19 pairs of luxury pyjamas that'll elevate your nightwear wardrobe endlessly

Luxury pyjamas also make the dreamiest of gifts.

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10/22/2021 1:51:00 AM

Luxury pyjamas also make the dreamiest of gifts.

Luxury pyjamas also make the dreamiest of gifts.

luxury sleepwear brandsenormously.And the season's designer nightwear offerings are just too good to miss.Whether you're self-gifting (slipping on a pair of luxury pyjamas is the ultimate self-care moment, so you'd be forgiven) or you're simply hoping to treat a loved one this

, new-season designer women's pyjamas are the ultimate treat.

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Police to investigate Downing Street lockdown parties

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COVID-19: Enforce 'Plan B' restrictions immediately or UK risks 'stumbling into winter crisis', PM warnedNHS Confederation chief executive Matthew Taylor has urged the government to bring back certain measures, including mandatory face coverings in public places. Plan B, is that washing hands and singing happy birthday? good ahh admiting the vaccines dont work then? so why force them

Covid-19: Call to bring back restrictions, and price rises slow➡️ Bring back Covid rules as cases rise, NHS chiefs urge ➡️ The women widowed by Covid-19 ➡️ The flying doctors delivering vaccines Wednesday morning's coronavirus update Watch all the cases drop when they aren't testing kids at half term.

Covid-19: Thousands prosecuted over London transport mask rulesMore than 215,000 people have been prevented from using London transport unless they wear a mask. How odd. There is a clear exemption where 'Putting on, wearing or removing a face covering would cause you severe distress' under the Conditions of Carriage i.e. terms and conditions for travel. TfL is an absolute joke considering hardly an staff wear a mask. In London today and yesterday. The majority on the tube were not wearing masks. Seems to be the new (or old) norm.

COVID-19: Is the UK being too relaxed about coronavirus?Sky News looks at attitudes to coronavirus in the UK compared to other parts of Europe after the NHS Confederation warned the government must reimpose restrictions following a 16% rise in cases and 10% spike in hospital admissions. Still having to wear masks and have app to enjoy a night out, id say no. Yes it's like Covid never existed!! YES...This Javid is talking a load of BOLLOCKS basically

COVID-19: Children as young as five to get vaccine within weeks, White House announcesApproval expected within weeks will allow young people to receive shots at their paediatrician's office, local pharmacy and potentially even their school.

What the COVID-19 winter 'plan B' means for familiesMinisters are confident it won't mean further lockdowns Yes of course, why wouldn't you