Covıd 19, Coronavirus

Covıd 19, Coronavirus

Coronavirus patient deaths rise by 758 in England

Another 758 patients have died in England after contracting the coronavirus - bringing the total to 5,655.

4/7/2020 5:15:00 PM

'I thought I wasn't going to see my girls grow up.' Tara Jane Langston, who posted a video of herself in intensive care being treated for COVID19, says being ill with the virus was 'distressing and traumatic'. For the latest on coronavirus, click here:

Another 758 patients have died in England after contracting the coronavirus - bringing the total to 5,655.

Reported deaths in the rest of the country on Tuesday are:74 in Scotland - a rise from 222 to 29619 in Wales - up from 193 to 212Three in Northern Ireland - an increase from 70 to 73Image:The total number of deaths in England is now 5,655Scotland's First Minister Nicola Strugeon said her nation's figure was"relatively large" because officials are moving to record deaths seven days a week, having confirmed just four over the weekend which she had said at the time was"artificially low".

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Public Health Wales has also indicated the true number of deaths there is likely to be higher than the official number released.AdvertisementCabinet Office minister Michael Gove is self-isolatingIt comes asin the intensive care unit of St Thomas' hospital, central London.

Downing Street say he has required"standard oxygen treatment" but not a ventilator.

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kingemxn see the video wasn’t old. It’s related to COVID19 ❤️ So many people hiding under a rock for sure... just look at the comments 'Don't post things like this for the more mentally unstable' sorry but this IS life and death for many people who get Covid 19, just because it doesn't happen to you doesn't mean it won't it's random.

If this creep was allowed to post a video , where is the 24/7 video stream of BorisJohnson ? Is he really in itu or in a BnB ? DownloaderBot This clip tells us all we need to know stay at home what a brave lady glad to see the lady is home and well She’s a trauma actor exposed Fake NEWS That video is old about a month ago

Griff_Pants I'm wondering how they left her without wearing mask?!!! so strange. God bless you 🙏💚 ANY AMT. OF OXYGEN OVER 2 LITERS & my Patient needs to be on a FACE MASK OXYGEN delivery system, not a nasal cannula delivery. This Common sense info. is from nursing school, day ONE! Florence Nightingale Is rolling over in her grave watching the STUPIDITY of it all! -a REAL R.N.

Why she using a mobile phone in an intensive care unit I don't know about the whole fake/hoax idea but I do believe the reason she suffered so bad is because she was a smoker (which they keep leaving out on Sky). I don't think she would have made that point in the full video otherwise. Wow! Thankfully she's a lot better now. People really need to stay indoors. Some people were claiming it wasn't COVID19 when the video was initially posted, saying it was lungs cancer.

Should have shown that to the dog walkers who drove to walk their dogs on the South Downs, the 3 builders building a house in Poynings and the cyclist who drove their car to a remote spot to cycle that I passed today out cycling. Stay home you morons and exercise from home. Do quit with the scare stories. There are mentally fragile people out here who are struggling to cope with this level of fear being pumped out by the hour!!!

Coronavirus: Another 621 patients die - UK total now 4,934When asked if Catherine Calderwood offered to resign, Nicola Sturgeon says the CMO offered to do what was 'in the best interest of the country.' She added: 'I need to have the best possible expertise if we are to steer the best course through this.' Sack her now, odviously she is above the law and the rules we are all following. She should have been fined for this not cautioned. Are all her family in isolation now ? Is she .... no ..... how and why is she not ?! SACKED I think is the word you’re looking for NicolaSturgeon ? Sacked for taking the piss. No wonder people dont stay home. Its like you lot know something we dont ? Second home!! Some people don’t even have one ffs..

UK coronavirus death toll climbs past 5,000 as 439 more die from deadly bugTHE UK coronavirus death toll has today broken the 5,000-mark after another 439 people died from the killer bug. Positive cases have now reached 51,608 – up from 47,806 yesterday – as B… Lord please heal the world Lord have mercy

UK coronavirus death toll passes 5,000 as 403 more die in England aloneTHE UK coronavirus death toll has today broken the 5,000-mark after 403 died in England alone. NHS England confirmed the latest victims were aged between 35 and 106 – with 15 having no underl… NHS failed seems to be it's slowing Plus an extra 40 deaths outside of hospital according to the article

England death toll drops for third day running as 403 die from coronavirusBREAKING: England death toll drops for third day running as 403 die from coronavirus We must however ensure that we keep the social distancing and stay home where possible except for reasons the government have described to reduce a second peak. Remember this is still early days of the impact as shown with the PMs condition. Good let’s hope we can beat this! Why do the death figures drop on a Sunday and Monday and go up drastically on a Tuesday, we seem to be following the same trend as the weekend before the one just gone.

Coronavirus wreaks havoc in US black communitiesBlack Chicagoans account for 70% of coronavirus deaths, despite making up 30% of the population. Social distancing is a luxury some communities can’t afford! Because unfortunately, I'm not sure they took this as serious, or maybe they have economic reasons for needing to be out. Seeing kids still hanging out playing ball or something is distressing, but let's hope the message sinks in sometime soon. You should not be allowed to report on this. It's racist.

China records no new virus deaths for first timeFor the first time since January, China reports no coronavirus-related deaths. Bullshit.. Don't believe a word they say!! And we believe them because? China always tells the truth. I’m afraid for me the jury is out on that one. ChinaLiedPeopleDied