Downing Street Christmas party claims: Playing by the rules?

Downing Street Christmas party claims: Playing by the rules?

12/2/2021 3:17:00 AM

Downing Street Christmas party claims: Playing by the rules?

Claims about Christmas parties at No 10 during last year's lockdown can't just be shrugged off.

that there'd been 'boozy parties' in No 10 this time last year on more than one occasion.The suggestions weren't made on the record, but were solid enough for not one, but two opposition leaders to take them on.And despite what his team had told journalists early on Wednesday morning, Boris Johnson himself, when put under pressure on the issue in the Commons, didn't deny the gatherings had taken place, saying only that the Covid rules at the time had been followed.

Later, a source who had attended the alleged gatherings on 18 December in No 10 told us there'd been "several dozen" people in attendance, with food, drink and even party games on offer, with the event, however it was described, going on past midnight.

At the time, reasonable interactions were acceptable under the rules in the work place. But socialising was clearly off limits.It's even said that on the night the mood was subdued because staff were discussing the possible impact of what was then known as the new "Kent variant".

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It was only the next day, the 19 December, that Boris Johnson tightened Covid rules still further, "cancelling Christmas".Media caption,Watch: Keir Starmer asks if No 10 held a Christmas party while the rest of the country was in lockdownThe revelations, continued in Thursday's papers, can't just be shrugged off, for two reasons.

First, what happened gives yet more ammunition to the opposition parties to make one of their most charged claims - that the prime minister and his team (even though he was not said to be at this gathering) set the rules for the country, but don't pay much attention to convention themselves.

And second, the doubts about No 10's commitment have emerged during a period of awkward limbo.Downing Street and the rest of us are waiting to find out more about the winter 2021 new variant, hoping fervently that there is no need for a drastic step backwards, a reintroduction of strict limits on our lives, to protect against the spread of the virus.

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And UKLabour ? there is no way this tory government will admit to anything, of course they broke the rules lewis_goodall Nope Labour is dragging the bottom of the Barrel now to find something to Stir the Shit with . Why did it take so long to find this out? These tories don’t follow rules, or did you not get that when they fiddled with electoral funds AGAINST ELECTORAL LAW, pushed the WA UNLAWFULLY, ignored laws on the first lockdown? Jesus wept you people are so f*cking naive.

Elected dictator - perfectly sums up what we have! Why did you not report on this at the time? I’m sure Laura would have been invited….. Who cares about it now a year on? We live in the present not in the past. There are more important things to sort like getting *Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe * and *Billy Hood* released from prisons abroad. They are innocent people. Boris please 🙏 step up. This is what matters.

Not right but so many people broke the rules last Christmas! Labour need a better strategy then just mud slinging! The people who voted conservative knows that BJ and his chums are the most corrupt politicians we’ve ever had but yet they were voted in, UK politics needs to change, where all rules apply to everyone, corruption in politics should be a criminal offence

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And people are suprised by these 'revelations' The problem is not the party, the problem is the 'rules'. lewis_goodall So the rules for Christmas hadn’t been put into place when there was this get together. So what rule was broken? 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 Don't ask us. Ask them. You let them get away with it constantly.

lewis_goodall Yes but whose rules? I think rules is something that is beyond Blithering Boris’s understanding lewis_goodall Member of staff in ‘bubble’ was leaving Downing St. …no broken rules toryboypierce The rules at the time A year on & nobody thought to come forward before now? What should be asking is who stands to gain from this now? Who is the mystery person who attended said party (maybe doesn’t want to be named as the this will incriminate them)?

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They're a disgrace...laughing at us... Would it be possible to list the rules they played by, simply so we may all follow suit without fear of a fine Tory party while masses suffer Macron said Boris Johnson is a clown. Listen to this : As his House Master at Eton wrote ' Johnson believes rules are for others!'

Yeah, playing by the one rule for them one rule for us rule Johnson has no understanding of what 'playing by the rules' entails. That is for plebs only! Interesting that if you like Boris or support the Conservatives, then breaking of the rules and even corruption is perfectly fine 🤦‍♂️ Any comment on the attack on the Jewish children's bus in Oxford Street or just more anti Boris shit?

The mindless won’t care and still vote for the 🤡

Kristen Bell explains how she is teaching children to ‘reject stress of the holidays’Actor says family’s holiday traditions include matching pyjamas and Christmas movies Which is really disturbing. Easy, don't celebrate any holiday. It works perfectly for me. Holidays are a waste of time and money. Basically they hired the guy she was....

Breaking the LAW, not rules. ölmek üzereyim Yes, fancy supporting a Daily Mirror campaign.

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