Coronavirus, Covıd 19

Coronavirus, Covıd 19

Coronavirus: Police break up 'massive' karaoke party during UK lockdown

#Coronavirus: Police break up 'massive' karaoke party in Derbyshire during #COVID19 lockdown

3/30/2020 7:32:00 AM

Coronavirus : Police break up 'massive' karaoke party in Derbyshire during COVID19 lockdown

Derbyshire officers said they were in 'absolute shock' when they attended the address on Saturday night.

Marylebone Farmers' Market in London appeared to be relatively busy on Sunday morning despite the public being told to only leave the home for essential reasons.Signs were in place at the market telling shoppers to keep at least two metres apart in queues.

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The Department of Health tweeted a video on Saturday repeating the message for the public to"stay home and save lives" over the weekend.The chief medical officer Chris Whitty added that people should practice social distancing when they do have to leave the house.

Image:Marylebone Farmers' Market appeared to be busy on Sunday morningImage:Shoppers at the market have been encouraged to keep two metres apartImage:Shoppers were seen at the market despite advice to stay at homeTwitter user Nick Doody shared an image of his neighbours enjoying a socially distanced"cuppa and a chat" in the street to help someone who was"struggling with loneliness".

Mr Doody, who lives in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, wrote:"Our street now has a WhatsApp group & this morning one neighbour was struggling with loneliness, so earlier we all had a socially distanced cuppa and chat together."This stuff makes a difference."

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It’s Polish. Wonder if anyone sang I Will Survive on the Karaoke or My Carona

Coronavirus: Derbyshire police dye Buxton 'Blue Lagoon' black to deter gatheringsGood weather was attracting groups to the Bahama-blue pool despite government warnings to stay at home. Just give them some Indian stick.... Make it smell of shit, that'll keep people away. Need to go see that

Police break up house parties amid coronavirus lockdown'It is clear people are still having complete disregard for the Government advice and rules.' 🤦‍♂️ That buffet is tragic scotlabnurse7 I haven’t witnessed anything like this. And then ppl wonders why we have a lot of confirmed cases... StayAtHomeAndStaySafe

Police break up footballers flouting coronavirus lockdown laws with outdoor gameDozens of the players were seen at Roath Recreation Ground in Cardiff before police were called to remove them and order them to go home Good Why not also post about the majority that are doing the right things or does produce less likes, reweets & clicks for you than angrying the more more more restrictions mob? 🙄 MirrorFootball What was the score?

Police break up 'massive' karaoke party during coronavirus lockdownTwenty-five guests at Normanton, Derbyshire, offered 'strong words of advice' We are the states vile neo-feudal servants..

Opinion: The effect of overbearing police will last far longer than coronavirusBritons understand that curbs to freedom are temporary, but won’t stand for them lasting a second longer than they have to, writes Benedict Spence 𝚉 Because it's all about control, and change in society

Police patrol Britain's streets to enforce coronavirus lockdownPOLICE were patrolling Britain's streets yesterday to enforce the coronavirus lockdown. As the Prime Minister urged people to stay at home, at least four forces launched hotlines to inform on residents or businesses breaking the restrictions. If SELFISH people obeyed the Rules, clearly set out by the Government, our wonderful Police Officers/Supporting staff would not have to waste their time ensuring that EVERYBODY remains safe!These SELFISH people = causing vulnerable people to DIE! YOU are NOTHING!/mere MURDERERS! .