China hid coronavirus severity to hoard supplies, says US intelligence report - ABC News

4/05/2020 4:31:00 PM

US intelligence report accuses China of hiding coronavirus severity to hoard supplies

US intelligence report accuses China of hiding coronavirus severity to hoard supplies

Beijing 'intentionally concealed the severity' of the coronavirus pandemic from the world in early January, according to the US Department of Homeland Security.

Speaking on television, Mr Pompeo said on Sunday he had no reason to believe that the virus was deliberately spread.Legal action lodged by the United States Women's National Team (USWNT) over gender pay discrepancy has been thrown out by a federal judge, a blow which has surprised the defending World Cup football champions.Shift from China supply chain 'inevitable' for Australia 03/05/2020 | 1min The government says a shift away from Chinese manufacturing is inevitable as Australia begins to recover from the coronavirus pandemic.China ‘certainly has biological warfare programs’ 03/05/2020 | 7min The Chinese Communist Party is trying to turn the consequences of COVID-19 into a “weaponised strategy for itself” according to Executive Director of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute Peter Jennings.

But he added: "Remember, China has a history of infecting the world, and they have a history of running substandard laboratories."These are not the first times that we've had a world exposed to viruses as a result of failures in a Chinese lab.The claim that the women's team did not receive equal treatment in travel and medical support were upheld and will go to trial The women's team intends to appeal the decision on equal pay Players led by captain Alex Morgan sued in March 2019 , claiming they had not been paid equally under their collective bargaining agreement (CBA) to what the men's national team received under its deal."And so, while the intelligence community continues to do its work, they should continue to do that, and verify so that we are certain, I can tell you that there is a significant amount of evidence that this came from that laboratory in Wuhan.Favourite." Space to play or pause, M to mute, left and right arrows to seek, up and down arrows for volume.US District Judge R Gary Klausner granted in part a motion for partial summary judgment by the US Soccer Federation.Watch Duration: 1 minute 34 seconds 1 34 s The cartoon took a swipe at the US's criticism of China's lockdown measures, variants of which have now been used globally.Image: AP Favourite.

Loading The Secretary of State appeared to be referring to previous outbreaks of respiratory viruses, like SARS, which started in China."The history of negotiations between the parties demonstrates that the WNT rejected an offer to be paid under the same pay-to-play structure as the MNT, and the WNT was willing to forgo higher bonuses for benefits, such as greater base compensation and the guarantee of a higher number of contracted players," Judge Klausner wrote.His remark may be seen as offensive in China.Experts say the virus arose naturally in bats and make it clear that they believe it wasn't human-made." Molly Levinson, spokeswoman for the women's players, said the players were "shocked and disappointed" with the ruling.Many virologists say the chance that the outbreak was caused by a lab accident is very low, though scientists are still working to determine a point at which it may have jumped from animals to humans.Beijing has repeatedly pushed back on US accusations that the outbreak was China's fault, pointing to many missteps made by American officials in their own fight against the outbreak.Loading While the USWNT are the most successful women's international football team, with four World Cup titles under their belt including the past two, the US men did not even qualify for the 2018 World Cup.

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LOOKS LIKE MORE TRUMPED UP BULLSHIT! US intelligence 🤣 The USA is barely in the worst 10 hit nations for death per 1mil but by far has the biggest pop out of the lot. Imagine to be so stupid to blame trump but not the leaders of Belgium, Spain, Sweden etc with 2x/3x death rate Too much ABC & CNN Hint:This is why u fail at life

The US intelligence is highlighting a minor issue when the major one is that the ChineseVirus was release as an act of ChineseBioterrorism to attack an elected President of the USA. YES this is true! Chinese agents were clearing store supplies before the world was aware of the Wuhan virus. This is what I witnessed!

Plausible deniability is a term coined by the CIA. Beyond that, there are the straight out lies. There are two China, one is real China, one is created by western politics and media! Here we go again, sucking the nutter in......more accusations like weapons of mass destruction theories........Face it.......America were asleep at the wheel.

America is a laughingstock FFS! Wise person will ask, where is the evidence?

Football World Cup-winning US women's team loses court bid for equal pay - ABC NewsThe reigning champions of the Women's World Cup have the equal pay elements of their multiple-claims lawsuit against the United States Soccer Federation tossed out by a federal judge. Good! Men’s sport and women’s are not equivalent. Hence the 💰 difference. If women wish to earn men’s 💰 they can try to compete in the men’s competitions. 😂 Equal pay!

