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Why do American police have such powerful weapons for breaking up protests?

Why do American police have such powerful weapons for breaking up protests?

2/06/2020 3:42:00 AM

Why do American police have such powerful weapons for breaking up protests?

As Americans protest, police departments outfitted like military units have been deployed on the streets to disperse demonstrators. Here's how US police became so heavily armed.

LoadingThere is a deep and growing discontentment over police enforcement measures in the US.But while efforts have been made in recent years to introduce more oversight of some law enforcement agencies, many feel that not enough has been done.Military weapons are given to some police

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Experts say one of the major issues in American police enforcement is the type of weapons some officers carry.The US Department of Defence gives 'surplus' military equipment to certain civilian police forces.Thousands of local law enforcement agencies were given surplus military gear, which is now being used to contain the protests.

(Reuters: Patrick T. Fallon)Between 1997 and 2014, more than 8,000 local law enforcement agencies were given about $US5 billion in excess military equipment."Police departments are generally funded by local government. As with all areas of local government, over the last few decades, they've suffered really debilitating cuts," said David Smith from the United States Studies Centre (USSC).

"Offloaded military equipment is one of their main sources of equipment. Related is just the sheer availability of that equipment after the Iraq and Afghanistan wars."LoadingFor police forces with limited funds, the excess gear helps keep them stocked up in items like sandbags, torches, sleeping bags and medical supplies.

But agencies also get items including assault rifles, night-vision goggles, armoured vehicles, bayonets and grenade launchers, according to US criminal justice reform expert Jeremiah Mostelle.He says that some police officers have become more aggressive as their weapons have become more powerful.

"The increased use of military equipment has coincided with an increased use of military tactics, such as SWAT teams and no-knock raids," hewrote for the Charles Koch Institute.But it wasn't until 2014 that the Pentagon's program first received widespread scrutiny, when riots broke out in Ferguson, Missouri.

Police in the state of Missouri were criticised for their response to protests over the death of Michael Brown, who was shot by a police officer in 2014. Read more: ABC News »

Because they're in a battle for survival against Antifa. DefundTheABC WHY IS THE ABC STILL ON AIR PetraAu Didn’t seem to be near any of the criminal looting gangs just abuse and intimidation of protest assemblies Maybe because they aren't at this point? Burning schools, looting stores and attacking others doesn't equal protesting, they are causing a riot, they are committing a crime. You seriously asking this question? Just take a look at the aftermath

peasley_mark Well ... to be fair, any Ning Nong in America has easy access to very high powered guns ... so the police need these in case they have to face the real everyday problems of mass shootings etc ... You're kidding right. Imagine going to work in this current climate to have to face your own countrymen looting and armed to the teeth. Its called self protection and its deplorable

Well.... If you have to ask.... Because they’re dealing with rioters and looters who are killing people. Why don’t you report on the police who have been killed ? The truth would be nice They don't seem to be working then. To deal with violent scum that would loot & murder at the drop of a hat Why does the ABC pour petrol on this issue, especially from an Australian context.

Because they are NOT protestors, they are violent rioters using weapons, setting fire to police & private vehicles, looting, pillaging & setting fire to shops, people think its ok to attack emergency services in any way & expect to be treated with 'kid gloves', nah not on Because they allow civilians to have guns, so this also has armed them psychologically as being tougher and many less fearless and more likely to respond more violently.

This a real question? Harsh words probably ain’t going to cut it🙄 There are subhuman savages on the loose, how did you miss that? They should start using them on tge criminals breaking the law, assaulting people and actually killing one shop owner protecting his store. Wake up to yourself. US weapons manufacturers worked out they could sell twice as much if they convinced police they needed it.

Seriously, because in US fire arms are legal and everyone has guns.. Protests? Any wonder you have zero credibility Exactly! I mean, like, you know... they could just *ask* the rioters... eh hem, I mean... protestors... to stop. Or better yet, join them! Seriously, you are cancer. You mean same weapons as Vic and nsw. Shut up

Why do Australian taxpayers have to fund such a pathetic lobby group? theirABC Because of the ability due to their constitutional right to bear arms of any description AK47s etc Duh 🙄 Who ever is running ths twitter account. Give it to an adult to run you small simple mind is not equipped for such tasks. Go find your colouring book and finish that off.

