Singapore, Death Row

Singapore, Death Row

Clemency process for Malaysian on death row in Singapore ‘unlawful’, says lawyers’ group | The Malaysian Insight

Clemency process for Malaysian on death row in Singapore ‘unlawful’, says lawyers’ group


Clemency process for Malaysian on death row in Singapore ‘unlawful’, says lawyers’ group

Pannir Selvam Pranthaman was served clemency rejection letter, notice of execution on same day, says N. Surendran.

Lawyers for Liberty adviser N. Surendran says Singapore did not undertake the clemency process for Malaysian Pannir Selvam Pranthaman honestly or lawfully. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, May 18, 2019.

Lawyers for Liberty (LFL) said in a statement today that a letter rejecting Pannir’s request for clemency had been dated on the same day as his notice of execution, suggesting executive interference in the clemency process.

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G25: Support for IPCMC will boost confidence of Malaysians in policePETALING JAYA: The police force's agreement to independent oversight will contribute significantly to the restoration of confidence among Malaysians in the law enforcement agency, says the Group of 25 Eminent Malays (G25). is this run by Canadians or Singaporeans or Aliens ? if not, then it has a good chance of being as useless as MACC. The problem isn't the lack of agencies and oversight. the problem is the people who pretend to enforce them. Invest in Education and Freedom of Speech.

Lawyers’ group condemns Putrajaya over Thai activist’s deportation | The Malaysian InsightIt's a violation of Malaysia’s obligations under international law, says Lawyers for Liberty.

Malaysian Bar calls for fairer process after Penangite cleared of maid’s murder | The Malaysian InsightIt proposes to have a committee for representation procedures, comprising senior AGC officials.

Pakatan reneged on zoning promises in KL City Plan, says lawyer | The Malaysian InsightZoning of health institute office in Bangsar changed to mixed development without public consultation, says Fernandez.

Singapore’s MAS says it made timely, relevant and adequate disclosures on 1MDB | The Malaysian InsightMonetary Authority of Singapore says it always kept public updated via media statements.

Renting viable option for B40 group, says Khazanah | The Malaysian InsightThe lowest-income group now faces declining affordability to own houses.

Tests to ascertain Adib’s death not done blindly, says forensic expert | The Malaysian InsightDr Ahmad Hafizam Hasmi maintains that experiments showed Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim’s injuries were from falling on a curb.

Norway fund's exit from Malaysian bonds not a problem, says BNM | The Malaysian InsightCountry has big pool of local institutional investors, says governor Shamsiah.

Negative reports on Malaysian economy taken as challenge, says Leiking | The Malaysian InsightInternational trade minister says despite such reports, many investors continue to come to the country. Malaysia suffers from trust deficit, not only from its own populatiin but also by the international community. Having a non-accountant finance minister with questionable knowledge in economics does not help at all. He introduced many conflicting economic policies.

Manila recalls envoys from Canada in deepening rubbish row | The Malaysian InsightDeadline for Ottawa to take back 100 containers of waste lapsed yesterday.

Malaysia seeks British help in EU palm oil row | The Malaysian InsightPrimary industries minister reminds London that 35,000 British jobs and £150 million in exports at stake, reports The Telegraph.

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