Harry's memoir 'part of four-book deal with one released after Queen's dies'

‘People [will] start asking, naturally: what has he got, who is he going to target?’

7/24/2021 11:00:00 AM

The Duke's memoir, which will cover ‘the highs and lows’ of life growing up in the Royal Family, is said to just be the ‘tip of the iceberg’.

‘People [will] start asking, naturally: what has he got, who is he going to target?’

Aides reportedly fear it will prove to be a one-sided account that will only renew tensions with his estranged family following a string of interviews, including the explosive sit-down with Oprah Winfrey back in March. Read more: Metro »

BBC Weather presenter pulled over by dog on live TV

Carol Kirkwood says she's fine after taking this tumble on BBC Breakfast when the guide dog went astray.

The free advertising of it all Imagine bitching about being royalty and having everything handed to you on a plate The world does need more toilet paper That sound, is the bottom of a barrel being scraped.

Harry 'has signed deal for four books' with one released 'after Queen dies'Prince Harry's memoir is to be the first of the four-book deal with Penguin Random House worth up to £29million - with the final work to be saved for after the Queen's death, it has been claimed Can he count to Four? This information is false and you know it.

Queen may strip Harry and Meghan of titles in 'declaration of war' – but there's a catchTHE Queen could opt to strip Prince Harry and Meghan Markle of their royal titles if they continue to rock the boat, in what would amount to a 'declaration of war', a royal watcher has suggested. The catch is that the Express just made it up. No declaration of war, just a clean break from the royal institute to which they don’t belong anymore. A member of the Royal family may well get a 147 break in a snooker tournament within months claims Royal watcher an onlooker agreed according to a source.

Royal Family LIVE: Queen on alert as Harry 'pressured' to outdo Oprah bombshells in bookTHE QUEEN is said to be on alert as Prince Harry faces 'pressure' to outdo the bombshell claims he made to Oprah in his new memoir, according to a royal expert. To wasze Nazistowskie bezwzględne wojny pedofilia kanibalism Ty szmato Stop advertising his useless book then Available at a garage sale near you

Royal Family set for U-turn to stop Meghan Markle and Prince Harry 'overshadowing' QueenROYAL aides are 'considering' how to uninvite Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from the Queen's Platinum Jubilee next year. To Twój koniec suko! Gb News ffs. Stop with the lies. It's utter BS. Harry has lost the plot.

Queen didn't tell royals about Bond sketch - William's reaction was brilliantThe Queen's appearance in the London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony gave everybody a surprise - even her grandsons William and Harry who shouted 'Go, Granny!' We absolutely loved this. Just flipping brilliant of Her Majesty. Od kiedy ono jest królową?

Unearthed vid shows Queen speaking FRENCH as she mingles with Thatcher & DianaFASCINATING unearthed footage shows the Queen speaking FRENCH as she mingles with Margaret Thatcher and Princess Diana at a Buckingham drinks reception in 1991. The Queen and her elegant daughter-i… That’s not her mother it’s Barbara Bush !!!