Budget 2021: Rishi Sunak fails to commit to eastern HS2 leg days before autumn Budget is revealed in Commons

Rishi Sunak has refused to be drawn on the future of the eastern leg of HS2 just three days before announcing his spending plans in the autumn Budget later this week

10/24/2021 2:48:00 PM

Rishi Sunak has refused to be drawn on the future of the eastern leg of HS2 just three days before announcing his spending plans in the autumn Budget later this week

Some have predicted that Rishi Sunak will scrap a major part of the HS2 rail project and scale down other big infrastructure schemes when he unveils his Budget on Wednesday.

• £1.4bn to encourage foreign investment into UK businesses and attract overseas talent• £700m to be spent mainly on the new post-borders and immigration system, as well as a new maritime patrol fleet• £435m for victims services, crime prevention and the Crown Prosecution Service

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• £560m for adult maths coaching to help increase numeracy• a six-month extension to the COVID recovery loan scheme to June 2022• £500m support for young families"I wish I hadn't had to deal with coronavirus and a once-in-300-year economic shock and all the damage that has done to our economy and an NHS backlog that was stretching into the millions that we thought it was really important rightly to get some funding in to address," the chancellor told Sky News.

"But those are the challenges that I'm grappling with and I have to take those challenges and figure out what's the right way to do that and we've made some decisions which I believe, although they are difficult, are the right decisions. headtopics.com

"They are the responsible decisions and ultimately we'll deliver on the things that people want to see us deliver on and indeed build that strong economy for the future which is going to drive growth and raise our living standards."Image:

Rishi Sunak said the government has had to make 'difficult' decisions on taxationMr Sunak was also pressed on other key areas ahead of the Budget on Wednesday including business rates, taxes and early years funding.Business Rates• Mr Sunak confirmed a review into business rates has concluded

•"I will talk on Wednesday about the conclusion of that fundamental review," the chancellor added• Mr Sunak reiterated that the government has delivered"about £16bn worth of tax cuts on business rates" to help hospitality and retail businesses get through the pandemic

• The chancellor said he will be"talking a little bit more about the future and some things that we can do on business rates" next weekTaxes• Mr Sunak said the government has made"difficult" but"right" decisions on taxation headtopics.com

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• The chancellor said he is"confident" that we will see the UK's"growth rise" with continued investmentEarly years• Mr Sunak dismissed the suggestion that new network family hubs are the same as the former Sure Start centres• The chancellor said new network family hubs are"addressing probably something slightly different" than Sure Start centres and that they are"broader"

• He said the new hubs"bring together lots of different services for new parents"• Mr Sunak refused to be drawn on whether former chancellor George Osborne was right or wrong to cut Sure Start provisionImage:The government has pledged £500m in support for young families

Labour's Ms Reeves said her party would abolish business rates which it is estimated would cost £25bn.She told Sky's Trevor Phillips on Sunday:"On business rates, what we've said is that next year instead of increasing business rates like this government plan to do, we would freeze business rates for all and we would extend the small business rates relief, and we would pay for that by increasing the digital services tax on firms who have done well this last 18 months as people's spending patterns have changed.

"That would bring in just over £2bn and that would enable us to freeze rates and extend small business rates relief."But we know these problems run deeper than just some tinkering around the edges in one year only and that's why Labour have committed to abolish business rates and replace it with a fairer form of business property taxation." headtopics.com

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Spend less money on benefits for the 'freeloaders' in our society. Would be better spent on projects like this to help business and working people who contribute to our economy. Money would be better spent on upgrading existing lines Shafted again, still happy you voted for them 🙈. The last two trains I attempted to get were cancelled without any prior notice. This Chancellor is either deluded or flat out lying to the Great British public.

This government we should get them out of power ok from Gary Scott Arstall Not happening then What is the point of the big autumn Budget ' we all know what is going on . All this government can do is run to the media first to put out what doing to make them self look good so we was told what coming to day can have Wednesday off ' govern the country by media what a world

Budget 2021: More than 100 MPs urge Rishi Sunak to cut duty for draught beerIn a letter to Rishi Sunak, a group of Tory backbenchers call on the chancellor to maintain a freeze on alcohol duties when he delivers his budget on Wednesday. And they have also want the chancellor to introduce a cut in duty for draught beer. So they're all going out on the lash then 🤓🤓🤓🤓 ‘Drink out to help pension deficit out.’? Pubs are dead and too expensive anyway.

'People will make the right judgments': Rishi Sunak questioned about not wearing a mask – videoRishi Sunak has refused to commit to wearing a mask inside a crowded House of Commons, as a leading government scientific adviser said ministers were mistaken to believe that vaccinations alone would keep Covid levels under control. Let's party. Except they aren’t. aku dukung itu.... karena rakyat juga jadi korban....

Rishi Sunak rejects Marcus Rashford’s call for free school meals extensionChancellor says government has done enough with existing holiday activities scheme its like they don't work to goals, - just chuck money around and say - that's your share, make do! whilst we lower tax on bank profits... That’s Rishi “Married to a billionaire’s daughter and want for absolutely nothing, but found lockdown a tiny bit tough” Sunak to you, peasants Prick

Rishi Sunak warning: Plan to crash UK economy ‘onto the rocks’– higher taxes 'not answer'DAVID DAVIS has hit out at Rishi Sunak, saying proposed higher taxes to help pay off the Government's pandemic spending are 'not the answer'. From what I can see we’ve already hit the rocks and he should be looking for a way to repair and re-float us. Can that be done while Johnson is at the helm though.

Rishi Sunak to announce £500m package for familiesChancellor to unveil details in budget but Labour describes plan as ‘smokescreen for the Conservatives’ failure to deliver for families’ Crumbs I’m old enough to remember when the contents of the budget were strictly hidden until it was delivered. Now we get it all days before so no one is listening when they sneak out the bad news in the fine print I've learnt a lot from a mentor who were instrumentally in shape with me, and I want to share what I've learnt. Investing with you has changed my life Geoffreypreud

Rishi Sunak vows Covid booster jabs will prevent lockdown amid surge in casesRishi Sunak says shops, pubs and restaurants must not shut again to deal with coronavirus, defying warnings from health experts who say the NHS could be overwhelmed this winter Oh do shut up it’s 5.20am 🙄😂 Here we go. The new scaremongering campaign begins. So getting double jabbed is nothing now? Crazy