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Those anxious to become PM should wait for 3 more months, says Hamzah

Parliament will reconvene after September or October and you can do whatever you want, the Bersatu secretary-general tells MPs.

11/6/2021 10:05:00 AM

Parliament will reconvene after September or October and you can do whatever you want, the Bersatu sec-gen tells MPs. FMTNews HamzahZainudin HybridParliament

Parliament will reconvene after September or October and you can do whatever you want, the Bersatu secretary-general tells MPs.

Hamzah Zainudin says MPs eyeing the prime minister’s post should be patient. (Bernama pic)PETALING JAYA: Home minister Hamzah Zainudin has told MPs who were “anxious to become the prime minister” to wait for another three months for Parliament to reconvene as he downplayed calls for a hybrid sitting.

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The MPs should be patient as the national Covid-19 vaccination exercise is ongoing, Sinar Harian reported him as saying.Hamzah said the government would have achieved its vaccination target for the people by September or October.“Then we will reconvene. And you can do what you want in Parliament. You tell those who cannot wait to be the prime minister to be patient for another three months,” the Malay daily quoted him as saying.

Last week, the government agreed in principle for Parliament sittings to be done in a hybrid manner, with MPs present both physically and virtually.Hamzah, who is the Bersatu secretary-general, also questioned those pushing for a hybrid Parliament.He said there was a need to first discuss the Standing Orders of a hybrid Parliament.

“How long will that take? Two weeks? That is not enough.”The Larut MP also told the opposition to hold back on their attacks on the government until herd immunity was achieved.“Why do you want to attack the government now?” he asked. Read more: Free Malaysia Today »

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Dia ni sampah Powerful man Good riddance. You can leave as of now! Still preserving your back door Your time is up HamzahZainudin Next pru sah2 kalah dia ni. Kalau menang mmg xtau la pengundi dia ni ada masalah apa. Ohhh my dear … you can do whatever you want..? Muhyiddin👍👍 Go shaft up yr views where the sun dont shine..who the hell are u to comment...pintu belakang.. KerajaaanGagal

Bila nk letak jawatan? Ckp2 lah menyusahkan rakyat.. Sapa lah yg undi dia ni dulu Those anxious nak kekal menteri, lompat parti. Macam orang tuuuuuu...

Hamzah pooh-poohs hybrid Parliament, tells 'wannabe PM' wait 3 monthsMPs can 'box' in Parliament after herd immunity achieved, Home Minister says. Not sure why generic herd immunity is needed for Parliament to open when I'm sure 80% MPs are vaccinated? Or so they say. Or are they not? And that's what you're saying? All MP already vaccinated, why must wait herd immunity to restore parliament? This make no sense Another instance where Covid failed ...

Wow such arrogance More time to steal rakyat's money? Sure Yeayyy... another 3 months to think of new idea how to become dictator and leaders without demo-krusi Phuikk tuh..sembang gampang jer laa bangsat dhzhamzah ni..3 bulan lg laa korang menjahanamkn negara mengabiskn duit rakyat.. This guy makes me want to spit nails

This is NOT a masak2 game. You want to be in power then u hv to ensure u r competent. Why u chose to be a betrayer? One word for PN - FAILURE. Let's see. Say what you want for now. Kenyataan yang cukup yakin dari wakil Perdana Menteri KerajaanGagal yang tidak cukup majoriti. Can't wait to get u fired!!

kamarulbahrin We Malaysians are tired with you lot la. Letih la, and menyampah dah sampah sampah masyarakat dalam parlimen la 😡

‘We need to correct the situation’ - Hamzah says migrant raids to continueMeanwhile, the Home Minister also ‘warns’ UNHCR to not issue cards to too many refugees. Question is, why now? KerajaanGagal Detention camp is a time bomb for positive covid19 case. What do you do to prevent this ? Agree. Must go on. Best way to contain Covid19 among illegal immigrant.

kamarulbahrin F. What are you rushing it for? Can't wait for anwaribrahim to form next government with umnoonline's court cluster? I gave credit to PN govt. They have to face the battle of the pandemic and at the same time a 'pack' of hungry 1-2-b PM people. Any guarantee they will be better...? When PH came to power, a young minister said if we are no gd, vote us out in next GE. They failed to even make it.

