Harry and Meghan show anger at palace over loss of royal branding

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Harry and Meghan show anger at palace over loss of royal branding

Prince Harry, Meghan


Harry and Meghan show anger at palace over loss of royal branding

Sussexes say monarchy has no jurisdiction over use of word ‘royal’ overseas

The freeze in relations between the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and Buckingham Palace has become apparent after the couple were forced to drop plans to use the brand “SussexRoyal”. Posts on the couple’s official website suggest they are angry at the way the decision was reached and how they have been treated compared with other royals. A statement on Friday night suggested that a blanket ban on the use of the word “royal” was unenforceable abroad. “There is not,” it noted, “any jurisdiction by the monarchy or Cabinet Office over the use of the word ‘royal’ overseas.” The couple’s Instagram account uses the name SussexRoyal, as does a website they set up following their shock decision to stop carrying out official royal duties in favour of financial freedom. Both will have to be rebranded. A spokeswoman for the Sussexes said: “While the duke and duchess are focused on plans to establish a new non-profit organisation, given the specific UK government rules surrounding use of the word ‘royal’ it has been therefore agreed that their non-profit organisation, when it is announced this spring, will not be named Sussex Royal Foundation. “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex do not intend to use ‘SussexRoyal’ in any territory post-spring 2020.” The spokeswoman explained that trademark applications, which were filed as protective measures “acting on advice from and following the same model for the Royal Foundation”, had been removed. The couple’s lives as working royals will end on 31 March when they stop representing the Queen and become financially independent. On Friday night their website was updated to provide further details of the new agreement. “While there is not any jurisdiction by the monarchy or cabinet office over the use of the word ‘royal’ overseas, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex do not intend to use ‘Sussex Royal’ or any iteration of the word ‘royal’ in any territory (either within the UK or otherwise) when the transition occurs spring 2020,” said a statement. Their failure to agree a hybrid role within the royal family – performing some royal duties while also working on outside projects – is also a source of regret. They wrote: “While there is precedent for other titled members of the royal family to seek employment outside of the institution, for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex a 12-month review period has been put in place.” Topics Read more: The Guardian

I thght they ddnt need them. I don't care if they quit and I hope they make a billion $. But hey justcallmeharry and justcallmeduchess Pay your own way and STHU with your juvenile disrespect of the Queen. Harry is still using HRH Royals do have a duty to perform for the nation.Both of you willingly abdicated don’t cry over the ‘loss’.

Go on Harry. Spit the Golden Dummy You can't have your cake and eat it too. They should have informed the queen about their plans in the first place before breaking off from the royal family. I fully expect these two to be booed in public at this point. They made their bed. 👋wave goodbye now... Interest in their lives or supporting them= finished. Would LOVE if Canada could confirm/ inform the Canadian ppl that we are not paying for their security.

Typical stupidity to want benefits without responsibility. So glad Queen stripped them of wrap of royalty. We have had a hard-working Queen who has served with dignity and poise for 68 years. Sorry & MEagain are adding stress & shame to her last years on the throne. Acting like oppressed, hard done-by victims whilst living in luxury is ruining their brand and losing them supporters.

What was it Shelley said about Princes in his poem England 1819? Spoilt brat

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry reveal how they plan to transition away from royal lifeDuke and Duchess of Sussex will officially step down as senior royals on 31 March Ok bye! Now I hope everyone will stop whining about them using the word 'royal'.And let them be.

Sussex Roly? Not surprised . Who owns the word Royal? I just had fried chicken from The Royal Chicken shop. Has the queen got the hump with that? If HMQ had made Harry Duke of Jersey she could not object him using the trademark Jersey Royal (and we would have called him Prince Potato-head). You marry one of the most recognised faces on planet eart and then ask for privacy. I always find it very odd

All this cake but can't eat it 🤷‍♂️ Yankee go home! Yoko has her claws in deep. Fuck royalty Use the title 'royale' means the same thing in French Semantics, problem solved If they want the fame and the money they take all that comes with it!!!

