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Bisexual veteran kicked out of Navy becomes first of many to get medals returned

Bisexual veteran kicked out of Navy becomes first of many to get medals returned


Bisexual veteran kicked out of Navy becomes first of many to get medals returned

Joe Ousalice, 68, had served for almost 18 years as a radio operator when he was discharged in 1993 when a court martial found him guilty of 'conduct prejudicial to good order and naval discipline'

He was stripped of his medals - some earned for duty in Northern Ireland and the Falklands war - and of his long service benefits.

After nearly 30 years of legal battles seeking the return of his medals, an out-of-court decision was announced this week and Ousalice will have his medals returned at a ceremony next week.

The move is one of several by British governments taking measures to atone for past discrimination against LGBT people.

Read More Top news stories from Mirror Online In addition to restoring his medals, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has offered what is thought to be the first official apology to LGBT military personnel like Ousalice.

Read more: Daily Mirror

They only compensated about 3 people kicked out for their sexuality then closed anymore claims. I never had any redress.

My husband’s cross-dressing during sex is making me feel insecureI always knew he was bisexual but now he wears lingerie ‘to feel like a woman’ when we have sex and I worry I am not enough for him I wonder why... Maybe he looks better than her in stockings? Hahahaha fuck me never go full Guardian

Resident Evil 3 Remake REVEALED: First trailer debuts during PS4 State of PlayRESIDENT EVIL 3 Remake has been officially revealed today with fans getting their first look at Jill Valentine’s PS4 debut in the new State of Play broadcast.

Boris might be able to ignore a child on the A&E floor - this is my reality'The UK is one of the wealthiest countries in the world yet hospitals up and down the country have become reliant on good will' - one A&E doctor writes 👇 why don’t he sit in the chair that’s clearly visible? fakenews However this is fake news. Arranged by parent and sent to press. Parent needs a slap So staged its unreal

RNLI blames trapped tourists and beach selfies as call-outs double over festive period in four yearsTourists hunting beach selfies on perilous stretches of coast have helped fuel an almost doubling in call-outs to the RNLI over the festive period, it has been claimed. if they promised to take them all back to France donations would rocket PorthcawlRNLI That’s one of my shots of PTLifeboat! 🌊

Serbian man born without testicles gets one transplanted from twinIn only the third documented such procedure, an international team of surgeons met in Belgrade, Serbia, to transplant a testicle from one twin to the other, restoring testosterone. Just don't let the Royal Mail deliver them. They'll just get lost in Langley. Just like my parcel. CLOnED Twins; obviously? What a nut.

Sir David Attenborough's new Green Planet series will use robots to tell 'emotional stories' about plantsSir David Attenborough's new Green Planet show will use robotics to tell "emotional stories" about plants, he has revealed. Shame he supports the United Nation Agenda 2030. Which will result in millions of humans demise - but that doesnt seem to bother him. So keep pushing the fake climate hoax cus u got your ticket in the 'elite'. Telegraph has read Agenda 2030 right? Signed up to by 170 countries.

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