OMG! This person has no shame and a skin thicker than Tajuddin to tell us to do whatever we want and have the audacity to put a date on reconvening Parliament in September? OMG!! 3 more months of sufferings. Kalau YDPA dah titah suruh buka. Buka aje lah. Nak junjung sangat kuasa tu sampai bila? Sampai kiamat?

Msia by then would experience the full brunt of the Administrations irreversible damages.. Is he the Agong? Derhaka ke? Not if the royalties have their way. The pressure on the royalties now are so great, I don't think they'll be idling by. Frog..

MMA says states should follow Selangor’s lead, procure vaccines | The Malaysian InsightDr Subramaniam Muniandy says states should act now, not wait for a surge in cases. PN gov fail.

Surely there is a better way to say it Mr Home Minister 😏 menyalak lagi… Not misquoted right... If no then this is a show of arrogance.... Can i ….. And you will do whatever you can to close it right? It is not for you to comment but in the hands of the King; just keep to what you are suppose to do inside your own party

YB, you need to take a step back & relook at the people's grievances. They are complaining because so many things are happening out there affecting them negatively or badly. They just want the government with the huge size of cabinet ministers to act diligently & swiftly. Tiberrr.. bukan sebelum cakap kena tunggu herd immunity. Moron!

doakan agar kita dpt pemimpin yg bijak melaksana tadbirurus negara kearah terbaik dan terpelihara September or November too late, the rakyat want all of u out like yesterday!!

Malaysia under ‘dictator’ Dr Mahathir a mistake, says Ramasamy | The Malaysian InsightDAP leader says former PM ‘shamelessly’ proposed he run National Operations Council to king. agreed Ramasamy is pengganas LTTE Vote for you also a mistake!

Is it warnings to MP’s or YDPA Not your father's parliament....OK? What's the emergency for again Hello... It's for nothing. In any, it has created more public anger against PN and specifically Bersatu. Hang PM ke..mana Mahaideen? Need a few more months to steal our money to prepare for GE? Your expecting to be in the government till September, Hamzah?

The most important is no world renowned kleptocrat and corruption kings return. Pergi jauh jauh la Kicking u out will save more lives After x date ! Reminiscent of TDM saying *after* 2 years he would hand over. But after after tak jadi.

Agong’s right to summon any political leader, says Dr Mahathir | The Malaysian InsightPerhaps Sultan Abdullah wants to know their position and views, former PM says. 'summon'

He is the pm? It’s too late. Now we want u to exit Who says If YDPA says can open, so what you can do? duhhhhhh By then you & ur goons would have killed half the population la. BABI, pengecut takde telur..! Haih makin gelabah ni, bnyk cadangan2 tanda nk jatuh.. Budak kita boleh cover, Hulu balang y ada dlm istana tu babi betul, dah kne rasuah agaknya sampai semua y berlaku dlm istana di report pd PN.. Ada sorg bekas askar tu geng balaci atok n khairudin

Important No Anwaribrahim Pakatanharapan Are u telling Hisss and Asss Dah Panic too! 🤣

Hamzah: Time needed to discuss hybrid Parliament’s standing order firstPETALING JAYA: The concept of a hybrid Parliament will take some time to be figured out before it can be implemented, says Datuk Seri Hamzah Zainudin. Qasim ditunjukkan dalam mimpinya pada tahun 2015 bahawa umat Islam akan sangat teruji dan akhirnya akan saling berperang jika mereka tidak mempercayai mimpi tersebut. Banyak mimpi Qasim tentang Pakistan & Timur Tengah kini menjadi kenyataan. Layari laman All resources can b saved by lifting Emergency & convene Parliament, even if there is some risk it will form a cluster.

Don't really understand your statement on u can do whatever u want' and 'those who anxious to be PM'. There is no reason to halt parliament in the first place, there are so many ways to running it, but u chose to shut it and safe everyone's asses. Who da 1 anxious to be PM tu? Why wait? MuhyiddinYassin tertiber akan jadi cendekiawan dalam masa 3 bulan ni? 🤣