Prince Harry and Meghan will not use 'Sussex Royal' after spring Prince Harry and Meghan will not be using Sussex Royal branding after spring this year, a royal spokesperson has said.

They may not want to be part of the royals, but of course they want to continue being rich. Disappointed to see resorting to tabloid tactics. Their statement was clear & stated facts respectfully. fakeNews Well, there goes her idea for the 'Sussex Royals' reality show. Prince Andrew had consensual sex with a gold digger.

I don't like to go on about something seemingly trivial but it's not about law it's about respect for the British people and our monarchy, who are the only reason they have the funds for their lifestyle in the first place. The tax payer pays for their lifestyle All very sad. No winners in this situation.

Harry better leave Meghan alone. She got him leavin the royal family. Why have royalty at all? Just use celebrities to fill that hole in your hearts like we do here in America Clickbait. news do better.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to stop using 'Sussex Royal' Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will no longer be using the name “Sussex Royal” for their foundation. Only way to keep these parasites in check. His mother didn't need any royal title nor does Harry good luck to them

Wonderfull!!! They are non royal social rejects!!!!!! I wish people would either read the article or keep quiet. The headline is totally misleading. Hey Harry, ask Keapernick what happened when you sign up for 'P- Whipped' program. They don't want to be Royal but they want to use Royal title when suits them its 'What Meghan wants Meghan gets' game again

Teenagers acting out haha- not so attractive when actors are in their late 30s- dumb & dumber Royal Highland Hotel in Inverness etc etc etc? Having read the statement I don’t know how that can be classified as showing anger 🤔 Did they expect the Queen to quietly sit back and allow them to abuse the royal family for their own selfish needs, after so many acts of hypocrisy the Queen as stamped down on their despicable behaviour and abuse of their privileged position

The only one who should lose his Royal title is Prince Andrew. What they did to Harry and Meghan was cruel and unfair. Our local taxi company is called Royal Cars? How does that work then?

Prince Harry and Meghan will no longer use 'Sussex Royal' in brandingThe Duke and Duchess of Sussex's website and Instagram account will have to be re-branded to reflect their decision. What is the news? This basically punishes Meghan who will no longer be known as the duchess of Sussex. He’ll always be Prince Harry. Will they stop using the duchies to fund their lifestyle moniesfromdad/gran

Guardian embraces its new role as Royal Pain in the Ass You leave the brand, you lose the branding. Simple. The picture you've chosen says it all. this is what happens when you bestow honors and give things to SELF-ENTITLE, UNGRATEFUL, FOOLS WHO THINK THEY ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN THEY REALLY ARE. parasites

Excuse me, but where in their statement is there any anger? Once again, Harry and Meghan’s words are being distorted to suit the media’s agenda. It’s such a shame that the Guardian’s writers do not have the morals to rise above this. They want to have the proverbial cake AND eat it! You can't say you want to step back from Royal duties and then conveniently not give up the use of the word ROYAL!

someone is about to find out just how much love there is out there for QE2. They are about to find out that even 'family' have to be respectful to QE2. Thanks to all concerned for a great chuckle this morning. It’s all so amusing, I love a tinge of unacknowledged irony spread about, sorry of like some nice soft butter being spread on some toast, or perhaps, in this case, a crumpet. It’s all so delicious.

Too bad!!! She should lose every title and she should also pay for her own protection. She never ‘worked’ for the RF and doesn’t deserve it. They already owe the public £2 milllion for the house the British paid to have renovated for them. They should pay it back RoyalFamily

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry demand continued security after royal split MEGHAN MARKLE and Prince Harry claim they have reached agreement with the wider royal family that they will still require security after stepping down as senior royals. Sod off snowflakes Who is going to pay? That’s ok. Have full security, as many as you wish. Have double the security you had before if you want. Only thing is that you pay for it yourselves.

