Anti-vaxx NRL star refuses flu shot

5/05/2020 1:40:00 AM

The NRL needs all of its players to take the flu shot before it can get restarted but Bryce Cartwright is saying no.

The NRL needs all of its players to take the flu shot before it can get restarted but Bryce Cartwright is saying no.

Gold Coast player Bryce Cartwright has reportedly been asked for a “please explain” after refusing to have a flu shot by the NRL.

Cartwright and his wife are anti-vaxxers and have not been shy about going public with their views in the past.NRL clubs prepare for training restart 04/05/2020 | 2min NRL clubs will take part in a biosecurity information briefing before training resumes on Tuesday ahead of the season relaunch on May 28.Latrell Mitchell, Josh Addo-Carr and Nathan Cleary all came under the microscope after going against guidelines by being pictured and filmed with large gatherings.Play video But despite all players being subjected to strict biosecurity protocols which will be explained during an education day at all 16 clubs on Monday, the anti-vaxxers are not likely to be banned from training and playing if they don’t consent to the jab.

But in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and rugby league fighting to survive, the NRL has put in place extensive and strict protocols which clubs and players must adhere to to get the season back on track.Watch Foxtel in an instant.Random checks will occur to ensure players are adhering to strict coronavirus guidelines.Catch up and settle in with no installation & no lock-in contract.Former players Paul Gallen and Fittler believe the fines to Mitchell and Addo-Carr were right on the mark, but Gallen questioned just what else they need to do.Sign up to all of Foxtel Now with a 10-day free trial."We know there are other NRL clubs seeking to come into NSW to train from other states and territories," NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller said.New customers only.He has promised a relaxation of coronavirus measures provided more Australians download it by next Friday.

One of those is everyone involved in the games being vaccinated against the flu, to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infiltrating the competition." Image: News Corp Australia Favourite.“The rest of society get a $1000 fine for breaching these protocols, the players got that fine and then another $20,000 fine.But Cartwright allegedly told Gold Coast staff on Monday he would not get the vaccination.The NRL has the power to ban Cartwright from attending training and playing if he does not get the shot.Warrior's pain at leaving son NRL: Blake Green has told Fox League Live that leaving his son to fly to Tamworth was one of the hardest things he has ever done.“So I can understand that we do get held to a higher standard because we’re asking an awful lot of our government and a lot of their trust.There’s fears if one person tests positive the entire competition might be shut down."They have a lot of other things they have to do.

On Monday a number of people were turned away from club sessions.South Sydney players Latrell Mitchell, Adam Reynolds, and Liam Knight were all sent for tests, as well as Roosters coach Trent Robinson.“I don’t think that’s the issue that he was on that property, I think that’s his place of residence so that’s fine,” Erin Molan interjected.The previous day Warriors player Nathaniel Roache was ordered not to get on a plane with the team due to flu symptoms, but his test returned negative.Originally published as.

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Hang on did you say star ? Get your hand off it !!! Bench the muppet This study shows that taking the flu vaccine increased the odds of contracting coronavirus. If I was Bryce, I would be taking legal action against the NRL. Dont let them play. If the rules as laid down can't be respected then they can't be trusted. Bryce Cartwright is not special

Ask his fellow players. If 80% are okay with it then let him play. “I remember he (Bryce) was so defensive when I first brought it up and got angry at me for even suggesting that we shouldn’t vaccinate'. It's hard to argue with an uneducated high school drop out... question? Do her children attend daycare? I'd like to see it when they do haha

Why is he saying no? What’s wrong with it? Look at a flu vax insert: Carcinogenesis, Mutagenesis, Impairment of Fertility Fluzone Quadrivalent has not been evaluated for carcinogenic or mutagenic potential, or for impairment of male fertility in animals. I work in a nursing home. Residents received flu vaccines in Oct and booster in Dec. Flu b broke out in Nov, flu A in Feb. 6 residents died in Feb. I’ve worked in nursing homes for 40 years, flu vax has yet to keep people from getting flu.

No play, no pay Wait I thought COVID 19 was NOT the flu

NRL clubs prepare for training restart | Sky News AustraliaNRL clubs will take part in a biosecurity information briefing before training resumes on Tuesday ahead of the season relaunch on May 28.\n\nThere will be an initial ban on contact drills - including tackling - and teams will be limited to groups of 10 or less.\n\nRandom checks will occur to ensure players are adhering to strict coronavirus guidelines.\n\nThe New Zealand Warriors flew into Tamworth on Sunday night, where they will isolate for 14 days while the Melbourne Storm were forced to relocate to Albury after their request to train was rejected by the Victorian government.\n\n'We know there are other NRL clubs seeking to come into NSW to train from other states and territories,' NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller said.\n\n'This is all about employment and the NRL were not the first group to come forward - Clubs NSW and the CHA were in contact trying to get their pubs and clubs open again.'\n\nImage: News Corp Australia Yes, just in case they catch a cold; and if they do; they will be held ransom ! Biosecurity, information, acting responsibly ........we are talking about NRL players (dumber than dog shit).

