Covid: Are people wearing masks less often?

Are people wearing masks less often?

10/21/2021 8:20:00 PM

Are people wearing masks less often?

The number of people wearing masks has fallen, but ministers don't want to reintroduce restrictions.

Face masks are still required in Scottish schoolsIn Wales, masks are still legally required on public transport and in all public indoor areas apart from pubs and restaurantsIn Northern Ireland face coverings are no longer compulsory in places of worship, or for students in school classrooms, but they must be worn on public transport and in shops and hospitality venues.

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However, this has not led to big differences in the level of infections. The rates of Covid cases have been similar across the UK during the pandemic.What have ministers said?Health Secretary Sajid Javid warned on Wednesday that the reintroduction of Covid restrictions in England would be more likely if people "don't wear masks when they really should." He said this included "really crowded" places and those "with lots of people that they don't normally hang out with".

Medical groups have been calling for the reintroduction of rules to force people to wear masks. The British Medical Association accused the government of being "wilfully negligent". But ministers have resisted making any changes to the guidance or rules.

Health Minister Maggie Throup told MPs: "We believe that people can make informed choices. And I think as people see the levels [of cases] rising, then they will look at the guidance again and perhaps make decision to wear their face coverings in more venues."

This claim is not currently reflected in the ONS research. Between the start of August and the start of October, the weekly number of Covid cases rose from 180,964 to 229,067. However, the proportion of people telling the ONS they had worn masks while shopping in the previous seven days dropped from 92% to 86%.

Why isn't the government reintroducing rules for masks?Some people fear forcing people to wear masks could have a negative impact on the economy.The government was warned that keeping compulsory face masks could lead to £4bn in lost revenues for the hospitality and events sector,

.But another reason for the government's reluctance could be more political.While Mr Javid has been encouraging people to wear masks in crowded places, most MPs from his party have been sitting on the packed green benches in the House of Commons without masks.

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Introducing rules on masks risks angering some Conservative MPs.Image source,Image caption,Few MPs on the Conservative benches have been wearing masks in the CommonsOn Thursday, Labour's shadow Commons leader Thangam Debbonaire said Conservatives should wear them to set the "best example to the public".

said many Labour MPs had been pictured without masks at the the party's recent annual conference in Brighton.And he claimed they were more likely to cover up "when there are television cameras around". Read more: BBC News (UK) »

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Of course which shows the vast majority wore them out of peer pressure or they would still be wearing them now I work as a support worker and ive had all my jabs including flu and covid booster. I continue to wear a mask indoors shops etc and sanitize my hands regularly. I have a duty of care to protect my service users and family/friends and myself from this virus. I've been lucky!

I personally don’t think mask wearing should be mandated. Sketchy whether it makes a difference and for centuries we haven’t worn masks every time a new illness appears. It actually damages social communication functions and is generally futile. Why bother… Pointless, as the answer is yes. I think so and they are utterly feckless.

Yes Just walk down the road or go into a shop much for investigative reporting Yes, students will only wear a mask if told to - where is the personal responsibility in that and clearly if they can wear a mask by being told they can wear without to make the classroom safer for all Commentators are using Wales as an example of why mask wearing shouldn't be mandatory. Wales has a high infection rate, mask wearing is still mandatory. What they fail to point out is that a large number of people don't cover their nose when wearing a mask defeating the purpose.

They do nothing get rid Yes .

Deep within the UK’s shocking Covid data, there may be reasons for optimismAnalysis: soaring cases in schools are adding to the pool of the immune – which could soon see some community infections fall You guys finally catching up. Back in may of this year we had 83% immunity nationally. It's gotta be higher, Delta is more contagious. LOL. Hedging your bets so when cases fall in the next week or so you don’t look as ridiculous as you might? So you're basically advocating herd immunity and let's not worry about all the deaths that are necessary to achieve that.

Obviously, the government said that was an option. If you have 2 options and one of them is uncomfortable, people tend to pick the comfortable one. 🙄 (I am using all the time) Most definitely. In my job in retail we have noticed that fewer and fewer people are wearing masks. 🤣😂😆😂🤣😄😁😆😂🤣😂 Sorry..🤭Yes..😶😷😵😵😵😵😵🇬🇧👍😃🙄

Give it a rest. Whoever want to, does. Others don't. Yes here is Zambia Mask is the key to fight infection, we should all learn from Japan. Yes. Yes. Because they don’t work Yes here in the US

Three in five Australian GPs say vaccine rollout changes among biggest Covid challengesRACGP Health of the Nation report finds psychological conditions were again most reported reason for patient presentations Earthing is good at prevent & help fight almost all health problem,go DIY a grounding mat,pillow or sheet to use at home.🌎 Insomnia chronicpain inflammation strokerehab heartdisease anxiety migraine diabetes headache Arthritis highbloodpressure В. ГАЙФУЛЛИН, ПУТИНУ: ТЫ, ЧТОБЫ ЗА 'ЛОКДАУН' ЗАПЛАТИЛИ ХОЧЕШЬ ПРЕДПРИЯТИЯ, А ЗА КАНЦЕЛЯРИЮ КРЕМЛЯ СДЕЛАЛИ ВАКЦИНАЦИЮ ВЕСЬ РОССИЙСКИЙ НАРОД. ТЫ, ПЕРЕОЦЕНИЛ ЯВНО СВОЮ ЖОПУ.

