Blackpool Illuminations face Native American racism claims

Blackpool Illuminations face Native American racism claims

9/24/2021 11:09:00 PM

Blackpool Illuminations face Native American racism claims

Two people of 'Native American origin' complained to Blackpool Council about the tableau.

The panel is situated on Queen's Promenade in the resortBlackpool's council is to review the town's Illuminations after receiving complaints that a section of the famous lights is racist.The authority said two people of "Native American origin" had raised concerns about a panel which shows six men in headdresses and a totem pole.

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The panel dates from the 1960s and is a regular feature of the annual display.The council said it would "take on board" the comments and review which lights were "appropriate" for 2022.A spokeswoman for the authority said the panel, which is part of the Wild West section on Queen's Promenade, was "designed many years ago and intended to be a celebration of different cultures".

'Explore options'She said council officers had been "in constructive discussion with two people of Native American origin, who raised concerns about the tableau"."We have explained the background to the historic elements of the Illuminations display," she said.

"[We] assured them these were designed and created many years ago and intended to be a celebration of different cultures."She added that both complainants had "accepted that assurance". Read more: BBC News (UK) »

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Good grief culture correctness attitude. Getting worse than political correctness now. I can understand both sides the sign shows the cowboys and Indians if tv /film heritage. But why should we loose historical items because attitude changes. We CAN'T change history give it a rest its a celebration of all thats good and not a racist taunt makes people aware of these native americans and ask questions

I for one won't be going to Blackpool it is the biggest shithole I've ever seen! And full of crackheads! Closest thing I've seen to Mad Max Why do you even publish such rubbish. ExeterChiefs ridiculous It was erected in the 60’s if you’re offended don’t travel thousands of miles to see it. Can guarantee I can tell you who those TWO people are 🤣🤣🤣

They have been up for 60 years ..two people complained🙄🙄 Your joking!!! This is getting stupid now. What next FFS To be racist, does it not have to discriminate? Does there not need to be a concerted effort to isolate and mock/abuse a group?

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I claim the racism is all theirs if they really think whitey Brits put these lights up simply to piss them off It was only a matter of time xx any guesses who's next on the list ? Xx Load off pish

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