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5/05/2020 5:32:00 AM

Outdated health log cleared way for Ruby Princess passengers to disembark, inquiry hears

Outdated health log cleared way for Ruby Princess passengers to disembark, inquiry hears

The Ruby Princess cruise ship was deemed a 'low risk' based on an outdated log of ill passengers which meant it narrowly fell under the benchmark for State Government intervention, an inquiry hears.

The Ruby Princess cruise ship was assessed as "low risk" for coronavirus infections based on an outdated log of ill passengers on board, an inquiry has heard.Speaking on television, Mr Pompeo said on Sunday he had no reason to believe that the virus was deliberately spread.Very large text size Summary The global death toll from coronavirus has passed 246,000.Very large text size Summary The global death toll from coronavirus has passed 246,000.

Key points: The Ruby Princess left Australian waters late last month However, the inquiry into the circumstances surrounding its arrival in Sydney has only just begun NSW Police are also conducing a separate criminal investigation into the ship The Carnival vessel became the largest single source of COVID-19 cases in Australia after its 2,700 passengers disembarked at Sydney's Circular Quay on March 19.It has so far been linked to more than 660 cases and 21 deaths."These are not the first times that we've had a world exposed to viruses as a result of failures in a Chinese lab.A special commission of inquiry into the ill-fated voyage today heard under guidelines implemented the same day the ship docked, NSW Health had to be informed if there had been a respiratory outbreak of more than 1 per cent of passengers on board.1 million recoveries, according to the Johns Hopkins University tally.Coronavirus update: Follow all the latest news in our daily wrap Counsel Assisting the Inquiry, Richard Beasley SC, said a NSW Health team assessed the vessel as "low risk" by at least 4." Space to play or pause, M to mute, left and right arrows to seek, up and down arrows for volume.40pm on the day before the ship arrived, but possibly earlier.NSW schools will begin a staggered return to face-to-face learning next week US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said there is"enormous evidence" that COVID-19 emerged from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

The ship's log used to make that assessment recorded 36 of the 3,795 people on board had presented to the medical centre with relevant symptoms — 0.Loading The Secretary of State appeared to be referring to previous outbreaks of respiratory viruses, like SARS, which started in China.Australian intelligence officials have been unable to find evidence to support the controversial theory, and the official position of US intelligence is that the virus began in a wet market 9.94 per cent.As the 1 per cent threshold had not been reached, passengers were allowed to disembark at Circular Quay the next day without any teams from NSW Health boarding to ship to make assessments.Experts say the virus arose naturally in bats and make it clear that they believe it wasn't human-made."[But] by 19 March when the ship docked, the 1 per cent level had been reached, although that data was not before the health assessment panel when their determination was made," Mr Beasley said.Australian intelligence officials have no evidence suggesting the Wuhan Institute of Virology is the likely source of the virus..Beijing has repeatedly pushed back on US accusations that the outbreak was China's fault, pointing to many missteps made by American officials in their own fight against the outbreak.Tasmania has not recorded a coronavirus case for three days, but Mr Gutwein said the state wouldn't mirror how others have lifted restrictions.

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BS, they knew, did tests, didn't wait for results, didn't board the boat. C'mon, do journalism. What have you got say BradHazzard? Its on you bud. Leave it adrift and let them all perish at sea..... Whoever was involved in this cover up must face the music. This is a tragedy. This is BS. If the log was out dated then this should have been picked up by ABF, who should have then sent the RP the correct paperwork for resubmission. The Gov / ABF should have been on high alert for Covid 19 given they knew about the threat the virus posed.

Peter Dutton is not spelt 'outdated health log.' Can the phone calls be released so we can judge how hard it was to follow the conversations? Sounds a bit 'move along, nothing to see here' to me. auspol THIS IS STARTING TO LOOK LIKE A COVER-UP! Playing the numbers game got to love barristers ... it would have been more than 1% of passengers but he decides to quote total ship including crew ! On a boat that had confirmed cases a week before. NSW Health its on you and Dept of Ag

That’s not good enough, why did Border Security let the ship in when thepmo said not too PeterDutton_MP? outdated records were supplied to NSW Health before ship docked NSW is complicit to make cruise ships docking as fast as possible to make the berth available for next cruise The squeeze led to d haste n neglect

China hid coronavirus severity to hoard supplies, says US intelligence report - ABC NewsBeijing 'intentionally concealed the severity' of the coronavirus pandemic from the world in early January, according to the US Department of Homeland Security. Why dont you do your job instead of listening to propaganda, investigate this.. Wow, they're aware they fucked up but damned if they're gonna admit it. Says US Intelligence means it is a lie again.

Coronavirus updates LIVE: Australians download COVIDSafe app more than 4.5 million times, global COVID-19 cases climb past 3.5 million as nation's death toll stands at 96Carriageworks, the Eveleigh-based contemporary arts performance space, has become Sydney's first major arts company to call in administrators as the coronavirus pandemic wreaks havoc across the industry Generally people have very little idea on the damage being done in the arts&entertainment industry. It’s a bit of a slaughterhouse and the JobKeeper help normally doesn’t apply. Unfortunately Many industry businesses won’t survival Damn, great venue, feck!!!

Coronavirus updates LIVE: Jacinda Ardern to join national cabinet over travel proposals, global COVID-19 cases surpass 3.5 million as Australia's death toll stands at 95For the first time since the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, New Zealand has recorded no new daily cases of the virus. Follow the latest coverage on COVID-19 for free, here in our live blog They win! Now what? How do they open their borders back up? So they should, Hello world I love the UN Freedom only comes through big government structures

Coronavirus updates LIVE: 22 new cases in Victoria, 19 linked to Cedar Meats cluster; PM will not back down on schoolsCedar Meats in Melbourne's west has been confirmed as the meatworks plant at the centre of the latest COVID_19 outbreak. 'All workers are self-quarantining and we are working closely with Victorian health authorities,' says the facility's general manager. Is that a halal place? Bullshit What are the Unions saying...shut down all meat processing facilities?

Coronavirus updates LIVE: 22 new cases in Victoria, 19 linked to Cedar Meats cluster; PM will not back down on schoolsPartygoers are among 44 people who were fined on Sunday for breaching lockdown restrictions. Among them were five people drinking and partying and another five in a car who admitted they were returning from a friend’s place. And people wonder why we have to have rules Sic Vic What about all the people at the shopping centres ?

Coronavirus updates LIVE: 22 new cases in Victoria, 19 linked to Cedar Meats cluster; PM will not back down on schoolsVictorian Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton says the plan in national cabinet is to flatten the curve, 'but elimination is still in scope, and if we happen to have a happy accident of elimination then we are able to have that as an ongoing strategy'. Here’s hoping for elimination. Even Victoria can eliminate it,how about the rest of Australia,the rest of world? What do these doctors of political science actually define as 'flat'? It looks pretty flat. If that is not flat, what is flat?