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Four in five teenagers not doing enough exercise, says WHO

Girls found to lag behind boys in staying active


Four in five teenagers not doing enough exercise, says WHO

Girls found to lag behind boys in staying active

Researchers in the US claim to have overcome one of the major hurdles to cultivating human follicles from stem cells. The new system allows cells to grow in a structured tuft and emerge from the skin

Two hours a week spent in nature can improve health

Junk food adverts on TV and online could be banned before 9pm as part of Government plans to fight the"epidemic" of childhood obesity. Plans for the new watershed have been put out for public consultation in a bid to combat the growing crisis, the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) said

Breeding with neanderthals helped humans fight diseases

While there is not enough evidence of harm to recommend UK-wide limits on screen use, the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health have advised that children should avoid screens for an hour before bed time to avoid disrupting their sleep

Daily aspirin is unnecessary for older people in good health, study finds

There has been a 41% increase in children with type 2 diabetes since 2014, the National Paediatric Diabetes Audit has found. Obesity is a leading cause

Most child antidepressants are ineffective and can lead to suicidal thoughts

A major pressure group has issued a fresh warning about perilously high amounts of sugar in breakfast cereals, specifically those designed for children, and has said that levels have barely been cut at all in the last two and a half decades

Research from Oxford University found that more than one million extra people suffering from mental health problems would benefit from being prescribed drugs and criticised “ideological” reasons doctors use to avoid doing so.

Student dies of flu after NHS advice to stay at home and avoid A&E

The NHS will be asked to go further to prevent the deaths of patients in its care as part of a “zero suicide ambition” being launched today

Human trials start with cancer treatment that primes immune system to kill off tumours

Thousands of cervical cancer screening results are under review after failings at a laboratory meant some women were incorrectly given the all-clear. A number of women have already been told to contact their doctors following the identification of “procedural issues” in the service provided by Pathology First Laboratory.

Potential key to halting breast cancer's spread discovered by scientists

CBD has a broadly opposite effect to delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main active component in cannabis and the substance that causes paranoia and anxiety.

Over 75,000 sign petition calling for Richard Branson's Virgin Care to hand settlement money back to NHS

The paper found that there were 45,000 more deaths in the first four years of Tory-led efficiencies than would have been expected if funding had stayed at pre-election levels. On this trajectory that could rise to nearly 200,000 excess deaths by the end of 2020, even with the extra funding that has been earmarked for public sector services this year.

When you feel particularly exhausted, it can definitely feel like you are also lacking in brain capacity. Now, a new study has suggested this could be because chronic sleep deprivation can actually cause the brain to eat itself

A major new study into the side effects of the cholesterol-lowering medicine suggests common symptoms such as muscle pain and weakness are not caused by the drugs themselves

Babies born to fathers aged under 25 have higher risk of autism

Scientists conducted the research on 71 car crash victims as they were waiting for treatment at one hospital’s accident and emergency department. They asked half of the patients to briefly recall the incident and then play the classic computer game, the others were given a written activity to complete. The researchers, from Karolinska Institute in Sweden and the University of Oxford, found that the patients who had played Tetris reported fewer intrusive memories, commonly known as flashbacks, in the week that followed

Vaping backed as healthier nicotine alternative to cigarettes after latest study

An injectable contraceptive gel that acts as a ‘reversible vasectomy’ is a step closer to being offered to men following successful trials on monkeys. Vasalgel is injected into the vas deferens, the small duct between the testicles and the urethra. It has so far been found to prevent 100 per cent of conceptions

Shift work and heavy lifting may reduce women’s fertility, study finds

It is well known that high blood pressure is a risk factor for dementia, so the results of a new study from the University of California, Irvine, are quite surprising. The researchers found that people who developed high blood pressure between the ages of 80-89 are less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease (the most common form of dementia) over the next three years than people of the same age with normal blood pressure.

A study in the journal Scientific Reports suggests that a dose of nature of just two hours a week is associated with better health and psychological wellbeing

On migrating from Africa around 70,000 years ago, humans bumped into the neanderthals of Eurasia. While humans were weak to the diseases of the new lands, breeding with the resident neanderthals made for a better equipped immune system

The breath biopsy device is designed to detect cancer hallmarks in molecules exhaled by patients

Average 10 year old has consumed the recommended amount of sugar for an adult

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine has found that many elderly people are taking daily aspirin to little or no avail

The majority of antidepressants are ineffective and may be unsafe, for children and teenager with major depression, experts have warned. In what is the most comprehensive comparison of 14 commonly prescribed antidepressant drugs to date, researchers found that only one brand was more effective at relieving symptoms of depression than a placebo. Another popular drug, venlafaxine, was shown increase the risk users engaging in suicidal thoughts and attempts at suicide

Gay, lesbian and bisexual adults at higher risk of heart disease, study claims

New guidance by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), the body which determines what treatment the NHS should fund, said lax road repairs and car-dominated streets were contributing to the obesity epidemic by preventing members of the public from keeping active

New menopause drugs offer women relief from 'debilitating' hot flushes

The family of a teenager who died from flu has urged people not to delay going to A&E if they are worried about their symptoms. Melissa Whiteley, an 18-year-old engineering student from Hanford in Stoke-on-Trent, fell ill at Christmas and died in hospital a month later.