US. Intelligence. 😑 We know that's true as Chinese in aus packed off supplies of PPE to China . This is not a revelation. It came from Don T so it's most likely false given the evidence to date. piffle The same ones that told us about WMD's in Iraq? 😂😴 US intelligence reckon people injecting disinfectant...

‘says US intelligence report’....blamegame Medical supplies is responsibility of each individual nations. USA is a developed nation and have capability to manufacture its own medical equipments and supplies. China is not responsible for Trump's incompetence If a crying kid got mud on his/her's hand and everyone else in the play ground got mud all over them. Who's fault? Propaganda is going to score any browny points. By the way somebody need to erase the 9 dash line in SEAsia seas.

Shift from China supply chain 'inevitable' for Australia | Sky News AustraliaThe government says a shift away from Chinese manufacturing is inevitable as Australia begins to recover from the coronavirus pandemic.\n\nIndustry Minister Karen Andrews said the COVID-19 crisis has given Australia the chance to boost its manufacturing sector which will increase sovereign capabilities and help the economy recover.\n\nAustralia could soon begin making high tech devices, medical supplies, pharmaceuticals and food products as the nation begins to shift away from Chinese supply chains.\n This may be a big boost for India. ChinaLiedAndPeopleDied Awesome

Israel and other countries that were alert enough to understand what was going also did the same thing. Australian media only trust and follow USA 👍🐶 You mean Iraq had massive weapon not laundry powder? Funny.. not severe enough to build hospital? Jan. 24, 2020 9:53 am ET 'China Virus Overwhelms Wuhan’s Health System, as City Rushes to Build New Hospital'

But US states are literally buying ventilators and PPE from China... speaks volumes of current US intelligence What accuses? They’re pretty damn guilty! The tweeted headline is bullshit. The article clearly states there’s no evidence for the idea China delayed warning world so they could stock up PPE Dec 31 first warning Trump refused to act until March. China did buy up PPE While Trump and Morrison were asleep

Locked down a whole city then asked help, how to hide such news? At least this journalist got notified and left before lockdown. US Intelligence 🙄 Covid19 virus designed in USA and made in China, wuhan. So now interrogate the Chinese which will lead to the American psychopaths...Fauci, Billy & gang Charge them with crimes against humanity. Finish!

China ‘certainly has biological warfare programs’ | Sky News AustraliaThe Chinese Communist Party is trying to turn the consequences of COVID-19 into a “weaponised strategy for itself” according to Executive Director of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute Peter Jennings.\n\nMr Jennings said although COVID-19 may not have been deliberately released, China “most certainly does have biological warfare programs”.\n\nThrough the spread of the virus, China is trying to “gain advantage against other countries,” while also trying to “distract its population”.\n\nHe told Sky News host Sharri Markson, once Beijing became aware of the existence and the severity of the virus, it was “making calculated steps to work out how it could emerge from this crisis more successful” than other nations.\n\n“There has been lies and duplicity aplenty from the Communist Party”.\n\nImage: AP Notice the coordinated attack against China today and yesterday led by Murdoch media worldwide. Asian Murder Hornets kind of gave the game away. HHepplewhite Read this it's says just what I thought in the first place. We have got to stop these communist countries and there bio chemical weapons. What happened to conversation and debate. And how come Australia gets to know what's happening and no other country ? Good on you Aussies. HHepplewhite CCPlan Phase 1 build up your economy using virtual slave labour, enabling companies to be global competitors Phase 2 Destabilise competitor's economies by any means necessary Phase 3 Take advantage of global economic chaos to achieve global domination in key markets Phase 4....

sounds pretty accurate It's more likely the virus was released in China, as a hostile act. They initially over-reacted medically and tried a cover-up. Once the relatively benign nature of Covid became clear, they pulled back from extreme lockdowns etc Sadly, panic is more contagious than the virus. TRUMP is the worst type of leader for this Crisis. A man with a callous disregard for human life, who thinks he's smarter than the experts. Pointing the finger at China is all he can do, while he lets Americans die in 100,000's

lie again and again “US Intelligence” 😂😂😂😂 Good one! In other news, America repeats its claim that Saddam is still hiding Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. US intellegence reports the same thing again and again. Aren't they sick and tired? So what's next? Actions? Wow. The selfishness, audacity and sheer barstadry of China knows no bounds. Every country in the world should rescind any ownership of China bought property in their country as reprarations for this genocidal behaviour. ChinaLiedAndPeopleDied WuhanVirus Chinareparations

Why dont you do your job instead of listening to propaganda, investigate this.. Wow, they're aware they fucked up but damned if they're gonna admit it.

