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Vets begin offering coronavirus tests for PETS in Germany

Vets begin offering coronavirus tests for PETS in Germany, and warn cats are most likely to be infected

4/7/2020 5:11:00 PM

Vets begin offering coronavirus tests for PETS in Germany, and warn cats are most likely to be infected

Scientists at the Free University of Berlin are carrying out PCR tests similar to those on humans to detect whether Covid-19 has spread to pets (file image).

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Jumping on the band wagon I am sure l saw on the news that i think they said 4 lions in a zoo has the coronavirus. Hate cats the best of times and they het everywhere. And this ? Perhaps we need to get all the people tested 1st? Time we killed 'em cats See .... again Germany way ahead of the situation 🙄🤭

Germany are now testing Mog the Cat whilst we cant get Mary the Granny tested .. Shame on you UK

Coronavirus lockdown: How are our pets coping with us?We rely on our pets to be there for us, but now we are with them all the time... how are they coping? pets r over exercised lol Currently training my dog to go to the local shop and pick up beer 👍🏻

Boris Johnson 'still in charge' while in hospitalThe prime minister is undergoing 'routine tests', 10 days after he was diagnosed with coronavirus. Shows how useless the rest of them are when he won't let go of the reigns from his sick bed Best wishes Bozza is he incapacitated?

Prince William shares rare personal tweet to Boris JohnsonThe Prime Minister has been moved to intensive care after testing positive for coronavirus.

France records highest virus daily death tollFrance reports 833 fatalities in the past 24 hours, the highest since its coronavirus outbreak began. are they enforcing social distancing in the banlieues? Oh my goodness... it keeps getting worse keep praying for better. Rip

Ruffled Raab gives little clue of true state of prime minister's health | John CraceThe de facto PM offers a barely credible performance at the daily coronavirus press conference Fvuking Prick’s, can’t help yourself. Imagine how ‘ruffled’ you’d be if you’d got a job covering at a credible broadsheet and was told to host a press conference mins later... Are you really the Rag trade newspaper every one is talking about ? Pity rag British secracy and government lies!!!

Germany is building a way out of this mess, while we snub help with coronavirus testingPublic Health England are continuing to pursue a highly controlling, deeply centralised and low quantity testing strategy – while countries like Germany are testing at scale, saving lives and building a way out of this mess. QueenElizabeth said We will succeed and that success belong to everyone of us...QueensSpeech coronavirus Why this photo I despair at MSM. They don't seem to make these same mistakes with their other 'business' & 'financial' interests outside of government.