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Royal snub: Meghan Markle won’t return to UK as Harry attends events ‘on his own’

Royal snub: Meghan Markle won’t return to UK as Harry attends events ‘on his own’


Royal snub: Meghan Markle won’t return to UK as Harry attends events ‘on his own’

MEGHAN MARKLE is not expected to return to the UK with Prince Harry after the Sussexes finish their royal duties in April with their last engagements before stepping down as senior members of the Royal Family.

But royal commentator Lizzie Robinson believes this will be the last royal engagement for Meghan in the UK for the time being.Royal Producer Lizzie Robinson interjected: “He might be back on his own.“We might see him in April as patron of the London Marathon.”

Speaking to Radio 4’s Today programme, commentator Mr Hardman said: “It’s very sad, I think everyone’s sad it’s come to this.“I don’t think this transition was fully thought through from the start.“We all remember May 2018 when you have almost a billion people around the world watching this fantastic moment.

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Over 51,000 people in the United Kingdom have tested positive for COVID-19, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Prince Charles, heir to the British throne.

If true couldn't be more relieved. She'll still make sure she gets attention though via Instagram, or crafted news reports via her friends. She’s scared to face to Queen or public ! Writing on SM is her style! Cause havoc let hen pecked Harry face the music Harold & Maud, Maud sends Harold to the Royal household, isn't that how it is?

And? Happy about that if ever there was a female opportunistic minx that is she It doesn’t really matter if she’s there or not. If she wishes to live her life outside the RF then that’s Upto her. How she’s going to make a living long term remains to be seen Big surprise... Meghan fan out of control Meghan Markle has lost her sparkle ..........

Obviously she supports him 100%, (not) but he has to support her by giving up his life. Harry, look at the big picture! What a bush pig

Royal rift: Meghan Markle and Harry’s ‘powerful’ brand to ‘irritate’ Prince WilliamMEGHAN MARKLE and Prince Harry have created a brand so 'powerful' which doesn't need to be supported by the royals - which will irritate Prince William, a marketing expert said. These two guys aren't brothers. This is a lover of Diana, just before the red one was born. No, THEY irritate William Harry and mm boringly unpowerful just annoying

Great news, perhaps we will see some of our true Harry not her lapdog. Yippee Pick a fight with a 93 year old , Q Lady ... ? Who could blame her? You can tell harry absolutely despises the rest of the royals too, after serving with real people he can't wait to disassociate himself from these bizarre reptile mafia paedo bastards. But yeah, you crack on with the whole Meghan's the problem line. Dickheads

I would not be surprised by her rude and childish actions. Is this not what she did during Pres. Trump's visit to Britain? She’s done for Good. good. And you Meghan diehard fanatics: stop calling The English racist. I’ve never met a more accomodating people than the English. Megxit It's all falling apart.

What a tragedy, how will everyone cope?

Meghan Markle 'says there is nothing stopping her' from using Sussex Royal nameMeghan Markle 'tells friends there is nothing stopping her and Prince Harry ' from using Sussex Royal name as The Queen 'bans' them It wouldn’t appear they are her friend if they are selling her out to the press! Or she has said no such thing! And they are making up stories Do what is best and drop it girl!

Hurrah! She knows when she's not welcome. MeghanMarkle MeghanMarkleTheCharlatanDuchess Marriage will not last long!! She does not support her husband. Hope we wakes up!!! That’s love without contract or conditions. Good job Any truth in this piersmorgan ? I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest,she's zero shame!

She feels very vulnerable? thetimes Ohhh Meghan a Royal pain in the A$s. She just wanted the fame and fortune, never the man. And now the man is in over his head with no way out! Good BW400CN Great news Surprised he could step away from holding her purse for that long. Good

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to stop using 'Sussex Royal' Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will no longer be using the name “Sussex Royal” for their foundation. Only way to keep these parasites in check. His mother didn't need any royal title nor does Harry good luck to them

Crazy you are ruled by a queen. How fing boring. If true, then that's her choice as strong independent feminist woman of colour. Pity she doesn't think that Archie may enjoy the company of his RF relatives. Otherwise her not attending no loss! No breeding . Oh what a tangled web we weave when we start to deceive.

Oh and this a surprise!!!!! I think not!!!! Every photo tells a story she's ecstatic and Harry is clearly depressed. maybe she will be home packing so they can move out of Canada and stop sponging off the Commonwealth No surprise that Megan won't come! she seems to be causing all sorts of issues and bad publicity Royalty wise best she does not represent UK or Commonwealth..

No loss bye bye lol u wont be missed

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry demand continued security after royal splitMEGHAN MARKLE and Prince Harry claim they have reached agreement with the wider royal family that they will still require security after stepping down as senior royals. Sod off snowflakes Who is going to pay? That’s ok. Have full security, as many as you wish. Have double the security you had before if you want. Only thing is that you pay for it yourselves.

Remove the Sussex tag then. RoyalFamily

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry reveal how they plan to transition away from royal lifeDuke and Duchess of Sussex will officially step down as senior royals on 31 March Ok bye! Now I hope everyone will stop whining about them using the word 'royal'.And let them be.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will rejoin royals as Queen 'determined' to keep door openPRINCE HARRY and Meghan Markle will step down as senior members of the Royal Family in Spring 2020 after announcing they want to become financially independent but one commentator believes the Sussexes have left the door open to rejoin. The English people will turn out in their thousands waving the Union Jack to welcome Meghan and Harry when they come back to England. Maybe not. I think they were forced to rejoin. We want Meghan Markle and Prince Harry far away from that family!

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