Night Stalker kissed rape victim goodbye & mocked cops in 17-year reign of terror

Night Stalker kissed rape victim goodbye and mocked police during his 17-year reign of terror on frail pensioners


Night Stalker kissed rape victim goodbye and mocked police during his 17-year reign of terror on frail pensioners

NIGHT stalker Delory Grant kissed one of his rape victims goodbye and mocked cops in a brutal 17-year reign of terror against the elderly. The monster left police stumped as he evaded capture for a…

The monster left police stumped as he evaded capture for almost two decades - striking fear into the hearts of Londoners terrified they would become his next victim.

A new documentary has revealed how Grant mocked police in interviews - arrogantly laughing as the net finally closed in on him.

His arrogance continued when police took him to get his fingerprints logged, boasting: "You shouldn't bother, I always wear gloves."

He would sneak in through open windows or remove the pane entirely and unscrewed light bulbs, switched off the electricity and cut telephone lines before tip-toeing into his victims' bedrooms.

The manhunt for the Night Stalker began in 1998, under the codename Operation Minstead, after two rapes were linked.

He recalls in the documentary how he met one elderly woman who was raped in South East London.

One woman even thanked the beast for being "gentle" when he raped her, while another didn't ring 999 as the police were "already so busy".

But hundreds of his victims were not as lucky. During his most violent attack, Grant raped his victim twice and left her almost dying in a bloodbath from a perforated bowel.

DSI Morgan said: “It was the right thing for me to invest my career into, it was 100 per cent worth it."

Detectives now believe Grant could have raped as many as 1,000 people.

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The rapist is feared to have attacked 1,000 frail pensioners

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