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Purple reign: the irresistible allure of Australia's jacarandas – in pictures

Purple reign: the irresistible allure of Australia's jacarandas – in pictures


Purple reign: the irresistible allure of Australia's jacarandas – in pictures

Jacaranda trees add vibrant dashes of purple to cities across Australia each November, bursting into flower then casting off petals to create a colourful carpet below. During their brief blooming period, locals and tourists alike are inspired to capture the profusion of petals before they disappear.

Jacarandas were first grown in Sydney in the 1850s, but by the 1930s the trees were so common many confused the Brazilian native for a local plant. It grows so easily from fallen seeds that it is considered a pest in bushland areas, but try telling that to those who flock to the annual Jacaranda festival in Grafton on the NSW north coast, or McDougall Street in North Sydney, where tourists arrive by the busload each November to capture a colourful photograph.

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We have them in Mexico. Beautiful to see. Hell to live with. They are beautiful. We also have them in Los Ángeles Jacarandas en Buenos Aires city my favorite color Purple Hill Beautiful but messy... Those little leaves get in everywhere, and if it rains, the flowers are slippery. Jacarandas are my favourite trees. They are beautiful, create wonderful environments in front and back gardens, tree-lined streets. They live in Melbourne and Australia. They can be found in Los Angeles, Washington and throughout USA, South Africa and many other countries. 👑🍀☘️

I like Jacarandas, there are so many in the city of Cochabamba in Bolivia, in spring its covered by purple. Some white ones as well, quite rare. Seriously this story has been written like 5 years in a row. I retouch 5 photos in highends for just 5$ details here:

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