Rishi Sunak rejects Marcus Rashford’s call for free school meals extension

Rishi Sunak rejects Marcus Rashford’s call for free school meals extension

10/24/2021 2:46:00 PM

Rishi Sunak rejects Marcus Rashford’s call for free school meals extension

Chancellor says government has done enough with existing holiday activities scheme

to extend the government’s free school meal programme.The campaigning England star and supermarket bosses have called on ministers to push the scheme into the school holidays in a joint letter ahead of theBudget.But Mr Sunak appeared to rule out any further support for meals – saying the government had “transitioned to a more normal way of doing things” after extra money put in place during the Covid crisis.

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The chancellor toldThe Andrew Marr Show: “We put in place some measures to help families during coronavirus, that was the right thing to do, and in common with the other things that have now come to an end … that’s right that we’ve transitioned to a more normal way of doing things.

Arguing the government’s existing holiday activities scheme was sufficient, Mr Sunak said: “We have actually already acted, is what I’d say to Marcus and everyone else.”The chancellor added: “We’ve put in place something called the holiday activities program, which provides not just meals but also activities for children during holiday periods. That is a new programme, it was announced earlier this year … and I think that can make an enormous difference to people.” headtopics.com

In a letter to theSunday Times, Mr Rashford and supermarket chiefs – including the bosses of Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Marks & Spencer – called for free school meals to be extended to millions more children.Children currently qualify only for free meals if their household earns less than £7,400. But Mr Rashford wants the threshold raised to £20,000 for both free school meals and Healthy Start vouchers.

The England star and food sector leaders also called on the chancellor to commit more funding to free meals over the school holidays. Mr Rashford said the levelling up agenda “surely” begins with “guaranteeing every child in Britain can eat well at least once a day”.

Reports suggest the chancellor is preparing to announce an increase in the minimum wage from the present rate of £8.91 an hour, but he gave little away in his interviews on Sunday morning.Mr Sunak has already pledged £500m for “family hubs” and other measures to support parents with young children – but he has been warned it is not enough to make up for cuts and closures under the Conservatives.

Asked onMarrwhether it was a mistake to close the nationwide network of Sure Start centres introduced under Labour, Sunak insisted the new scheme was “broader than the Sure Start centres, and they bring together lots of different services for new parents”. headtopics.com

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The chancellor also promised he would take measures to “raise living standards”, but claimed recent cost of living rises hitting hard-pressured families were out of his control.Asked about inflation rising to just over 3 per cent – with a warning from the Bank of England that it could rise above 5 per cent – Mr Sunak said: “The bulk of that increase is down to two things. One of those is the fact that as economies have reopened rather rapidly after coronavirus, that has put pressure on global supply chains.”

He added: “The other part of the increase is very much just down to energy prices. Both of those factors are global factors. We’re not alone in experiencing those problems, I don’t have a magic wand that can make either of those things disappear.”Mr Sunak also said he wanted to be a tax-cutting chancellor, despite the government raising national insurance next to pay for a boost to NHS spending and social care.

Asked on Sky News’ TrevorPhillips on Sundayif he could rule out further tax rises before the next election, Mr Sunak joked: “You’re asking me to do my Budget live on your show ... I’ll do it in parliament on Wednesday.” Read more: The Independent »

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Yea being a rich Banker ( and you can change the appropriate letter) who was bailed out by the tax payers not giving to kid a meal is a bit much What planet is this man on!!!! A more normal way of doing things? Letting children starve? Children are on FSM for a reason. That reason doesn’t ‘switch off’ in school holidays

Rishi should the West Ham game today in Newham where 43,000 children live in poverty and the WHU food bank schemes might help in the 60,000 crowd donate one item each. Not a way to run s socially progressive country. That’s Rishi “Married to a billionaire’s daughter and want for absolutely nothing, but found lockdown a tiny bit tough” Sunak to you, peasants

Prick its like they don't work to goals, - just chuck money around and say - that's your share, make do! whilst we lower tax on bank profits...

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Budget 2021: More than 100 MPs urge Rishi Sunak to cut duty for draught beerIn a letter to Rishi Sunak, a group of Tory backbenchers call on the chancellor to maintain a freeze on alcohol duties when he delivers his budget on Wednesday. And they have also want the chancellor to introduce a cut in duty for draught beer. So they're all going out on the lash then 🤓🤓🤓🤓 ‘Drink out to help pension deficit out.’? Pubs are dead and too expensive anyway.

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Rishi Sunak to announce £500m package for familiesChancellor to unveil details in budget but Labour describes plan as ‘smokescreen for the Conservatives’ failure to deliver for families’ Crumbs I’m old enough to remember when the contents of the budget were strictly hidden until it was delivered. Now we get it all days before so no one is listening when they sneak out the bad news in the fine print I've learnt a lot from a mentor who were instrumentally in shape with me, and I want to share what I've learnt. Investing with you has changed my life Geoffreypreud

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