Really abc are you seriously this stupid? This tells everyone turn off this channel and watch a media outlet that ranks 1 for facts. Not this stupidity Because they brought it at discounted rates under obama. RaceBaiting DefundTheABC They are going up against leftist terrorists. Are you even fucking serious?

possibly because America has a long history of violent protests and riots...🙄 To break up protests... Because of the bad protesters that would rather cause destruction and the looters who take away of the true protest of the death of a black man by a white cop. Been to many international airports where they carry machine guns ?

PetraAu The militarization of police began under George Bush & continued under Obama. This is how a fascist state behaves. America is a Fascist State - the whole world knows. America is now a global joke, a pariah, a failed experiment. When the 'protest' looks like this what the fuck else would you expect them to wear?

Why doesn't the know that this is exactly what most police forces have? Why not ...and their doctors have all the appropriate PPE. 🤦‍♀️ Cos their ppl can buy guns free & easy!!! Why do you ask such stupid questions? Have a look at all the footage ABC, not just the stuff you cherrypick. Why do Australian tax payers keep funding the ?

Pity Americans go to the same expense to equip their medical staff, hospital and other front-line workers with appropriate PPE. What a disgrace this American government is! TrumpMustGo abcnews Australian Police also have them , maybe next time we’re protesting about climate change or human rights abuses some media might show up and take a look.

Perhaps journalists armed with notebooks and pocket protectors could protect the public when the next riot occurs. Nomination for the most ill-informed story of the year. Is the work experience kid in residence by any chance? Because you fuel violence by constant race baiting. One reason for starters - just last night, five police officers were shot.

because they aren't breaking up protests, they are trying to restore law and order from rioters intent on burning, looking and assaulting Why do police have riot gear...? To look good of coarse! DefundABC Because they're gun mad Americans of course Guess the ABC thinks a feather duster would work 🙄 moronic commentary

Cause they are riots 🙄 Trust the ABC to ask a stupid question. Do you see the rioters caressing people Obama. That's riot gear. People are rioting among the protests. Some cops are misusing their position to abuse protesters, sure, but let's not pretend the riots aren't happening. Because extreme left terrorists are violent insane lunatics.

Good, where can i get guns like those, they look fabulous ! They are not protests. They are well-organised violent riots. What a stupid and baiting question. Feel free to go over there and have a chat with the non peaceful protesters, oh and dont take anything to protect yourself, then we will see how long you last. ABC IRRELEVANT

Why does the continue to show only one side of the story when most of their audience has access to other sources of information? Are you deliberately trying to get rid of whatever remaining trust people might have in you? The police brutality we've seen in the US is terrible. But this is an extraordinarily one sided article that ignores that the US has 85 cop deaths per year. In Australia, we average one cop death per year.

Let’s see if our ABC can stir up a local riot eh What are they meant to use? Harsh language? Because they're not protests. They're RIOTS, you idiots. 1) The cartels were outgunning them. It started with dedicated Swat teams and then that led to... 2) Mission creep. Now most police officers dress in tacticool gear and utilise military tactics even when they're not warranted.

Can tell police how they can identify between following persons as they turn up: a/ Peaceful protester b/ Militant rioter for sake of it (Antifas ) c/ looter. As many protests are used as cover by last 2 types, shouldn't cops be prepared/protected? This is dumb, even for you The Japs taught em vigilance.

NSW and Victoria police have the same weapons. Protests? Is that what you call it If protesters were actually following the 1st Amendment of the Constitution, the police would be escorting them and there wouldn't be in riot gear either!! When crazy loons are beating people up, starting fires and looting, thats a RIOT!!

What do you suggest ? Because people of some shades are more violent than people of other shades and it's a country of redneck armed white people The media really needs to ask this question after watch American cities burn? Are you serious? Maybe because many US people are armed, with weapons of various calibre. Glad I could help.