Don’t care! They are a Royal pain! Monarchy LOL But they successfully made the transition from royals into human beings, so why would they still want to be referred to as the subhuman class? Erm biting hands containing nourishment methinks. Wonder if Meghan to toy throwing. They chose to leave. Now they want their cake and want to eat it.

‘Love is blind’. It makes people do terrible things. They’re adults and have their own intellect. Thought they’re free to choose a lifestyle, as they deem fit. But least to say, they took a horrible decision by all standards. They’ll soon be lost in crowd. UK England Royals You mean Meghan's angry over the loss of her meal ticket + Harry's doing as he's told?

I think that the Queen has made a big mistake here. Harry is a popular & hardworking guy. I think that it’s now time to downsize the monarchy

Royal snub: Meghan Markle won’t return to UK as Harry attends events ‘on his own’ MEGHAN MARKLE is not expected to return to the UK with Prince Harry after the Sussexes finish their royal duties in April with their last engagements before stepping down as senior members of the Royal Family. Remove the Sussex tag then. RoyalFamily No loss bye bye lol u wont be missed she seems to be causing all sorts of issues and bad publicity Royalty wise recently..so best she does not represent UK or Commonwealth..

Huh... they don’t want to be there, but want to keep their status. He looks amazingly like Dracula This is a reach. They just wrote they agreed to not use it. This has backfired badly, perhaps they should have discussed their plans privately with the family before making that hasty public statement to the press..🤔

Please don’t give these Pair any more air time. Harry poor little Rich BRATT Over indulged. They are a total disgrace...actually attempting to destroy the royal family with their ‘I’m sorry for myself stories’ good luck to Hollywood providing work to the b list actress (yes she is no good, just watch her on suits) and the elite paying 1,000 a pop to hear about Diana!!

queen's not gonna like that. if i were Meghan I'd shush before they take away the Duchess and the Sussex too. bummer they cancelled Suits. Boohoo

2 entitled aholes! Nothing about that statement shows anger. In fact it sounds almost like they initiated it He’s always going to be know to people as Prince Harry. Buckingham palace looking to revive the days post Diana when they were HATED for being tight minded jerks? The young royals are what got people caring again. No one cares about Charles or the bitch who broke Diana’s heart

The price of the freedom Why should anger? Anger is so un-royal, eh, KngHnryVIII ? All lies....witch hunting again...the tabloids will not learn from Caroline Flack how spiteful and vile they can be...🤬 Can the term “royal flush” still be used, not in the poker term sense, but in the down the toilet sense? Also, to use the term “royal pain in the ass”. Is that not permitted in the UK either? From the other side of the pond, the royal family appears very petty.

Imagine quitting your job and being surprised that the perks and benefits of said job get taken away from you 🤔 H&M: We don't want to be part of the royals anymore *Get their wish granted, they're not part of the royals* H&M: Why did you do this? :^(

Awwww. Poor babies. Suck it up. I think they are both coming across as really ungrateful. They are free to do what they please but don't expect to have an easy privileged life without wanting to put in the hard work and graft HaveYourCakeAndEatIt shameful Disappointing WhoWearsTheTrousers SelfishDemands

Can someone please explain... They were born rich and making tons of money but they don't want to be royal anymore to make a lot of money. What's the difference? Damn rich people. Who cares about them? Harry and Meghan are a very mixed up young couple, in more ways than one. They want all the benefits of royalty, but none of the work it entails. Kind of childish, isn’t it?

oh how they hate poor meghan ..poor girl...I'm glad they left...watch them thrive n stick it to 'the institution ' The Queen did not have any other Choice. The public would really be pist. If Harry & wife should be able to cash in on their title. But not bother being a senior royal. So maybe you should set down your foot Harry. Not let your wife boss you around. She's not a novise.

When you leave the Firm you can’t take the silver. Tough shit When r they gonna cone out and say harry is not Charles bio son? Do we care about these overpriveliged vacuous fools?

Meh MEH Fake news! Harry and Megan should brand themselves as “Royale” Now to some real news, right? I'm a staunch republican (not the US type!) but it doesn't matter about who you're reporting but fgs start giving facts. Where's your evidence about this alleged anger? No wonder you've lost so many long time readers.