Yes Mask wearing has collapsed. I fucking hope so Well, durrrrr. Refuse to wear face masks as they are seriously bad for your health! Mass disobedience and refusing to use any facemasks anywhere! RefuseFaceMasks NoFaceMask NOFaceNappy health Stopfacemasks covidhoax badhealth ToryScum NoMaskRiots DisobeyDictators NWO agenda30

One thing is sure in life and that is death, it comes to us all. Other questions the BBC will ask: Does the earth orbit the sun? Is water wet? What a daft question? In England, YES Yeah

China's Covid outbreak grows as it sees a fourth day of new casesFrantic contact tracing is now afoot as Communist Party officials seek to stamp out the disease amid concerns it could threaten the 2022 Winter Olympics in February. Almost as if it was engineered to mutate in a lab Millions die worldwide of colds and flu´s as our natural immunity is being decreased by chemicals the facts released from Israel. Vaccine does not work well, 5/6 month everyone has boosters. Only actually method is natural immunity. Israel hospitals full of double vaccine people No one knows anything about China except Chinese nationals and is it lies or are you spies. I think lies.

How is that even a question, have you been anywhere lately? Thank you! Wales and Scotland have a mask mandate law and yet cases are rising to high levels, can someone explain why wearing masks in these two countries is failing so badly ? Behold the press mask scaremongering has begun Yes because they are learning to live with covid and not being bullied by mass hysteria

I've never stopped and the vast majority stopped months ago If a type IIR mask cannot stop you smelling a fart how is going to stop you contracting a virus? Yes, no intention of wearing one again either. Mask wearing has become like spot the ball. You've no chance of finding one. No wonder Covid is on the rise.

CTSIan Yes! And stop pushing for them to come back

COVID-19: Is the UK being too relaxed about coronavirus?Sky News looks at attitudes to coronavirus in the UK compared to other parts of Europe after the NHS Confederation warned the government must reimpose restrictions following a 16% rise in cases and 10% spike in hospital admissions. Still having to wear masks and have app to enjoy a night out, id say no. Yes it's like Covid never existed!! YES...This Javid is talking a load of BOLLOCKS basically

Fresh air all the way ... Who or what is driving these foolish comments. The bbc needs to enter the real world Yes. (I’ve forgotten the last time I wore one) When the police didn't wear masks during the pandemic it must have killed thousands of them....not What’s a mask? Yes and on the biggest germ spreaders public transport, all packed into a tiny space upto 100 on a Double Decker bus breathing in the same stale air .

Hate hate hateeeeeeeee face masks dumbbbb What a stupid question! Conservatives 0% Stop banging on about bloody masks. Jesus.

Morocco announces ban on UK flights due to high Covid infection ratesMorocco has announced a ban on flights to and from the UK due to the pandemic, Royal Air Maroc said. UK Covid deaths yesterday rose to their highest daily level since early March.

Yes Have a look inside House of Parliament Why do we have to be told wear a masks you stay save others stay safe its not rocket science. I’ve been called a sheep for wearing a mask in the supermarket. I wear mine because I have a severely disabled child who is extremely high risk of dire consequences of covid.

Depends where you are and what age. In York majority of people 30+ are wearing masks on buses/trains/supermarkets. Under 30s majority not wearing masks. In Immingham near Grimsby majority of all ages are not wearing masks on buses etc. Not in France! It’s not that difficult really🤦🏻‍♀️ As it became no longer compulsory, I grew to like my face again, I grew to liking seeing others people faces again, people have such wonderful smiles and it should not be hidden.

YES. I see the face nappie brigade is out in full force 🙄 But my fans want to see my face 😊

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Hardly anybody in shops especially 😷 Yes i think people are wearing them less often because we have been vaccinated and we were told this would prevent severe covid in 99.9% of us and it would be flu like, if that. I had it, October. Luckily, mild even though in a CEV category. Confused science and politics.

Pointless question. Of course yes. In London only few wear it in the tube. No that TfL cares anyway EndUKLockdown1 Good. Those shitty pointless things doing more damage to the environment than good. Covid has turned sane people mental.