Lockdown, Coronavirus

Lockdown, Coronavirus

Coronavirus: Lockdown seems to have a very different meaning depending on where in the world you live

Guns, marijuana and Steven Seagal movies - What #lockdown is like around the world #coronavirus

3/30/2020 7:19:00 AM

Guns, marijuana and Steven Seagal movies - What lockdown is like around the world coronavirus

In France you can go out for wine and croissants while in America guns and marijuana are declared essential in some states.

Some stereotypes, it appears, are richly deserved.Image:Bien sur, in France wine and croissants are considered essentialsITALYmost stringent rules, with only essential businesses such as food shops and pharmacies remaining open.The manufacturing sector has been temporarily shut down, although factories that make products like medical supplies will continue to operate after making conditions safer for employees.

George Floyd protest: John Boyega gives emotional speech at Black Lives Matter rally UK coronavirus deaths rise above 50,000 Trump claims he was in bunker for a ‘tiny' period of time to inspect it

COVID-19: How does coronavirus quarantine work?INDIAWith more and more people stuck at home, dependency on the internet has increased the world over. People are relying on connectivity to communicate, stream movies and play games online in a bid to ward off cabin fever.

Image:Those stuck at home are turning to the internetWith that in mind, India has declared the information technology sector as essential.ISRAELRecognised for its vibrant religious life, people in Israel are permitted to gather for outdoor prayers, with a maximum of 10 worshippers standing two metres apart.

CHINAChina was the first country to battle the virus, and authorities closed most businesses and public facilities beginning in late January but kept open hospitals, supermarkets and pharmacies.AND THE REST... Read more: Sky News »

Im watching all public domain Italian films by the best ever directors in the film industry. Available in YouTube Things gotta be desperate if you end up watching a Steven Segal movie He's like a talking plank of wood Question. Do your presenters still have to go through “make up” before going on screen? I only ask because it’s surely not easy to do someone’s hair and eyes with a brush that’s 2 metres !

Steven seagal please god it never gets that bad

Albert Camus novel The Plague leads surge of pestilence fictionAuthor’s daughter explains 1947’s book’s renewed appeal during coronavirus lockdown No shit. I'm reading it right now. Great book. I'd also recommend World War Z. It's got zombies, but it's also a really interesting, documentary style take on pandemics. Excellent book. I read it while waiting many hours for a train in Oujda on the Moroccan/Algeria border - perfect setting. Huge station but only had 2-3 trains a day. greatbooks Camus

What different nations classify as essential during coronavirus lockdown, from guns to cannabisCountries including India and US states are listing the information technology sector as essential Let me breathe easier please.

Coronavirus map LIVE: Britons warned lockdown to get WORSE -even stricter measures plannedBORIS JOHSON could introduce even stricter lockdown measures as the UK's coronavirus death toll continues to soar.

UK coronavirus live: lockdown measures will be in place for 'significant period', says GoveAll the day’s developments in the UK Covid-19 crisis, as Labour MP and doctor Rosena Allin-Khan says Boris Johnson should self-isolate for 14 days You and your loved ones are under house arrest wile Heathrow airport and the London underground is wide open and spreading the virus like wildfire ? And U think the public won’t get shirty ? Flights from infected countries are still offloading in the UK with no quarantine law in place A thousand years

UK coronavirus live: Jeremy Hunt calls for mass testing to shorten lockdownAll the day’s developments in the UK Covid-19 crisis, as Labour MP and doctor Rosena Allin-Khan says Boris Johnson should self-isolate for 14 days I think we should let the christians at least go to church and pray, and hug, and hold hands. RT : UK coronavirus live: Jeremy Hunt calls for mass testing to shorten lockdown Is that the same jeremy Hunt whondug his heels in against better conditions for junior doctors not long ago.....I bet he was another Tory hypocrite clapping at the door.

Coronavirus lockdown to last 'until June' as PM warns 'this will get worse'Britain has today on Saturday recorded its worst death toll in 24 hours yet as the number dying in the UK rises to 1,019 today, leaping by 260 from 759 the day before South Africa, you need to behave-otherwise the same fate will befall you! Better get some decent repeats on the TV then!! 😩 If this tool was in charge during the run up to WW2,Nazi jackboots would have been marching up Whitehall by September 4th.