Universal Credit crackdown: 500k Brits forced to widen job search or risk cut to benefits

Half a million Brits will be forced to widen their job search or risk a cut to their benefits as part of a crackdown from the Government.

1/27/2022 3:25:00 AM

Half a million Brits on Universal Credit will be forced to widen their job search or risk a cut to their benefits under new Government plans

Half a million Brits will be forced to widen their job search or risk a cut to their benefits as part of a crackdown from the Government.

Loading audio...People on Universal Credit are being targeted in a push to get 500,000 jobseekers in work by the end of June.They will be forced to look for jobs outside their chosen field after just one month or face sanctions to their benefits.It comes as data has shown that the demand for workers is there, with 1.2 million vacancies - 59 per cent higher than before the pandemic - the Government said.

The campaign, dubbed Way to Work, is intended to target those who are able to work but either do not have a job or are earning low amounts.Claimants will be forced to widen their job search after the shortened period of four weeks, rather than three months, with the sanctions coming in if they are deemed to not be making a reasonable effort to secure a role, or if they turn down a job offer.

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As long as the only expectation is to apply; only apply for jobs for which you cannot possibly get. Depending on your qualifications/experience try astronaut, chemist, fighter pilot, lion tamer, PM (easier than the rest, if you have the right schooling & parents) This is good Didn't the Moron state he wanted a 'high wage' economy!

Will all the Tory MPs who get sacked next week have to take a job in McDonald's because no self respecting company will ever employ them. This will bring down wages Billions for the Tories rich mates though. ToriesDevoidOfShame ToriesUnfitToGovern indyref2 please 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🖐🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🖐🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🖐🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🖐 Conservatives UKLabour LabourIsDead

How is a shortage of retail workers pushing up prices ? And yet another in achievable target from the chief liar. don’t see the problem with this ‘Target those who are not working and those Earning low amounts’ ? She should tell employers to pay decent wages and give proper hours instead of Zero hour contracts. The Government is desensitised to low earners and this latest policy shows they don’t care. Never vote Tory.

For god's sake. UC is meant to help get people back on their feet, not punish them. People need to turn off their television and realize that plenty of people on benefits have jobs or awful circumstances that lead to this. Yet somehow fraudulent covid loans are perfectly fine!

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This aint going to work its bullshit Meanwhile £5.5 Billion of Furlough Fraud to be written off. But then they are more likely to be Tory voters! These job centres dont even advertise jobs. When I left prison I signed on to find a job to support my family and they dont even tell you about any jobs. Luckily I managed to start my own window company but not everyone can do that, job centres and 'work coaches' are pathetic.

Well talk about kicking someone while they are down. Again and again and again. LadyNoo22 Shitty Universal Credit are now demanding you get all your s**t together in less time than they can get all their s**t together and work out how much they are going to pay you Who sanctions them? tartancobweb Half a million (500,000) are on universal credit 🤦🏻‍♂️

Surely, you wouldn't have excess job vacancies if they were GOOD jobs. So what they are doing is sanctioning people for not taking BAD jobs. Gov forcing workers to take BAD jobs so the Rich can profit whilst the worker loses. Remember a job here is one that makes The Rich richer. 'widen their skills out of their fields' so, does that mean a homeless person can get a job as a brain surgeon without the knowledge. or become a train driver without being shown the controls. sorry but people pick the fields they have knowledge and expertese.

Royal Mail to cut 700 management jobsThe move is part of an ongoing restructuring designed to streamline processes and save £40m a year. How did they advise them?

Oh this is the announcement Bozo said he had in PMQ's about a New Scheme to get half a million back into work! Another Tory attack on the poor, just offer them some training in area's where it's lacking but that wldnt fatten the pockets of any of your donors! FFS Good I did not hear this at the PMQ!!! Ah so claim back the money lost through fraud, the Tories are going to claw back from those in need, rishisuckstoo

With 1.2 million vacancies there really is no excuse for being on benefits unless your sick or disabled. If you're on benefits isn't your priority to get back to work ASAP? No matter what you just need to start being independent, benefits are there to help on your hard times isn't a lifestyle as a immigrant that's how I see it perhaps I'm wrong!

I don't understand, where are all the tory supporters who agree with these? Am I in an echo chamber? Who is voting for these people? But it’s cool to write off £4.3bn worth of fraud? Well I guess someone got to pay for Tory corruption! Shifting the blame again. Yes look for work outside of your field, is a normal thing, but the UC benefits cap forces more and more into food poverty and homelessness, the majority are single parents, for a government that throws away billions to corrupt PPE contract, yet find it okay to starve children.