To protect themselves so they don’t get killed at work would be my guess. So, the US police can use brutal force but the Hong Kong police are not allowed to use to stop the rioters. Should I call this double standard? Let's get a line of ABC reporters to shut down violent crowds throwing bricks and molotovs.

What a stupid question ABC. Good question, why is taxpayer $ being wasted on ABC? Having shat in their own bed they figure they need industrial strength cleaners. Why is so incapable of balanced journalism? Not just the cops are well-armed, everyone has guns; did the ABC forget this? Carrying concealed or owning automatic weapons is common. The criminal class is well-armed, no wonder some cops are fearful. African-Americans are over-represented in violent crime, many carry guns.

Australian police have much the same. Did you not see the way Victoria Police attacked people at the blockade of IMARC? 'But agencies also get items including assault rifles, night-vision goggles, armoured vehicles, bayonets and grenade launchers, according to US criminal justice reform expert Jeremiah Mostelle' ABCFactCheck is it possible to fact check the use of bayonets? Seems unlikely.

Is this the silliest question I've ever heard ? Perhaps . If not , it definitely makes the play offs . theirABC FU ABC From what I’ve seen, they need it ! I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a Four Corners episode on I’m sure you know. I guess asking questions you already know is a part of your propaganda & trouble causing agenda! defundtheABC privatisetheABC

I guess they decided 7 days of people expressing themselves through violence, theft , property destruction & fire had to end ,the law & citizens respected. Arresting the killer , curfews , arresting thieves & pleading requests from Mr Floyd’s family & leaders haven’t worked. You answered your own question

If the footage was from Hong Kong you can imagine the news coverage... RMC974 Why do ABC execs continue to bury the Epstein story... 🤔 They don’t like throwing cotton balls at violent thugs and anarchists as it might be case of ‘either you or me’ FFS Hmmm looks like need them twatto journo The dont take a knife to a gun fight

Because there are more guns than people? PetraAu Because they are not a real democracy. Sorry they don't have any wet lettuces handy..... Because these protests are hurting people, damaging property, looting stores & setting fires. These aren’t the outputs of a peaceful protest. Your biased reporting is deplorable. Enough is enough. This lunacy in the USA has to be stopped. Defund the ABC!

Coz they're tyrants. That's why. The ABC is just plain DUMB. I believe our boarders in Aussie should not be just shut because of the Covid.... I think rioters is a better description ABC, your spelling '' terrorist' is a bit off. Think they really should bring in her army, herd up the criminals before more deaths!!

Have you guys at the ABC not seen the footage of rioting and looting What do you expect them to be armed with when their general public is armed to the teeth? A stick? Quote Tweet Time and time again police abuse their powers with no accountability, police surrounds protesters till past curfew not allowing them to leave then arrest them. Beat men and women media and u wonder why the people retaliate

Why do the air force use planes?....Any more dumb questions for this parody account.... Given that americans love weapons like assault weapons, it is no surprised that police officers in america have assault weapons. Police officers can't be outgunned by people who have mentioned weapons. Because Rioters and Looters often use weapons and often out number the Police. Can someone in the ABC have a look at the utter rubbish that you put out. Time to dedund this extremist Left Wing joke.

Why do we have a national broadcaster that takes such a jaundiced minority view of world events? How many injured, maimed or killed LEO's are acceptable to ABC News? MSM is disgusting anti-American fake news. The more u know... 🐸 🌹 They’re Batons you lefty Wally. I wish we did too..🤦‍♀️ Items police have actually been using according to the article: 'batons, pepper spray, stun grenades and tear gas' which is normal. Items 'some agencies' receive but haven't been used: 'assault rifles, night-vision goggles, armoured vehicles, bayonets and grenade launchers'.

They are not breaking up protests. They are breaking up terrorists. Haven't you paid any attention to what is happening? Why does 'our' ABC continually report one side? Have your journalists (i use that term very loosely) not been able to find the multitudes of videos of the rioters and looters destroying everything and behaving like animals?

