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Colombians break coronavirus lockdown to see image of Jesus in tree

Image of Jesus appears in a tree prompting locals to break coronavirus lockdown as they gather to pray

4/7/2020 5:19:00 PM

Image of Jesus appears in a tree prompting locals to break coronavirus lockdown as they gather to pray

Dozens of locals in the Colombian town of Magangué broke lockdown in order to gather at the foot of a tree where they claimed an image of Jesus had appeared in order to pray for protection.

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ItaliaMasiero Let that person who has seen that walk Mbagathi hospital heal those positive to turn negative, ItaliaMasiero Lies, false prophets, scam, fraud' why can't it appears in Italy US & China wuhan? Save those departed souls, we don't want demons in Kenya,. ItaliaMasiero Scam winston02587 Well done, to whoever pulled this stunt. This 'miracle' of Christ on a tree could lead to people spreading Corona virus and making others sick, in the name of religion...

You have to laugh at these twats Saw that one straight away. Couldn't see the one in the tea bag or the one in the coffee grounds but this one is good. 🙄 Is this how bad it has become when you have to dig up crap like this from thousands of miles away 🤦🏻‍♂️🙂 Too much of their own product being consumed methinks.

Look everyone it's Jebus, and he's 'hanging-out' in the forest! We lub you Jebus! It’s official, Jesus was gay. The tree is bent. Tumsifu Yesu Kristu 👐👐👐 Bollox . There’s more chance of Jeremy Clarkson presenting top gear again than this .

US churchgoer says she will continue to defy social distancing because she is 'covered in Jesus' blood'As many states go into lockdown across America, members of the public are still finding ways to negate and ignore social distancing rules.  This includes churches, some of which are still holding BreakingNews :- TIGER DIAGNOSED WITH THE coronavirus VIRUSE at BronxZoo... What a freak. Sometimes religiosity seems like a mental illness. Natural selection

Morgue staff in New York forced to FaceTime bereaved to show dead bodiesThe city is currently in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. Grim Covid19 has infected more than 1.2 million people & killed more than 68,000 worldwide. US alone has more than 331,000 recorded cases & more than 9,400 deaths, with 1,344 of those reported on Saturday — the nation's largest single-day death toll.

A visual guide to the world in lockdownGlobal air travel has declined as coronavirus lockdown measures have come into force around the world London's Heathrow Airport - one of the busiest in the world - has seen a sharp decline in flights Coming up next on Obvious News... I hope everyone returning from global pandemic hot spots has a safe journey home. BBCWorld If they do this one more time every single druggy will just ignore the lockdown, simple as, they are liars, it's a lockdown only for us, tell me how ANY of that is SOCIAL DISTANCING, raiding teenagers for a few plants, they can get gone, lying to everyone all of them

New Zealand sees 'positive' signs amid strict coronavirus lockdownJacinda Ardern won’t rule out pay cuts for ministers when recovery starts as stay-at-home measures deliver some success If only the PM had banned the virus earlier like she did assault weapons... A 78-year-old man from Queensland died in the PrinceCharles Hospital, in Brisbane, overnight passenger from the ill-fated RubyPrincess cruise liner has died of the coronavirus, bringing Australia's death toll to 35. Fingers crossed 🤞

Bride and groom break coronavirus lockdown in South AfricaJabulani Zulu, 48, and his bride Nomthandazo Mkhize, 38, said 'I do' in KwaZulu Natal province shortly before South African army officers stormed their wedding brandishing guns. donutsdebsdibs 🤣🤣🤣 they probably thought the lockdown was over since no one obeys it. Seriously, I live across the road from mall. That parking has been full every single day of this lockdown. Many places it looks like business as usual. Until you try to order a PC box online.

'Idiot' NZ health minister breaks lockdown at beachDavid Clark called himself an 'idiot' after admitting to clear breaches of the New Zealand lockdown. Anyone who came from the space calls him came from heaven ... أي واحد جاء من الفضاء ينادونه بأنه جاء من السماء This kind of people will lead the nation 👍 COVIDIOTS