Royal Mail to cut 700 management jobs in restructureIt will reduce costs by around £40 million a year

I guess they should have taken out covid loans, fraudulently. There must be at least a few hundred 'second jobs' in parliament that can be freed up for the proles to take on. While we're at it, reduce the MP wage to the legal minimum and remove any benefits (sorry, expenses) they claim because... they're working, innit?

Another attack on the poorest, What if the job offered pays less than the basic the claimant needs to pay rent council tax heating and food? What then? So when Boris Johnson said in PMQs yesterday that his party were going to, 'help half a million people get back in to work starting tomorrow ', This is what he meant? 'Get a job you can't do/not qualified for or we'll take your universal credit'. Makes sense...

Just a rehash of “thatcherite” on yer bike . Typical blame the poor, label as scroungers etc. same tactic as blaming immigration for everything. Still, maybe one good thing, those who shouted “immigrants took our jobs” can now take up fruit picking, caring or cleaning 🤣🤣 I wonder how many of these 500k loaned the conservatives their vote in 2019.

Yet one more thing designed to penalise the poorest who are still suffering through a pandemic The vacancies have come from the hundreds of thousands of EU workers being told they are not welcome, many by people of benefits, 'they are stealing my job', time to take that job or was just an excuse? Does any of u no honour dignity & honesty? Have ever considered infrastructure housing prices. U all servants of some rich lords & royals facilitate more wealth investments for them by public costs. Most of houses r empty sold 2 ur bosses in d cost of us

Yes, and they should be willing to travel hundreds of miles and work in all weathers, they could pick daffodils in Cornwall, harvest turnips in Lincolnshire, and be willing to go to sea and work on fishing trawlers, and do awful work on sewage farms without grumbling ;) 🤮🇬🇧💩

Royal Mail to cut jobs amid ongoing postal delaysThe move, part of a restructuring plan, comes as the firm faces heavy criticism over ongoing postal delays.

The problem is that if you, try to force a highly skilled worker into a shelf stacking job after four weeks that HSW will still be looking for other work all the time, the shelf stacking employer is going to churn staff at a silly rate... Will they ever employ a HSW? shellyreddy2 If only the govt was forced to do some work (in between getting drunk) on pain of cruel sanction... and jail for misconduct in public office. They just assume everyone is as corrupt & lazy as them

This isn't a problem. A lazy attempt to combat the growing trend of people not willing to work for wages they can't live off and combat Brexit related UNDEREMPLOYMENT. Fraud written off to Tory donors punish those already struggling The nasty party pushing more into poverty That’s right RishiSunak 10DowningStreet DWP go after the lowest earners 😡😡😡 absolutely disgusting SkyNews GBNEWS GMB

Ridiculous, just forcing people into jobs they hate, rather than giving them a reasonable amount of time to find work is counter productive force people onto zero hour contracts and minimum wage to bridge the gap left behind after our seasonal and migratory workers where forced to stop coming thus keeping costs low for the already rich, if only we had an opposition that represents all the working class...

All backed by Rishi Sunak, who whilst some want to see him as PM is no friend to the public and certainly not to SME's he is only a mate to the big boy companies and those with lots of cash. A wolf in sheeps clothing. ...and they're back The doublespeak in that article is OFF THE SCALE! Axing benefits to force people into any job at all = helping people Why not just get the state to allocate people to jobs at birth? And they call the left communists?

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How much will they save by this action… nothing approaching the same ball park as the 4 billion given away to scammers Iain Duncan Smith would be so proud Bastards!! So why has he written off 4.3 billion of Covid fraud? We need a snap election, and a Lab/Lib Dem coalition, and fast! wish they would put as much effort into tackling fraud and tax avoidance 😡

The very nice chap married into the richest family on Earth says 'work or starve'. I can completely see where he's coming from. I don't agree with it. But I can see it. They have to recoup the £4billion wasted and written off to covid loan fraud somehow? 🤬 Tory evil manipulators kicking poor low paid when ever they can!

Work or starve equals Jobs Led Recovery. Interesting. This is clearly the Tories trying to artificially keep wage bills low for their Tory donor mates. There's no need to put wages up to attract employees for crappy jobs when you've got the Tories in your pocket forcing people to take those crappy jobs under threat of sanction.

'Helping people get any job now, means they can get a better job and progress into a career.' These people have never had to work 40+ hrs on min wage with 0 work/life balance while jobseeking

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Good. When I was job hunting years ago (admittedly looking for something related to my level of education) I also applied for jobs in factories and never felt shame in doing so. Obviously some posts can't be considered due to religious or personal beliefs The cruelty is off the scale.