Next time someone throws a brick at you let me know what you use to avoid it Tell that to the people who've had their property destroyed. The ABC is utter shit. Common sense 101 Because US residents 'have the right' to own automatic weapons. Don't bring a knife to a gun fight. It is about time they start using them as the criminals and looters are using this protest to go crazy!

Why are the ABC being activists for division and disorder? Defund the ABC! And a shortage of face masks for hospitals... Because their entire culture is based around death U can’t break up riots with glitter u galactic morons. Why does the abc have such powerful bias? You saw why. Cause they give a dam shit about people

Why does the American public feel the need to turn a peaceful protest to looting runs? Like Dr Phill says, there are always two sides to a pancake . Because Americans carry guns. NO IDEA ...... Hmm... Let's use logic for just a minute. I know that's a foreign concept for abc 'news' but do try. Maybe it's TO BREAK UP RIOTS? These aren't protests. These are riots implemented by the liberal left commies. Only ignorant people would see any other 'truth'. MAGAFOREVER

1) someone makes money selling the weapons 2) the US government has no morals 3) the US police have no morals Because the public carry guns? Dumb fkn question. Well someone threw a Molotov at 4 cops the other day, so what did you expect? To ask them nicely Someone makes money out it I guess.. Why is Australia following suit in this regard as well.

because Americans are one tough bunch of protesters. The reason is because the gun laws let anyone have a gun of pretty well any type they like in the US🤨gangsters crooks,you name them, so can’t go to a gun fight with a knife can you😧if gun laws were like Australia it might be different, although some police here are racist pigs

Um... derr... let me see... perhaps the mob, riot, bashing, looting, vandalism, police abuse could be a good reason. Does the left think that a Feather Duster is a better strategy? You seen what Victoria Police have? Yes. Surely a stern ‘kindly desist’ would suffice? Especially as the looters, sorry, protesters are so civilised and reasonable.

I think the question should be, why do American citizens want to destroy the very cities that they live in... The civil war has begun. And frontline health workers nothing. Having to make their own PPE. Riots! It's called Riot gear! FakeNewsEnemyOfThePeople It’s not fair, Aussie Police should have the same!!

Army surplus. More proof ABC funding needs to be cut Hmmmm silly question if you knew a little bit about history. America is built on the idea of insurrection and allows its people to protest. Likewise the police need to be equipped to deal with such a protest. Imagine if this was China? Do you think they’d still be out?

colonelhogans That’s what happens in violent police states. White supremacist wannabe dictators like Trump need paramilitary support as they incite violence for their political gain. Otherwise they’re screwed - there are heaps more protestors than police. And you ask why the Australian people question giving you lot of overpaid, lazy socialist , job for life, 16% + super, un-sackable , non-performance managed leeches 1.1 billion per year - dumb arses

The Leftist play; stoke up and insight anarchy, keep it up until a response is required to put down the riots, then point to the policing/government and scream about how heavy handed it was.. anarchy 101 and know to bring down governments, which is their goal.. Hang on whilst I ask myself a stupid question. DopeyIsAsDopeyDoes. TheirABC struggling with relevancy.

Because the US understand their history and the enormous risk that Anarchists pose to anyone’s peace. The ABC are one of many MSM institutions trying to incubate and foster anarchism in the juvenile hope of some sort of revolution.. as evidenced by their reporting on these riots BlueNana6 It’s a sad state of affairs in the US at the moment but violence and deaths make the news. Our pm orchestrated robodebt which appears to be a direct result of 2000 odd people taking their lives due to financial pressure, but as they were poor anyway, business as usual, hey abc?

As the greatest military economy on Earth, they're very much invested in weaponry of all kinds dictatorships look the same all over the world always the same kind of jokers at the top always the same kind of goons oppressing the populace always the same entitled individuals supporting brutality to insure their continued affluence at the expense of oppressed FloydProtests

Why are inner city chardonnay socialist ABC staff so moronic? Did Karen write this? We are heading that way. CatPurry9 Military Industrial Complex. Gotta sell those weapons to someone. A few water cannons everyone would be running so their phones don't get wet Neither side can be trusted right now. People are playing games. Does taking a knee send a message to let the games begin?

