Threat of benefit cuts to force unemployed into ‘any job now’

Jobseekers will have their benefits cut sooner if they do not consider sectors battling staff shortages

1/27/2022 12:15:00 PM

Jobseekers will have their benefits cut sooner if they do not consider sectors battling staff shortages in a plan to get half a million more into work

Jobseekers will have their benefits cut sooner if they do not consider sectors battling staff shortages

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About F'ing time. So any career hopes/aspirations flushed down the toilet if it takes a while to get a job or related job in your chosen field? Careers are now just for the rich and everyone else destined to servitude too keep the elite looked after. What century are we in? Good. Why should money be spent on people who can't work when there is work for them. Money that could be better spent elsewhere such as the NHS or Education

How can they when so many r loosing their jobs. Total rubbish. I have been expecting something of this sort. The portly dribbler theresecoffey typifies government excess whilst shovelling the poor into vacancies caused by Brexit. May a i have a job Eeuu frente a Rusia con más de 1300 efectivos 'It's not my job to worry about the poor'.

Fvcking pricks

Macron calls for ‘de -escalation’ of tensions in Ukraine as threat from Russia loomsEMMANUEL MACRON has demanded a 'de -escalation' of tensions between Russia and Ukraine after the Kremlin moved 100,000 troops near to the border, despite denying it is planning an invasion. Like Russia cares what Macron says

Universal Credit crackdown: 500k Brits forced to widen job search or risk cut to benefitsHalf a million Brits on Universal Credit will be forced to widen their job search or risk a cut to their benefits under new Government plans The cruelty is off the scale. Good. When I was job hunting years ago (admittedly looking for something related to my level of education) I also applied for jobs in factories and never felt shame in doing so. Obviously some posts can't be considered due to religious or personal beliefs 'Helping people get any job now, means they can get a better job and progress into a career.' These people have never had to work 40+ hrs on min wage with 0 work/life balance while jobseeking

Royal Mail to cut 700 management jobsThe move is part of an ongoing restructuring designed to streamline processes and save £40m a year. How did they advise them?

Royal Mail to cut jobs amid ongoing postal delaysThe move, part of a restructuring plan, comes as the firm faces heavy criticism over ongoing postal delays.

Royal Mail to cut 700 management jobs in restructureIt will reduce costs by around £40 million a year

Spider plant: The ‘ideal’ plant to add to your ‘working setup’ - offers many benefitsSPIDER plants are considered one of the most adaptable of houseplants and the easiest to maintain. One expert has shared why this is the 'ideal' plant to add to Britons' 'working setup'.

.However, Mr Macron insisted that Russian aggression would be met with “serious consequences”.Listen to this article Loading audio.Image source, Getty Images Royal Mail plans to cut around 700 management jobs as it simplifies its operational structures this year.

Sponsored At present people have three months to find a job in their preferred sector, but ministers are reducing this under an “any job now” plan that they say will help those on benefits as well as the wider economic recovery. Officials insist that they will work with companies to ensure that job centres get better at matching benefit claimants with . “Every channel must be used to the full to re-engage Russia in a process of de-escalation.