Government to review thousands of harmful vaginal mesh implants

Human trials have begun with a new cancer therapy that can prime the immune system to eradicate tumours. The treatment, that works similarly to a vaccine, is a combination of two existing drugs, of which tiny amounts are injected into the solid bulk of a tumour.

Babies' health suffers from being born near fracking sites, finds major study

Most breast cancer patients do not die from their initial tumour, but from secondary malignant growths (metastases), where cancer cells are able to enter the blood and survive to invade new sites. Asparagine, a molecule named after asparagus where it was first identified in high quantities, has now been shown to be an essential ingredient for tumour cells to gain these migratory properties.

NHS nursing vacancies at record high with more than 34,000 roles advertised

Mr Branson’s company sued the NHS last year after it lost out on an £82m contract to provide children’s health services across Surrey, citing concerns over “serious flaws” in the way the contract was awarded

More than 700 fewer nurses training in England in first year after NHS bursary scrapped

Hours of commuting may be mind-numbingly dull, but new research shows that it might also be having an adverse effect on both your health and performance at work. Longer commutes also appear to have a significant impact on mental wellbeing, with those commuting longer 33 per cent more likely to suffer from depression

David Lloyd Gyms have launched a new health and fitness class which is essentially a bunch of people taking a nap for 45 minutes. The fitness group was spurred to launch the ‘napercise’ class after research revealed 86 per cent of parents said they were fatigued. The class is therefore predominantly aimed at parents but you actually do not have to have children to take part

'Fundamental right to health' to be axed after Brexit, lawyers warn

New research has found that babies born to fathers under the age of 25 or over 51 are at higher risk of developing autism and other social disorders. The study, conducted by the Seaver Autism Center for Research and Treatment at Mount Sinai, found that these children are actually more advanced than their peers as infants, but then fall behind by the time they hit their teenage years

Cycling to work ‘could halve risk of cancer and heart disease’

Vaping has been given an emphatic thumbs up by health experts after the first long-term study of its effects in ex-smokers. After six months, people who switched from real to e-cigarettes had far fewer toxins and cancer-causing substances in their bodies than continual smokers, scientists found

Common method of cooking rice can leave traces of arsenic in food, scientists warn

Women who work at night or do irregular shifts may experience a decline in fertility, a new study has found. Shift and night workers had fewer eggs capable of developing into healthy embryos than those who work regular daytime hours, according to researchers at Harvard University

Japanese government tells people to stop overworking

The WHO recommends adolescents take part in an hour of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity – which can include walking, cycling or playing games – each day.

, found that 81 per cent of students around the world are not meeting these requirements.

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Grime artist filmed himself raping four women after imprisoning them, court hearsBristol musician Andy Anokye was ‘turned on’ by alleged victims’ fear, prosecution claims

Grime artist 'raped four women because he was turned on by their fear'Andy Anokye, otherwise known as Solo 45, 'threatened a woman with a toaster and made her call him Skepta'

One in four Europeans are anti-Semitic, with POLAND the worst offenderAnti-Semitic views have sharply increased in eastern Europe, a new study has found, with 48 per cent of Poles, 46 per cent of Ukrainians and 40 per cent of Hungarians holding anti-Jewish views.

One in four Europeans are anti-Semitic, with POLAND the worst offenderAnti-Semitic views have sharply increased in eastern Europe, a new study has found, with 48 per cent of Poles, 46 per cent of Ukrainians and 40 per cent of Hungarians holding anti-Jewish views. Liar!😡 Not bad ADL . Thanking Volkswagen for financing report about “antisemitism in the world”, where Poland is “most antisemitic”. But not Germany - where there are dozens of examples (including murders) of real antisemitism and neo-nazi marching on the streets of Berlin. Ironic.

Tom Smith: Former British and Irish Lions prop reveals stage four cancer diagnosisFormer British and Irish Lions forward Tom Smith, 48, reveals he has had a 'daunting' stage four cancer diagnosis.

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