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Jeremy Corbyn reads out mean tweets about himself - with hilarious results

Jeremy Corbyn reads out mean tweets about himself - with hilarious results

12/10/2019 11:59:00 PM

Jeremy Corbyn reads out mean tweets about himself - with hilarious results

Jeremy Corbyn said he found reading out mean tweets about himself 'surprisingly fun' - insults included a jibe about his 'commie hat' and someone who claimed never to have heard of the Labour leader

The Labour leader shared the video in which he pores through the insults posted on his official accounts.As a jaunty Christmas jingle plays, the opposition leader reads the first mean tweet, in the clip format popularised by US late-night chat host Jimmy Kimmel.

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It says: "I'll bet Jeremy Corbyn will be glad when the election is over so he can go back to wearing his commie hat.""What is a commie hat," he exclaims, to titters off-camera. "I wear a cap! It's a bit like when I was told I was riding a Maoist bicycle. It's a bicycle."

The second tweet took aim at Labour's election promise to give Brits free full-fibre internet with a nationalised broadband service."The tweet said: "Every household doesn't need the fastest broadband you absolute moby."Read More General election 2019 "What's a moby?" asks Corbyn, before the video cuts to blackout in a mock data failure.

"No more buffering with Labour's fast free broadband," reads the on-screen message."Oh god this is bad," Mr Corbyn says, before reading the next message.It reads: "Anyone else started to find Jeremy Corbyn really sexy?"

The next tweet reads: "University education free to anyone? I'm almost tempted, but on reflection who will pay for this? Jeremy Corbyn still thinks there's a magic money tree."Mr Corbyn makes a dig at the super-rich channelling wealth to offshore tax havens, telling the camera: "Yeah there is. In the Cayman Islands!"

The next tweet reads: "Jeremy Corbyn isn't some kind of kindly magic Grandpa. Quite the opposite in fact."And the final missive cuts straight to the core: "Can someone tell me who Jeremy Corbyn is?""The next Prime Minister," he says, high-fiving someone off-camera.

The Labour leader's video posted on his official Instagram page is the latest shot fired in the election battle as the parties tack their campaign messages to a pop-culture theme with days to crunch-time.Read More General election 2019 The Tories were roundly mocked for their Love Actually rip-off yesterday.

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson is said to have copied Labour candidate Dr Rosena Allin-Khan's video inspired by the 2003 Christmas rom-com which she released last month.The clips see them emulate the classic 'cards' scene which starred Keira Knightley and Andrew Lincoln.

Reactions to the Labour leader's clip ranged from adoring of "Jezza", to detractors who urged Mr Corbyn's followers to "vote Boris". Read more: Daily Mirror »

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Jeremy Corbyn reads mean tweets about himself in hilarious campaign video Jeremy Corbyn 's campaign has had its ups and downs but the video released last night was definitely a high. And not just for viewers. It seems the Labour leader had a great time responding to tweets Oh yes I'm not a blind Corbynist, I'm just left-wing. This is brilliant! 😂 I'm a Conservative myself...must admit I do absolutely love Jezza.

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