Fascist regimes are like that... To the left wing political activists at the ABC, the police having the tools to enforce the law is 'news'. This is the real news and analysis they wouldn't think of showing you: They’re called riots and they are violent Those are batons. Not “powerful weapons.” A Riotors brick / hammer will do as much damage.

What would you like them to use, a Nerf gun? Because the baddies have the same weapons? ummm because they need them? Yeah, because we all know the best way to protect the police from bricks, stones, molotov cocktails and other projectiles is an umbrella Why shouldn’t they try using common sense How do cops tell the difference between a non violent protester, a looter and a violent rioter? Easy- Don’t loot & don’t riot. How do you tell the difference between a burglar entering your house and a murderer? Don’t break in to other people’s houses.

Why does the ABC ask such stupid questions? Because rioters outnumber cops fifty to one. Next (stupid) question. They are trained by the Israeli military, that is why. Because every idiot and his dog is allowed to carry weapons Because America has a second amendment, meaning the population is armed to the teeth. Also I think we've passed the point of this being a 'protest', unless you want to redefine the term to include riot and/or insurrection.

Workplace Health and Safety. If you don't buy the best gear to protect your officers then you get your arse sued if one gets injured. Why are you run by leftist fools on the public purse? Because they are scared of their own people including those with high powered weapons. ABC just keeps getting worse and worse.

What kind of retarded question is that? They have ARs cos everyone else does. Because ANTIFA is the new KKK. Paid for by Soros. The media know it. Therefore you know it. The ABC is Mockingbird Media total disinformation. You are llosing the message should have put Australia first. If nobody watches your news on TV why hang out here.

Military industrial complex Really abc! Financial resources allocated to north american police forces are generally better equipped than police forces in most other parts of the world... What we don't? I think we do. You guys are idiots - what do you want them to do - ask them nicely and then be bashed ? They aren’t mucking around - treat hate with force -

LeisGordon Edited for clarity: 'Why do American police have such powerful weapons?' Would not expect anything less than these sensational headlines from TheirABC Because we just witnessed what Americans are capable of 🙄 Keep going Abc... everyone can still see what you’re trying to do. Because they are terrified of armed insurrection from their gun-toting maniacs?

This is what Dutton wants for this country tho Batons and shields are pretty standard all around the world Because leftists know no law! Because the protesters have destroyed everything and are even guilty of murder? POTUS wants to show China how to handle HongKongProtesters. In the US American citizens get hit with batons, tear gas, and the USArmy usairforce DoDSpaceForce and USMarineCorps. ThisIsAmerica

The same reason Australian police do, intimidation and a big fk you Or better question why is ABC so full of anti American bias? Why German police have such powerful weapons.. How about Italians? Why Greek police have such powerful weapons.. Why UK police have such powerful weapons.. Because powerful people who are about to be exposed organised dangerous people to protest. Luckily, Trump is 10 steps ahead... as usual and prepared for this back in January and the months leading into this. The peaceful protestors were not the ones committing the violence.

Why South Korean police have such powerful weapons.... powerful?Why don’t you compare that with HongKong police? In hk they used toxic tear gas, is the shop owners deserves that? what is protest means for? Bring gov or media’s attention, certainly they did, then shouldn’t break law hurt innocent people. We all deserve a warm home

You do know that Australian police have similar weapons, yes? for the scare factor. My view? America has been at war with itself since the Civil War 1861- 1865 You are the news agency, you tell us! Since when do you ask a leading question in your headline? They are not protests. They are rioters. Failed states often need to militarise the police to keep its elites protected, it’s sure not protect the average citizen

Even worse in France. Absolutely horrofying wounds to protesters by LBD 40 rubber ball riot guns that are banned in other EU countries. To intimidate peaceful protesters so Trump thinks it makes him look strong to his redneck “base” All I see are batons and a personnel carrier *TW* To silence and scare of course, like good fascists often do

Why do you think? PS Stop asking stupid questions. ‘Cause CCP. Because bastardry from Antifa and BLM should be dealt with with more bastardry from law enforcement agencies. Reading what Australians think about what goes on in the United States is comedy. Give journalism away, that's pathetic. Stop playing silly games ABC the question any real journalist would pose is 'why were law enforcement virtually stood down?'

