Britain’s worst Christmas trees: is anything secretly more festive and fun than a disappointing fir?

Britain’s worst Christmas trees: is anything secretly more festive and fun than a disappointing fir?

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12/1/2021 10:00:00 PM

Britain’s worst Christmas trees: is anything secretly more festive and fun than a disappointing fir?

There have been no end of complaints about some of the trees being put up –from a metal one in Cardiff to a puny one in Grimsby

Appearance:Well, this is the thing. Some are described as “rubbish” and “just shocking”, while others are “a bit of a joke” and – wait for it – “not very Christmassy”.Is this like the big Christmas tree in London’s Trafalgar Square being called “sad and spindly”?

No! That’s a 50 to 60-year-old spruce –Picea abies –sent from Norway every year as a show of gratitude to the British for their support during the second world war. And while one Christmas tree critic tweeted: “Crikey, who has upset Norway?”, you can’t really be disappointed by such a majestic gesture.

So what are we talking about then?We are talking about people’s civic pride being dented when they wait with excitement to see the festive joy of their local Christmas lights switch on, only to find a pylon in place of a tree.Has that happened?It’s been going on for years, residents complaining about their town’s pathetic attempts at Christmas decorations, from Birkenhead and Crosby to Tyldesley, Ashington, Newry and Muswell Hill.

Can we have some specifics?Well, there was a cone-shaped, metal-frame Christmas tree that prompted resident Robert Williams to ask: “Is that it? It’s a load of bloody rubbish. It’s a waste of bloody space.”That does sound rubbish to be fair.Not as rubbish as one unveiled by the Lord Mayor of the City of London outside his official residence, Mansion House. It is actually made of rubbish, from bins and street sweepers in the area.

Well, at least that sounds more sustainable.That’s the idea, to highlight the waste that accumulates over the festive period. It could be worse.

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