If China has 'nothing to hide' it would welcome independent investigation | Sky News AustraliaIf China has nothing to hide it, it would welcome an independent inquiry into the origins of the COVID-19 crisis, according to ANU professor Mark Kenny.\n\nRelations between Australia and China have soured since the Coalition suggested the world launches an independent, global investigation into the origins of the virus.\n\nThe US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has backed Australia's call for an international inquiry and accused China of lax biosecurity standards.\n\n'There is a significant amount of evidence that this came from that laboratory in Wuhan,' Mr Pompeo told American television network ABC.\n\nChina has disputed this and indicated the disease may have originated from a live animal wet market in the Chinese city of Wuhan.\n\nProfessor Kenny told Sky News it would be in China's interest 'for the truth to come out.'\n\n\n\n\n\n markgkenny markgkenny Lots of skeletons in lots of closets would be my guess, as to why they don’t want an independent enquire. markgkenny It doesn’t need to be independent. China is a member of the UN security council and it would be obliged to answer questions if they investigated. This is a biological weapon and they should have restricted flights. imho they will need to answer questions.

Says US Intelligence means it is a lie again.

The world needs 'cool heads, not a cold war' with China | Sky News AustraliaAs China is Australia’s largest trading partner and a close ally, the government should “take a moment of pause before poking the panda” according to Assistant Editor of the West Australian Jenna Clarke.\n\nWestern Australia in 2019 exported $95 billion worth of goods to China, while the country’s resources sector is heavily reliant upon the Chinese market.\n\nHowever, in recent weeks economic and diplomatic tensions between the two nations has reached fever-pitch after Australia called for an international investigation into the origins of the coronavirus, and China’s ambassador responded by threatening a consumer boycott of Australian exports.\n\n“When China sneezes, the world catches a cold”.\n\n“As we mop up this health emergency, we need cool heads not a cold war,” she said.\n\nMs Clarke said the health crisis has forced Australia to consider “widening our economic basket instead of putting most of our eggs into China”.\n\n“We should take a lead out of the mining and resources book in order to pursue new ideas and new markets like India and Indonesia”.\n\nImage: AP jennamclarke China is NOT & NEVER will be Australia's ally. jennamclarke Australia’s sovereignty is far more important than Chinese money. jennamclarke ‘Close ally’?

Tensions 'certainly set to rise' between United States and China | Sky News AustraliaUS Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s recent verbal attack upon the Communist Party of China will “certainly increase the tension” between Beijing and Washington says Liberal MP Andrew Hastie. \n\nUS Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has offered up a scathing assessment of China and its questionable practices in the field of medical research, stating the Communist superpower had a history of 'infecting the world' and 'running sub-standard laboratories'.\n\nMr Pompeo claimed there was a 'significant amount of evidence' COVID-19 originated from a Chinese lab and has backed Australia’s call for an independent investigation into the origins of the disease in the country. \n\nMr Hastie said the comments by Mr Pompeo were “very interesting” and do “really validate” Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s calls for an investigation into communist China on the issue. \n\nHe told Sky News host Chris Kenny “we can’t rule anything in, and we can’t rule anything out” as to the origins of the disease. \n\n“That’s why we’ve got to have this independent inquiry”. \n\nMr Hastie also said the World Health Organisation “has not done a great job” and believed it needed some “fresh leadership” and “fresh eyes” to launch the investigation. \n\nImage: AP SecPompeo COVID19 GMB ThisMorning UN WHO NHS (1) I'm sick of hearing about how American actions will cause tension, while media continues to ignore the repeated abuses of the CCP. This is absolutely disgusting behaviour by a Western media who clearly wants to support an SecPompeo It needs to be done.. Qanon Qsentus SecPompeo Not just the United States......Every country is very pissed with China and quite rightly so...😡😡🇦🇺