Can't Ave ya cake an eat it your either in or out simple The day they announced their wedding my sainted grandmother said: She's a wrong'un that one, bring 'im and our country nuthin' bit strife she will. All fur coat and no knickers. Seems she was write. Meanwhile: 🔊🔊🔊Prince Andrew, who was friends with the deceased rapist pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, has reportedly not yet cooperated with investigators about Epstein’s crimes, despite insisting in an interview with BBC Newsnight that he’d be willing to participate.

For someone that campaigns for mental health and now playing the victim and bullying his own grandma, and behaving like a self centred prxck.that s a bit rich Harry! Humble yourself. Mom would not have been proud. What utter cobblers. Just leave them alone and no more rubbish journalism from the British press.

Hope they are paying for their own Security detail. Do Not want the Hard Working UK Citizens Tax going towards it. Put your hands into your pockets Harry/Markle & pay your way from now on. Let’s just Scrap the whole Royal FACADE If they were satisfied about their decision to leave the royal family then why this bitterness and anger? Is it because they wanted to have the cake and eat it too?

Sussex whingers Who cares Cry quietly! Why not trademark “Prince & Duchess of Woke” I'd tend to agree. As it is a foreign jurisdiction, the power is in hands of the monarch personally through prerogative power, not the government, even though it may be a department which excerises it on behalf of HM. So Megan wanted her cake & eat it...who would have guessed... No jurisdiction on using Royal title...so mr Trump can can himself HRT...ironic 😁😁

Is it really because Harry is really a lovechild & not really of royal blood? Do what? Report some news....🙄

Where there’s issues lies opportunities! Though it will require time...and on contrary of Brexit you have more flexibility and sources to find new strategies! You may encounter ethics issues on deciding from who you could accept funds... Boo fucking hoo. The headline doesn't reflect the clear info re the agreement provided by the Sussex statement. H&M didn't create a reg about non-UK countries' allowing use of 'royal'. They simply explain that, while not required to drop the word outside the UK, they're doing so voluntarily.

The Palace is taking real advice from KTHopkins and her wealth of knowledge on Black and Ginger people. Don't break your head, friends, it's not the royal title that makes you what you are, it's the '' blood '' use your if you want it or not, we'll see who does something for you . Do not be impressed by anything, just stay united in your relationship.

Journalism at its lowest. “Couple’s post suggests they are angry...” FFS 🙄. Grifters gonna grift! Just needs a symbol representing 'The prince formerly known as Prince' ⚜️ It’s all going bung. They weren’t well advised about it before they announced it. But Tyson Fury is new Heavy weight champ 😋 sod.

Go and live ur life bitchies So they're not 'royals' anymore? Maybe then they can NOT have any funding from the estate of Prince Charles and both of them can get a job at a call centre? So what? They are now ordinary people, and ordinary people are full of problems. You can go outside and throw out your anger. Thanks, Megan. She didn't want to be lost alone, so she grabbed Harry. Good luck to all.

These 2 have been at it 2 mins, Royalty has been around since 1066, pretty sure I know who’s going to come out on top of this I’ve read the statement and it seems very measured. Why are you amplifying this nonsense Call him Henry, not even an official Harry, might as well use Royal in his name too. Can’t wait for The Crown seasons based on this!

More clickbait They didn't show their anger. They just put out a statement of facts. Guardian. Disappointed that you are swallowing the tabloid spin on this. Just needs a symbol representing 'The prince formerly know as Prince'

Oh dear, what a pity, never mind, I'm sure that will change the three events of history..... Not HarryandMeghan are free... It's weird how much attention this gets. It's almost like it's purposely being put out there to takeaway from any other stories involving high profile Royals 🤔 Don't go away angry, just go away...