Simply because they have found that lettuce leaves and cucumbers don’t work. Who is the brainiac behind this tweet from the ABC ? Try putting think before you tweet on your computer screen. Why dont they use it is the question I'd rather an M16 if 20000 lunatic Lefties were running at me. You just know that if riots happened in Australia, TheirABC would be all for the rioters & looters. They would be against anything used by police to stop the riots. Simply because they hate Australia & want it to be a socialist haven where they control narratives auspol

It's like you are rooting for the downfall of civilization. Why does the have such big wanker journalist For breaking up riots...not protests but riots Not critical of the Communist Terrorists called Antifa...why ABC, why? Look no further than the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution to answer the question.

because our politicians are failing Why does China you tanks .no comment American cities are burning and this is what our Marxist ABC is wondering about. Because of the left wing anarchists looting and torching the property of innocent people. This is something you can ask Obama about, but besides Obama, other presidents were doing the same. It is fetishism.

Because they aren’t all protestors. Many Antifa individuals have had paramilitary training with Isis. They’re organised and dangerous. Because America is at its heart a violent police state. The white boy militias are kidding themselves that they finally have the upper hand. Republicans crush the left wing extreme groups but Democrats crush the right wing extreme groups. Remember Waco.

It gives them bravado which they otherwise lack. Why do reporters wear flak jackets and Kevlar helmets? But not enough PPE to keep frontline health workers safe from a virus.. I guess the bigger question is why is every single Cop completely kitted out like the fucking Avengers while Doctors and Nurses are reusing masks and can’t adequately protect themselves

Did the ABC ask this question when Obama was president? Or Bush Jr? And why was the media silent when we were protesting that police were getting trained in military style tactics by Israel? Why are AUSTRALIAN police SUPPLIED with the SAME equipment? The ENTIRE GOP should be denied ANY ad-time during this election year, the should reap what they sow for supporting Nazi-Germany-like tactics. The last time I checked, the USA HATES Nazis!

Ask a stupid question. Breaking up RIOTS!! Enough of the left wing bias, ABC, you are fast becoming the CNN of Australia. don’t take a knife to a gun fight. Because of their fascist attitude and worship of guns. Because the police are crupt and hide behind their uniforms, badges and guns Could it be because of the insanely relaxed US gun laws and the possibility of being shot by a multitude of people?

Because they have balls, and wish to actually be effective..... Because it's America ABC wants them to come out with just their dick in their hands? Land of the free home of the grave. What should they be using fluffy pillows and pool noodles? FFS what fuckwits do you have posting this nonsense? Pot ... kettle.

because they are afraid of the revolution. the sheer thought of any threat to their power shakes the frame of their 200 old bodies. because the people have had enough of their games and are sick, tired and angry and they are sitting in their bunkers mobilising the military Using a great deal of fire-power, when it is not called for, will not win you popularity, instead you will be met with fear, disdain, anger and hatred, for the law, for those who represent it, and for those who enforce it.

The fact that you even need to ask shows how irrelevant and Trump deranged the ABC has become. Time you were defunded. TheirABC DefundTheirABC what u mean by why do ? And Australian police don’t? Because... well... Americans. They aren't protesters, they are rioters, looters and terrorists. Between 1997 and 2014, more than 8,000 local law enforcement agencies were given about $US5 billion in excess military equipment Obama gave them weapons n armored personel trucks

it's part of the military–industrial complex.. Because they're dealing with Antifa, BLM & NAACP. Stop funding the WHO. Stop Lying to the Australian People. TheGlobalAwakening This is worth watching. WHO Admit that the Misinformation on social media is true information. NSW n Vic cops have the same M15 semi tasers pepper spray They r armed with lethal weapons Just look at d slightest hostage or bikie raid they use SWAT They r fearful to come alone they come by d dozens

Aren’t they breaking up riots and looting rather than peaceful protests? So you're happy for violent riots to keep happening i bet if that was your business or houses getting set alight you wouldn't be saying that Hypocrites It’s the cult of fear. It’s the same reason otherwise ordinary law abiding citizens feel they need to own military style weapons for “protection”

WH&S The number of unregistered guns owned by people. Even though that’s no excuse for police brutality. Because they have to battle animals It's a good story, but a better story for you to run would be looking at whether Australian police departments have similar equipment. Because it's America Hasn’t the era of American exceptionalism come to a screaming halt!

