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The suggestion Covid deniers should stay out of public hospitals is appalling | Stephen Parnis

The suggestion Covid deniers should stay out of public hospitals is appalling | Stephen Parnis

10/22/2021 5:02:00 AM

The suggestion Covid deniers should stay out of public hospitals is appalling | Stephen Parnis

I think I speak for almost every doctor when I say care is provided on the basis of medical need

Photograph: William West/AFP/Getty Images‘However passionately I disagree with a patient’s views or actions – in this pandemic or any other context – I will never deny them care on that basis.’Photograph: William West/AFP/Getty ImagesFri 22 Oct 2021 02.38 BST

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Last modified on Fri 22 Oct 2021 02.39 BSTI am responsible for the Covid zone in a majoremergency department.To be a patient in here, you must be suffering from Covid-19.In the middle of our third wave of the pandemic, this Covid zone is growing, as more and more patients fill the beds. They span the age spectrum from teenagers to the elderly, and the severity of their illness ranges from the mild (who will be able to be monitored at home) through to those whose life is in jeopardy, for whom intensive care must be considered.

After completing my shift and handing over to a senior colleague, I often reflect on the day, and carry home a heavy heart. Some of my patients are highly likely to deteriorate and may not survive. They remind me of members of my own family.These patients come from all over Melbourne and their demographics could not be more diverse.

Across the state, many patients hospitalised with Covid have one thing in common, they are unvaccinated.Read moreI hate the fact that so much of this death and disease is now preventable, and that a small but significant proportion of the community have not been vaccinated for reasons ranging from fear and complacency through to misguided refusal.

I have spent much of 2021 advocating for urgent, confident vaccination to anyone who would care to listen.It comforted me to remember that while professional detachment is an essential part of being a good doctor, compassion and humanity are just as important. If you’re emotionally overwrought, your ability to make medical decisions is impaired, and the patient’s interests are jeopardised. By the same token, if you coldly follow some treatment algorithm without considering the human dignity of the person in front of you, you will never be the healer you aspire to be.

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7 billion people on the planet there will always be these people. But they are a tiny percentage As a nurse you treat everyone in front of you equally, no matter what. However I do take exception to Covid deniers or Anti vaxxers physically coming into the hospital while not ill, to 'serve papers' or protest while we're trying to do our jobs.

What's actually appalling is denying a virus exists, doing everything you can to catch and spread it, then once you're infected, going to the hospital for treatment. That's what is appalling. It should no longer be a mater of personal choice since the evidence is clear - the unvaccinated are putting the public at risk. Regardless of a doctors responsibility to the public (they should treat based on need) this is no longer a matter of personal freedom.

The unvaccinated 33 yo covid case in QLD, now seriously ill in hospital has antivax material on his Facebook account. He not only has taken a bed in hospital but has potentially influenced other's to not get vaccinated. I'm not saying he shouldn't be treated but...these people 🤬 This position is what I would want and expect from doctors. As a tax payer, this seems a noble view. We restrict and prohibit other behaviours that led to excessive health risks (smoking, alcohol, etc)…. Why do we allow non-medical exceptions without consequence?

Being sceptical isn't 'denial' - it's just having the wherewithal to wonder if things are exactly as painted when a TV star can catch it and it's a blow for the programme. Ok find for you and your country.. but here in the US, there are places where the unvaccinated are taking up so many beds that it is preventing trauma victims, cancer, and chronic patients, the elderly, etc from getting care they need!

yes it is but it perfectly exposed the mentality and feigned empathy of our supposedly compassionate and moral superiors. They should have a free cruise ship so they can all die gasping their last breath together. Enough with coddling the selfish, unvaccinated. Bolsonaro negou a pandemia🦠 e lutou violentamente CONTRA a vacina💉! ⚰️ Mais de 600 mil brasileiros mortos! ⚰️ Mais de 600 mil famílias em luto! BolsonaroNaCadeia

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He's wrong. They choose to get ill I totally agree that if they are so passionate about denying covid they should sign a DNT ( DO NOT TREAT ) Remember that some people refuse blood donations because of deeply held beliefs. I do not see any difference here. When resources are scarce... It brings out the worse in human nature. Covid has done that. Climate change is next.... Imagine lack of water food and no home.... Not a good propect for humanity regardless.

What about the people who didn't get medical care for other diseases because of these covid deniers? Is it fair for people who followed the rules be excluded to make room for the rule breakers? wow One of the best things I love about investing with Lisahawthorrne is that you only see positive results and see good winnings at all times from the team. Just hard work, passion and maximize the profits as it should be.

They should have stayed at home. We only hear their voice and their disdain. mediocracy Why?

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Pfizer vaccine booster offers 95.6% protection against Covid, trial data showsPfizer's trial tested 10,000 participants aged 16 and older and found only five cases of Covid in the booster group, compared with 109 infections among those who received the placebo Wonder which BillGates has invested in It’s 2021.. so define! “Protection” peak Covid19UK bull 💩 click bait reporting! This needs to be in the public enquiry!! What a joke. The first one was supposed to do the same.