Police investigate anti-takeover banner

Police investigate Crystal Palace fans' banner criticising Newcastle football club's Saudi Arabian deal

10/24/2021 2:41:00 PM

Police investigate Crystal Palace fans' banner criticising Newcastle football club's Saudi Arabian deal

Police are investigating a banner by Crystal Palace fans at their match on Saturday criticising the Saudi Arabian-led takeover of Newcastle.

The man in Arab-style clothing was also holding a sword with blood on it.Palace fan group Holmesdale Fanatics has taken credit for the banner - displayed during the 1-1 draw between the clubs on Saturday - on Twitter, and issued a statement."The Saudi led takeover of Newcastle has rightly received widespread condemnation and anger," it said.

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"To give the thumbs up to this deal at a time when the Premier League is promoting the women's game and inclusive initiatives such as rainbow armbands, shows the total hypocrisy at play and demonstrates the league's soulless agenda where profits trump all."

The takeover was 80% financed by Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund (PIF), whose chair is Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.When approving the takeover, the Premier League said it had received legal assurances from the new owners that the Saudi state would not control Newcastle United and there would be penalties if it was proved otherwise. headtopics.com

The fans group's statement said this decision "made a mockery" of the 'Owners and Directors' test.Croydon Metropolitan Police have released a statement on Twitter, which says: "On Saturday 23 October police received a report of an offensive banner displayed by Crystal Palace fans.

"Officers are assessing the information and carrying out enquiries. Any allegations of racist abuse will be taken very seriously."Proud and Palace, the club's official lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender supporters group, also protested on Saturday, posting a video on their Twitter account.

Newcastle, Crystal Palace and the Premier League have all been approached for comment by BBC Sport. The Premier League declined to comment. Read more: BBC News (UK) »

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Yep, the same Saudi's who funded the terrorists of 9/11 (NY) & 7/7 (London). So the Brits now like rich Muslim terrorists and associates. क्लू है बम्बई! जय सनातन । Would that be the Free Speech Police - or the one's turning a blind eye to government corruption? Someone's going to disappear 🤔 Why?! Haven’t they got anything better to do?

Most of what was painted on the banner appears to be pretty accurate if the MSM are to be believed Media use of the word ‘investigate’ is up there with all other words the media conjure up. What's to investigate? Police investigating after Palace fans display banner at Newcastle match guardian URL changed on article ?

The banner has a point I thought the police were over worked and understaffed.. but find time for this nonsense.. unbelievable..

Police looking into Crystal Palace fans group banner in protest at Newcastle takeoverEagles supporters protested against the Magpies’ new owners before Saturday’s match. Fans of a club that has twice emerged from bankruptcy, stitching up the Tax Man, local businesses and eve the St John's Ambulance Brigade by not passing on public charity donations before going bust (twice) going all moral on the takeover!!!you couldn't make it up!!! That banner... Just with apartheid systems, the state likes to protect the villains it likes to do business with.

So Man city and Newcastle fans don't mind the blood money Money talks as they say. Wasters, solve some real crime What happened to 'free speech' or do we have a police state now? Are they investigating the 'alleged offences by the Saudi Arabia regime'? Police should look at it for 30 seconds and say 'No offence committed here' and chastise the person reporting for wasting their time. It is not an offence to criticise a tyrannical regime. If it is, what does that make US?

How about they investigate proper crime? First Israel and now Saudi Arabia. You can't even criticise brutal dictatorships without being arrested in this country anymore. The police only investigate for the rich. The rest of have to wait and wait and wait.

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