince Charles on Middle East trip for religious tolerance

10/25/2021 7:01:00 PM

Prince Charles on Middle East trip for religious tolerance

The Prince of Wales will visit Jordan and Egypt on the first royal tour since the pandemic.

Prince Charles is restarting royal tours, which stopped during the pandemicThe Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall will go on their first royal tour for two years, with a visit to Jordan and Egypt next month.The trip will visit holy sites and interfaith events that will promote tolerance between different religions.

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Climate change and the importance of girls' education will also be highlighted in the visits to the two Middle Eastern countries.This marks the return of overseas royal tours, which stopped in the pandemic.Such royal visits are made at the request of the UK government - and this will be to two strategically important countries, where a series of official events will highlight the importance of building bridges between different faiths and cultures.

The prince will take part in conversations about the value of religious freedom and respect for other people's belief, in countries with holy sites for Muslims, Christians and other religions. Read more: BBC News (UK) »

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Here In America we still think of him as A Jerk BBCWorld Is he coming to afganistan? He should ClarenceHouse Tad ironic he comes from a country with force indoctrination and tolerance of those from M. East and other similar countries. preaching to the deaf, dumb and blind will not help much. Religious tolerance! Starting with the easy stuff, eh? 😳

I guess we are going to have to endure many Prince Charles PR puffs, over the next few months, as we are softened up to accept him as king…? The begging bowl must be running dry. All he is going to find in the middle east is religious intolerance. Middle Eastern holy men look like humans, but they're not.

I am sure he will be berating some of these oil rich middle East countries for their lack of tolerance to other religions. NOT. They have a lot of money. And one thing Royals know is you need to know people who can show you the money. Adore Prince Charles but what about environmental footprint. We can conduct international video calls but the rich/posh/public figures prefer to travel first class. Suppose video for us poor uns.

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BBCWorld BBCWorld Nothing’s better than waking up every day with gratitude If you are reading this, always love yourself. We are not being told we are loved, so I want to say I love you. Don’t judge by my profile without knowing me. How can someone who calls himself a prince talk about religion? God made all men equal, except me and my family

Try pushing irreligious tolerance there too. Go on, for a laugh. Get them to enshrine apostasy and atheism into law as a human right. Double dog dare ya.

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Prince Harry told to cut ties with Netflix: 'Zero standards!'PRINCE HARRY was told to cut ties from Netflix after a columnist claimed the streaming giant has 'zero standards' when it comes to 'royal inaccuracies', following the release of ‘Diana: The Musical'. Delicious, lefties now banning each other. He won't do that the cu+t ain't got any standards Them? Or him?