I got thrown out of Parliament for calling Boris Johnson a liar: I'd do it again

The truth is, Boris Johnson IS a liar.

7/24/2021 10:30:00 AM

'Many people are wondering why I got ejected and handed a one-day suspension for saying something that every one of us knows to be true.' DawnButlerBrent writes for MetroOpinion

The truth is, Boris Johnson IS a liar.

supports HTML5 videoIt’s been proven time and time again. So, I could not in good conscience withdraw my remarks when asked quite rightly by the Deputy Speaker.Boris Johnson has lied to the country and to the House of Commons repeatedly for years. There are so many examples.

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Johnson said recently about the coronavirus pandemic that the ‘scientists are also absolutely clear that we have severed the link between infection and serious disease and death’. This is a lie. Not only is it untrue but it is dangerous.What Sir Patrick Vallance actually said was that ‘… vaccines have weakened the link between cases and hospitalisation, but it’s a weakened link, not a completely broken link, and we will still see increases in hospitalisation.’

Speaking about Covid contracts that had not been published, Johnson told MPs they were ‘on the record for everyone to see’. This is a lie – theHigh Courtconfirmed 100 contracts had yet to be revealed at the time the PM made his comments.Talking about the UK economy, Johnson has told MPs: ‘The economy, under this Conservative Government, has grown by 73%’. This is a lie. The economy has grown by only 20% under the Conservative led government. headtopics.com

Speaking about the NHS, Johnson has said: ‘You all know that the Government is engaged in record investments in the NHS, £34bn.’ According to the Institute for Fiscal Studies, it was closer to £23.5bn.On the development of Test and Trace, Johnson once said to Parliament: ‘The app would be the icing on the cake. If we can get it to work it’d be a fine thing. But there isn’t one anywhere in the world’. Yet another lie. At the time, Germany and several other countries had launched apps.

And who can forget, Boris Johnson has been sacked from his previous jobs on more than one occasion for lying – once for even making up quotes!I could go on and on listing the lies told by Boris Johnson, it’s an almost endless list.It’s a damning indictment of this Conservative Government that it is led by a person whose character is so marked by dishonesty, untrustworthiness, and deceit.

The constant lying is no accident, it’s a cover (Picture: Tayfun Salci/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)People say we price-in Boris Johnson’s lies, that might be OK for his friends but it is not OK for the country.In ordinary times we are used to governments who are at least to some degree honest and principled. But this Tory Government is utterly corrupt to the core.

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DawnButlerBrent MetroOpinion As much as I'm with her on this .she is not without her dodgy dealing. She got caught claiming expenses for the second home allowance, despite her main home in Stratford being the same distance from Parliament as her Brent home, DawnButlerBrent MetroOpinion She is correct. Absolutely. But effective opposition does a lot more that saying 'liar liar pants on fire'. This country needs effective opposition, and this is not an example of it. A reason Boris keeps getting away with substandard leadership is the poor opposition to him.

DawnButlerBrent MetroOpinion People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. She knows what lying is as she is an expert at it. DawnButlerBrent MetroOpinion Democracy ... We're all on a BIG-BUS ... and we get to vote: -faster, slower -warmer, cooler -left a bit, right a bit But the bus has FLAT-TYRES: -there's no vote option to change them -and they can't be fixed from the inside ... politics government?

An MP was thrown out of Parliament for calling Boris Johnson 'a liar'Dawn Butler said the government will do 'whatever they like to get their hands on public money and give it to their mates' DawnButlerBrent Thank you for speaking for literally millions of us Dawn who aren’t blindsided by this abhorrent government and lying cheating PM DawnButlerBrent How's the fight against antisemitism going in your party Dawn? DawnButlerBrent What concerns me most about this conservative govt is the backhand deals and public sector contracts and jobs given to old mates neighbours and chums (ahem Matt Hancock)

An MP was thrown out of Parliament for calling Boris Johnson 'a liar'Dawn Butler said the government will do 'whatever they like to get their hands on public money and give it to their mates'

An MP was thrown out of Parliament for calling Boris Johnson 'a liar'Dawn Butler said the government will do 'whatever they like to get their hands on public money and give it to their mates' Sounds like labour seeing their MPs has been in court with 1 female being in the press this week.

This montage of Boris Johnson saying how good the Brexit agreement was has not aged wellJust when you thought Brexit was done and dusted it rears its ugly head again and makes you wonder what the point of the whole messy complicated process was in the first place. Let him keep pretending it’s the app 🤪🇬🇧 Do you know what Johnson and Lord Frost should do? They should have a word with the UK's Chief Negotiator for Brexit, and ask him why he got such a bad deal, and why he lied and misled Tory MPs to vote for it! The negotiator's name was... (checks notes)... a David Frost

EU boss rejects UK demand for renegotiation of Brexit deal in call with Boris JohnsonThreat to tear up Northern Ireland protocol not off table, Downing Street indicates The arrogance of Johnson, Frost & Co is astounding, yet totally expected. They've made their shitty bed and now need to lie in it. The UK just needs to focus over next few decades, of reversing the damage these charlatans have caused. Still a fantastic idea Brexit was... such a progressive move which hasn't at all set the country back decades... why sure let's renegotiate a new treaty with the brits, spend another two years negociating a treaty with this person who is so reliable and sticks to his word. I am suuure if we accept a new treaty this time he will stick to it like he did with the previous one

Greensill could yet cause problems for Boris JohnsonAnalysis: Despite escaping criticism in Nigel Boardman’s report, other inquiries will ensure affair rumbles on Not if he just lies about it all like everything else. Here’s hoping apparently 13 inquiries and Gove blocking a witness attending a select committee 😮