Worklifebalance, Friendships

Worklifebalance, Friendships

These are the top 10 friendliest places to live in the UK

And London is nowhere to be seen...


New analysis has revealed the friendliest cities to live in in the UK – and it's not great news for London worklifebalance friendships

And London is nowhere to be seen...

Whether they’re a fellow gym-goer you got talking to or someone who attends the same book club, learning about another person and developing a new bond is certainly one of life’s greatest pleasures.

over half of UK adults haven’t made a new friend in a long time.

Lucy Mangan on why you’re never too old to make new friends

has revealed the UK’s friendliest cities based on the key friendship qualities of generosity and how welcoming and trustworthy they are (judged by analysing Moonpig’s internal gift-giving data and external surveys respectively).

Newcastle topped the generosity list, Cardiff came first for being welcoming, and Coventry ranked top for their search interest in friendships.

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No. We are a wonderful bunch

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