Because racism Antifa and blacklivesmatters = Why ABC News sounds like CCP’s propaganda these days? So those riots should continue to rub and smash stores? Who is your daddy ABC? CCP? Xi? Because Americans are allowed to wield guns freely (which is fair enough). Police need to be able to combat civilians weapons otherwise they're useless.

When anyone can carry a gun, what do you expect. These people are rioting not protesting Sorry, are we talking about the terrorism currently happening in the US or just 'protests' in general. You need decent weapons to fight terrorism. What should they use, water pistols ? The footage i have seen. The middle east looks safer. America the new Syria.

Because police stations are being overrun, business owners beaten in the street, and there is wide spread looting, arson and rioting. Are you really that stupid? Just wait till they start using the 5G powered Active Denial System (ADS) on the crowds! Its a high frequency radio beam powered by the same technology that 5G mobile phone systems use!! auspol

Because their citizens carry weapons exactly the same as Australian police have, yet they have a bill of rights there to protect their citizens Why is it taking everyone so long to realise that America is No e under a dictatorship? Sell some to Hongkong police please. Because Obama helped to massively militarise them, also, they are a Police State who obey the Oligarchs and definitely do not serve or protect the 99%.

Maybe because some protestors are out with their automatic weapons....? Who knows. Because protests sometimes become riots. Duh. The side effect of the second amendment. Armed citizens attract armed police and it just keeps spiralling. Thing is now if the citizens give up their weapons even in part... the police won't be scaled back the same. Its there permanently now.

Is this really a question... with the amount of weapons in circulation it's pretty obvious police need to be equipped. Why are ANTIFA stockpiling bricks in city centres before protests? They’re called “riots” Why do the left want to disarm citizens? Then use violence and tyranny to protest against them?🤷‍♂️

are you serious? What do you recommend? A lump of 4x2 and a garbage tin lid? Militarization. It needs to end. Good question. To defend, as realDonaldTrump said...

Why Annesley not V'landys deserves credit for ruck revolutionOpinion: The person responsible for dramatically turning rugby league from wrestle-mania to Wild West shootout was not Peter V’landys — it was Graham Annesley We get it SMH, you want to shit on V'Landys all you can. We understand That might be the case. But a good leader listens then acts. theagesport He still made the decision to implement 🤷‍♂️

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'Why our child?': 10,000 couples to be tested for genetic mutationsA landmark preconception carrier-testing trial will screen 10,000 couples for rare conditions to help families make informed decisions about having babies. Kaubo Vaccine damage raring it's ugly head. But if you don't want to know the truth, keep on looking in dark tunnels.

Why did seven women from one area of Melbourne die by suicide within months of each other?Exclusive: A cluster of suspected suicides among Indian women in one area of Melbourne in 2018 and 2019 is concerning authorities, with family violence concerns linked to several of the deaths.

'The world is watching': Australians in LA protest over death of George FloydAustralians joined protests in LA over the death of African American man George Floyd , before violent clashes with police sent the city into lockdown. And ? - Australia is still under lockdown - huge loss of employment- Centrelink exhausted - violation of liberal freedom.

Trump threatens to deploy the US military against protestersThe US military has readied active-duty troops to potentially respond to protests over the death of an African-American man in police custody. Go back in your bunker realDonaldTrump Anyone recall Tiananmen sq? Will this bring the same amount of outrage & condemnation or just silence from Canberra? No, he supports peaceful protesting. He is deploying the military against looters, arsonists and vandals. The ones currently destroying the cities. But don’t let that stand in the way of a good headline.