Death's dividing line: coronavirus in Italy never a national outbreak

5/05/2020 1:53:00 AM

Death's dividing line: coronavirus in Italy never a national outbreak | @BevanShields

Death's dividing line: coronavirus in Italy never a national outbreak | BevanShields

The virus has left of trail of suffering in the country's north, where deaths in one city have skyrocketed nearly 570 per cent.

Very large text size London: Deaths in one hard-hit Italian city skyrocketed nearly 570 per cent in March, in a further sign the coronavirus pandemic is claiming many more lives than official government figures suggest.Coronavirus: World leaders pledge billions of dollars for vaccine research as UN launches summit Traffic in downtown Rome picked up, construction sites and manufacturing operations resumed, parks reopened and flower vendors returned to the Campo dei Fiori market for the first time since March 11.Jenny McGee from New Zealand and Luis Pitarma from Portugal, he said, embodied the caring and sacrifice of National Health Service staff on the front lines of the pandemic, which has already killed more than 28,200 people in Britain.Play video "It was a tough old moment, I won't deny it," he said.

New 'excess death' data released just as Italy took its first steps out of a strict two-month lockdown on Monday show deaths from all causes were nearly 50 per cent higher in March than the five-year average for the same time of year.The virus has left of trail of suffering in the country's north, where the outbreak took hold in early February and quickly overwhelmed local hospitals.He doesn't expect to break even anytime soon, "but you have to take the risk at some point.Staff tend to a patient in the emergency COVID-19 ward at the San Carlo Hospital in Milan, Italy Credit: AP Deaths in the city of Bergamo near Milan surged 567 per cent in March compared with the 2015-2019 March average.Spaniards and Italians look to enjoy the sunshine again Spaniards were able to go outdoors to do exercise for the first time in seven weeks on Saturday.Images of a convoy of army trucks being filled with coffins were beamed around the world last month at the peak of the pandemic.In Italy, mourners were able to attend funerals, but services were limited to 15 people and there was still no word on when Masses will resume.Advertisement Deaths in the province of Cremona, the setting for the Academy Award-winning film Call Me By Your Name , were up 391 per cent."That was when it got a bit.

Nine other cities had death increases in March ranging from 120 per cent to 370 per cent higher than the average, according to the Italian National Institute of Statistics."It's a new page that we must write together, with trust and responsibility," Premier Giuseppe Conte said in a message to Italians.To prevent overcrowding, Barcelona's city council barred entry to its urban beaches, so thousands converged instead on the beachfront boardwalk.Loading In an indication of how badly the disease affected the country's north, excess deaths were 95 per cent higher there compared to just 2 per cent for the south.Italy's world-first nationwide lockdown has been credited for preventing the wave of death from spreading to the south.(AP) People in hard-hit Spain ventured out for the first time in weeks for haircuts or food take-outs, but many small shops were still closed as owners worked on meeting strict health and hygiene guidelines.Deaths in Rome were actually down more than 9 per cent compared to the average.Italians, meanwhile, are counting down the hours until Monday, when parks and public gardens will re-open across the country for strolling, jogging or bike riding.In the period between February 20 - when Italy recorded its first death - and the end of March, 90,946 people died of all causes in Italy.The Spanish government is turning up pressure on opposition parties to approve another extension of the country's state of emergency.Jenny McGee from New Zealand and Luis Pitarma from Portugal, he said, embodied the caring and sacrifice of National Health Service staff on the front lines of the pandemic, which has already killed 28,131 people in Britain.

The average figure for that window is 65,592.Of the 25,354 difference, about 54 per cent have been identified by health authorities as being caused by COVID-19, leaving about 11,600 other deaths unexplained." Transport and Mobility Minister José Luis Ábalos anticipates a tough debate in parliament on the issue Wednesday.The sharp difference suggests Italy's true coronavirus death toll is much higher than the present 29,079.Over the same February 20 to March 31, period, 6238 lost their lives in Bergamo compared to the usual 1180.Ábalos says that without it all the sacrifices made so far will have been "pointless.Only 2346 of the extra 5058 deaths were directly tied to coronavirus.T he interview follows an emotional video made by Johnson after being released from the hospital on April 12.

.(Getty) Leaders join forces in the quest for a vaccine French president Emmanuel Macron said he is confident that the United States will join a global pledge for research to find a vaccine against the new coronavirus.

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