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Jo Greathead, Kristy Robertshaw

Embracing the jungle within — homemakers go crazy for indoor plants

Homemakers go crazy for indoor plants in social media-driven trend.


Embracing the jungle within — homemakers go crazy for indoor plants

Homemakers go crazy for indoor plants in social media -driven trend.

Along with the return to indoor plants she has seen homeowners embrace natural fibres, showcasing their plants in macrame hangers, kokedamas (moss balls tied with string) or woven baskets.

Others are setting up their own plant nurseries and propagating plants for sale.

Her passion for plants began about two years ago and she has since filled her home with greenery including Monsteras, a climbing ivy above her fish tank, large palms and fiddle leaf figs and hardy Zanzibars.

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Huge potential for mold issues, but this is probably more popular with extinction rebellion types so....carry on.

The rise of plant-based meat could mean your next burger is less lamb and more legume"There&x27;s going to be another meat industry, it&x27;s going to be worth a trillion dollars within the next 30 years, and it&x27;s not going to be animal meat." Laughable ... i doubt that verymuch I love meat very much however at Grill'd l now order the plant based burger...........🍔

Labor should embrace hope over handouts: Marles - 2600 | Sky News AustraliaDeputy Labor Leader Richard Marles has declared the party lost the vote of working Australians at the May election, because Bill Shorten was offering 'handouts rather than hope'. RichardMarlesMP billshortenmp Shortens biggest critic was the camera that’s why tony Burke should be labor leader because he smashes that camera into thousands of pieces no one can defeat Burke at an election auspol RichardMarlesMP billshortenmp RichardMarlesMP ... nice commentary. Im now following RichardMarlesMP billshortenmp Cancer treatment, dental care for the elderly, a energy policy, solar panels for schools. Fuck that. I want my franking credit which isn't a handout BTW!!

Uganda plans bill imposing death penalty for gay sexThe bill - colloquially known as 'Kill the Gays' in Uganda - was nullified five years ago on a technicality but the government said it planned to resurrect it within weeks. Horrendous Religious freedom bill if you let it run its course Why are you reporting this? It has nothing to do with Australia.

People are ‘within their rights’ to drive to work | Sky News AustraliaVictoria’s opposition planning spokesman Tim Smith has said “the city has to provide for all road users” after the City of Melbourne released its Transport Strategy 2030.\n\nThe strategy includes a plan to prioritise pedestrians, cyclists and public transport users in a bid to take 50,000 cars off CBD roads each day.\n\n “People are fully within their rights to choose how they get to work in the morning and most want to drive,” he said.\n With this idiocy CBD’s will become gridlocked. A quick trip to LA would reveal the fallacy of this thinking. This is discrimination against people with disability who depend on cars/drivers because they can not use Public transport OR walk Prioritize 'pedestrians, cyclists and public transport users?' This is discrimination against people with disability who depend on cars because they can not use Public transport OR Walk! The Labor/Greens/Andrews Thugs+City of Melbourne are in for a LEGAL DISCRIMINATION Awakening

Climate of angst laid bare within battered and bruised post-election LaborAs protesters take to the streets around the world over climate change, Labor remains divided on how it can win power by advocating stronger action | rharris334 rharris334 Quite a headline - no commitment to act on climate change only as to how to use climate change to get power. Lacking sincerity wouldn't you say? rharris334 what an Absolutely Useless Opposition , voted for them 1 st ever the last election , never again . abstain i think , Id shoot myself before Voting for the Massively Dodgy Australia destroying LNP LNP SenatorWong AlboMP

'A world of transition': Footy diplomacy as Australia, Fiji gear up to deploy troops to Middle EastTroops will be jointly deployed on a UN peacekeeping mission in the Middle East within weeks, marking the growing closeness of the two countries' military ties. Australian & Fijian leaders bonding over shared passion for rugby league leading to joint peace keeping mission in the Middle East - An example of the more formal and ‘harder’ side of Sportsdiplomacy where RugbyLeague is the portal for dialogue StuarMurray drjsimonrofe

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