That’s the first photo I’ve seen where he’s been in focus and she’s been blurred. Normally it’s the other way round. I wonder why. What did they expect - a red carpet. They already know who they are up against. royal Fake news! They wouldn’t say that after the huge Wedding the Queen & palace gave them! 😳 I don’t believe this because it would make them very unworthy & cruel!

Harry was a normal and well liked member of the Royal family before he met Meghan and sadly lost his mind. He needs to assert himself or the damage to his reputation will become permanent. Why would our country want spoilt ‘brats’ who never grow up as royalty, costing a fortune & just feeding international tabloids with bad stuff ?

Joke😂😂 You don’t have a royal wedding, then leave the family like this, then make demands. Harry has let Meghan make too many life threatening decisions

Contradiction: Harry *was* royal by birth - he is a blue blood. Megan was not, she married in, and so never *was* royal by blood. Harry must *surely* still have the same 'royal gene' and will therefore ways *be* royal. Tacit admission that being 'royal' is just a brand. What’s in a name? Just relax. Perhaps get a PAYE job and not worry about branding and trademarks. It all seems too stressful.

How about going for 'Sussex Imperial' or should that be 'Imperious'? I think they've been treated unfairly, he didn't train to be a royal he was born into it Omg what a disaster. I entirely agree with them. Harry is a prince by birth and is therefore royal Pathetic. Literally no one cares. They would have foreseen this but British media can't help itself, leave them alone.

Wow MrMarkle is a petulant brat isn’t he? You guys, the media, are part of the problem, deliberately miscontruing words. Where's the anger in that statement? They'll not be using the word 'royal' or any iteration of it whether in the UK or abroad(where the UK govt doesn't have jurisdiction)as a mark of respect obviously.

All that’s needed from the Royal Family is We not Racist BUT So That click bait inflammatory headline seems quite unrelated to the neutral content. But, still, clicks eh Won't be long now. Wow misleading headline, I'm not clicking to read the story as it's about the term 'royal' how did what they say get misquoted into 'showing anger at palace' they were clarifying the term 'royal' and what it's meaning, to the people who can't seem to grasp it, not the palace!

what about the commonwealth countries, ie Canada. Royal must have jurisdiction over these countries. The new Foundation trust was registered by Meggie s friend, rather than by a reputable accountant. Suspicious? May I remind you of Caroline Flack. It was 7 days ago. Leave them be. I couldn’t care less anyway, and thousands more don’t.

They got royally screwed 🤣 Use moochers, much more accurate and surely her majesty the Queen won't say a word about it. H&M Acting like spoiled teens create constant drama and are still taking money from Charles & British taxpayers. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II puts the greedy pair in checkmate, prohibiting H&M from exploiting 'Royal' for personal gain.

So they want to use the Royal title but don't want to be royals. Figures. It seems they didn't think this through properly when they were dreaming up their fantasy life of having the best of both worlds. Take heart Harry and Meghan, when God is with you, He is more than the 'whole' world against you! Oh well they will have to make do like the rest of us. We all had to learn to make our £17m savings last

Can anyone. ANYONE please show the world Where the Queen her Son from the Royals, where they have come out and (Made a stand for Harry and Meghan) where they say the words to the press and public. NO MORE and back away from them. There isn’t, all they care about is themselves Either you’re born royal or not.

What are they now besides unemployed?

Shame 😂😂😂 I’m sure all they will be able to trademark another name that will still make $$$$ so no sympathy or fucks given from me. SussexRoyale...? Any criticism of her is racist. Yet, he's isolated from family, given up his field sports and moved continents while cutting ties. Harry, wild sex doesn't last forever.

He’ll forever be known as Prince Harry Meanwhile Prince Andrew is . . . Waaah. Ooooo Let me get some snacks, and let’s watch.

As long as Andrew's free to use 'York Royal'... Harry? Meghan absolutely! I think what you mean to say is 'Meghan shows anger..' as her plans to flog the royal 'brand' on the Home Shopping Channel hits a small snag. and let the - 'you wanted out, tough' begin The word royal can't be patented. Anyone can call themselves royal. It's an English word.

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