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Ban food and drink on public transport to cut child obesity, says chief medical officer

But food businesses brand idea of calorie cap on servings ‘knee-jerk and impractical’

10/10/2019 10:16:00 AM

Ban food and drink on public transport to cut child obesity, says chief medical officer

But food businesses brand idea of calorie cap on servings ‘knee-jerk and impractical’

often offer a fantastic range of cakes, biscuits or brownies. If they are suddenly no longer able to sell them, or have to significantly change them because of an arbitrary calorie cap, it will clearly be a challenge and put them at a disadvantage.“Margins are tight and shrinking for most hospitality businesses, with ever-increasing costs. The last thing they need is another tax hike, particularly at a time of uncertainty.

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“High streets across Britain are struggling – they don’t need extra taxes.“Some businesses would have no choice but to pass the extra cost on to customers or reduce menu options. Either way, customers and businesses would suffer.”Read moreThe key issues surrounding public transport and mental health

Kate Halliwell, of the Food and Drink Federation, said manufacturers were already working hard on measures asked of them in the past three years and should not face punitive steps.“As Public Health England acknowledges, reformulating products takes time, and we must always take the consumer with us.

“We agree more needs to be done to tackle obesity, and welcome the report’s clear steer that everyone needs to play their part, including schools, local councils and the NHS.“Manufacturers alone will not solve this.”Neil Middleton, of the Association of Public Transport Users, said drinking water to reduce dehydration and fainting risks should be encouraged, not banned.

Read moreGovernment urged to impose ‘calorie tax’ on unhealthy food“It strikes me that practically, this is largely unenforceable ... and it seems to me that threats to passengers such as terrorism and violent crime (including rape) are a more important target,” he said.

Richard Pill, of the English Regional Transport Association, said there was a balance to be struck between the need for food and problems caused such as smells and the need for toilets.“I am diabetic type 2 and sometimes need to eat when travelling on public transport bus, train or boat,” he said.

Dame Sally, who stepped down asfor England and chief medical adviser to the UK government last week, had been asked by Matt Hancock, the health secretary, to examine the possibility of taxing all unhealthy foods.Support free-thinking journalism and attend Independent events

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Thesugar tax, introduced last year, has led to a 21.6 per cent drop in the total sugar content of soft drinks between 2015 and 2018.Designing the built environment to create opportunities for children to be active is also part of the approach advocated by Dame Sally.

The Rail Delivery Group, the Campaign for Better Transport, the Confederation of Passenger Transport and Transport Focus, representing passengers, all refused to comment on the proposed ban on food and drink.Mr Hancock said the government would study the report closely and act on the evidence.

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What even after 4 hours on a delayed train. Wouldn't that be tantamount to torture. And discouraging people from taking public transport ... well that's not exactly what we need right now. Maybe they should give the job of chief medical office to an adult. Hey. Stop sitting children down during their whole childhood. In classes. At home for homework. Etc. More gym classes, walks, exercise, playgrounds, public parks, safe bike routes etc, and less homework. But hey, that all costs money & effort, so let's do the fake solution(!)

Stop eating animals and junk food *Slow clap* What a terrible, simplistic solution to a serious and complex issue. FFS. Is the ban for eating snacks at the bus stop as well? And on the way to the bus stop? And on the way home after they get off the bus? And in the home 🙄🙄🙄🤔🤔🤔 Lol Ps ban capitalism

That's nonsense, how about the people who need to eat or drink something because of their health condition? In the summertime when it is hot, people take a bottle of water with them to keep hydrated, what are people going to do then. That is a dumb idea which would never work. So why the picture of the attractive lady for the article?🤷🏽‍♂️

Ban medical officers to cut the crap.... Tax, death, idiots and idiotic news outlets are a certainty Noooo! What else is there to do? What a load of rubbish who are these people that get these ridiculous ideas.... Haha! Awesome. My kids use public transport about twice a month. Stupid idea. This country becomes a little more Draconian every day.

Ban food and drink on public transport - This is just Crazy, lots of people just have time to grab a snack breakfast or Lunch on the Go!. Well Off Tweeps Preaching Again CrimesAgainstSociety Forcing people to lose weight by banning or taxing certain foods is the wrong way, people have to want to lose weight for it to be effective by being educated, I personally lost weight because I hated the feeling of being fat not because someone forced me

Wow! Stupidity abounds over the pond too! Just imagine anyone trying to enforce it. Not the answer. Riiiggghhhttt, cause that's what's causing obesity. Chief Medical Officers brain is full of 💩 But your stock photo model looks so happy So will train operating companies be banned as well from selling food and drink that they provide on trains too?

Ban and tax our way out of obesity - top doctorThe outgoing chief medical officer warns ministers will fail on obesity unless they take bold action. Just starve people. Or just make your kids walk to school in groups with a guardian, parents and adults walk to work occasionally and have a good healthy diet. Take some exercise each day and don’t eat a lot of junk food. Simple. I do not drive I walk over 3 miles each day. Prohibition brownies, anyone?

Commuters aren’t happy about the proposed snacking on public transport banIn a bid to address high child obesity rates, a new proposal is urging the government to ban all people from eating snacks on trains and buses. These people either go everywhere by car (most likely) or they’ve never desperately tried to keep a toddler occupied on a two-hour train journey by handing them a raisin every minute or two. Well done to outgoing Chief Medical Officer for getting conversations around snacks going.Children do EVERYTHING with an accompanying snack - going in the pushchair?-have a snack.Getting in the car?-have a snack.Why?To keep them quiet, but creates dangerous relationship with food This is the most ridiculous and unrelated solution ever 🤦‍♀️ It’s not about WHERE they eat it’s what they eat and how they spend the rest of their time

‘Ban food on buses and trains to stop childhood obesity’EATING should be banned on public transport to stop children snacking, the outgoing Chief Medical Officer for England will say today. Just ban food This is some kind of madness

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Chief Medical Officer wants food banned on public transport to fight obesityThe report puts the CMO at odds with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who has previously rallied against the sugar tax . Try going by train from Edinburgh to Penzance then. So how it will be policed? We have fare dodgers, smokers & alcohol drinkers on London trains & tubes now and nothing is done. After all, not even Labour Shadow ministers can be bothered to obey rules on public alcohol consumption. What a bell end

‘Ban food on buses and trains to stop childhood obesity’EATING should be banned on public transport to stop children snacking, the outgoing Chief Medical Officer for England will say today. Just ban food This is some kind of madness