Nottingham: Man finds 'I will kill you' message scrawled in toothpaste on bathroom mirror

Police are searching for two suspects after a man found a death threat scrawled in toothpaste on his bathroom mirror

10/24/2021 3:00:00 PM

Police are searching for two suspects after a man found a death threat scrawled in toothpaste on his bathroom mirror

Nottinghamshire Police say they are taking the report 'extremely seriously' and that the 'impact of such threats can be profound'.

The 23-year-old woke up to discover the words"I will kill you" written on the glass shower screen.There was a smiley face too - also in toothpaste - Nottinghamshire Police said.Image:Police are appealing for information. Pic: Nottinghamshire Police

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The incident happened in Lower Parliament Street in Nottingham earlier this month, and officers have released pictures of two men they want to speak to in connection with it."It is unacceptable that anyone should be threatened in this way," said PC Ryan Horvath.

Advertisement"The impact of such threats can be profound and that is why we are taking this report extremely seriously."Anyone with information should call 101, quoting incident 238 of 10 October Read more: Sky News »

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Michigan State And they got clean away!

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Police investigate anti-takeover bannerPolice are investigating a banner by Crystal Palace fans at their match on Saturday criticising the Saudi Arabian-led takeover of Newcastle. How about they investigate proper crime? First Israel and now Saudi Arabia. You can't even criticise brutal dictatorships without being arrested in this country anymore. The police only investigate for the rich. The rest of have to wait and wait and wait.

Police looking into Crystal Palace fans group banner in protest at Newcastle takeoverEagles supporters protested against the Magpies’ new owners before Saturday’s match. Fans of a club that has twice emerged from bankruptcy, stitching up the Tax Man, local businesses and eve the St John's Ambulance Brigade by not passing on public charity donations before going bust (twice) going all moral on the takeover!!!you couldn't make it up!!! That banner... Just with apartheid systems, the state likes to protect the villains it likes to do business with.

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Forth Valley Police sorry for 'victim blaming' drinking adviceForth Valley Police's social media post on safe drinking followed reports that women had been spiked using needles. Getting drunk makes you vulnerable to predators for obvious reasons…not sure what the issue is. What a load of tosh. If anyone doesn’t understand how alcohol makes them less safe, they shouldn’t drink to excess. No, it doesn’t mean you should be taken advantage of criminally, but you choose what you imbibe and how much is YOUR responsibility