Easy, ban him training and playing, take away his pay since he’s not earning it and see how long his anti vaxx stance lasts. If I don’t get the flu shot I am not allowed to work...... jeeez why do these thick heads think they are so special Hahahahaha Vaccines give you Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) not

Its a reasonable request. a worker must: take reasonable care for their own health and safety take reasonable care for the health and safety of others comply with any reasonable instructions, policies and procedure given by their employer, business or controller of the workplace. we have been thru the worst pandemic , you are a looser it is only a flue vax and would be the first to complain if you got corona . we all need to protect our future be a man an have your vax

Well he definitely shouldn’t play! Scared of injection? Good on him. His choice. Sack him

Molan schools Freddy over rogue NRL starsThe NRL found itself in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons over the past week thanks to several stars flaunting government protocols put in place to help slow the spread of coronavirus. Is NRL National Rugby League? When it has a team from NZ? 🤔 This world is getting soft. That’s not a schooling. A schooling is Sister Veronica in 1976, ripping the cane across a kindergarten kid’s knuckles She is the daughter of our Jim Molan.

Should have been doing flu shots for past decade+ if it is so effective,yet the NRL never had this idea until now? If Bryce says no then it is no different to not having one in the past.Don't recall any player blaming him for the 'flu'. This is storm in a teacup stuff. A lot of top athlete's are going to start rising up against this tyranny. Djokovic has already stated he won't play if he's forced to inject his body with that crap, and others will follow suit. Good for them 👊

Good on him. He's entitled to say no. He obviously doesn't need the money, so he can sit out the season. It's his choice to not get it, and it's the NRLs choice not to put anyone in potential risk because of his choice. Simple as no jab no play and he has the right to choose that option. Well within his rights.

Whatever happened to our freedom how dare the NRL ask why. It could be a medical reason why he is saying no and medical should be kept private between you and your doctor. It is your choice to have it or not that is YOUR CHOICE. Saying no to a flu shot is your choice I stopped taking the flu shot some years back because under my armpit a lump developed and also I didn't feel well. I have since had the flu shot with no complications hooray for that.

Well don't let him play....... Simple drebban74 Then he doesn’t play. Simple.

NRL players won't be forced to vaccinate, download tracing app.NRL players will not be forced to download the federal government’s COVIDSafe app or get the flu vaccine to play, although the latter group will be asked to sign a waiver form. NRL This isn’t news NRL What the hell does the Flu vaccine have to do with covid? NRL No of course they won't... they don't have time between Circle Jerks!

His wife is a known anti vaxxer ....oh’s only one person....he doesn’t get to play. 🤷🏼‍♂️ I guess he will be carrying the drinks. No jab no play. anti-vaxers not on the team - simple Then nrl say no him about playing and the titans say no flu shot no play no money So he should NOT be playing ! Easy !

Easy dont let him play. Freedomof choice but not elegible to play.If he infect another player or family member of another player should be liable for his decision! Loser This is similar to the Israel Folou incident. If he feels so strongly about the matter then he should take NRL to court

The 10 greatest players of NRL era namedImmortal Joey Johns was pipped by a Queensland great. 😮 We all know joey is no.1 though So the headline is that Johns is second bust? Curious weighting. balancedreporting

Good why should he be forced to do something he doesn’t believe in It I wouldn’t have it either !! He needs to be sent to an isolated island. He does not belong in normal society. So he shouldn't have it. It's his choice and even Doctors don't force everyone to have it. Some get it and feel like they going to die from it.

Bryce Cartwright is still playing? Well there you go. Good on him! He shouldn’t be forced against his will! Easy he doesn’t play as he shouldn’t be allowed to infect others ! Go back home and live your anti vax life Putting other players and the NRL at risk. Just another selfish ignorant anti -vaxer. Doctors and nurses have to get flu shot to proctect their patients why can’t he take a jab for his mates

Bye bye then God on him. It’s his right to refuse.

Heartbreaking image behind NRL returnThe New Zealand Warriors are on their way to Australia after being granted permission to set up camp in Tamworth ahead of the 2020 season potentially getting underway on May 28. It will be the return of large crowds to sporting venues during winter that will set off the second wave of COVID-19. This will also be the crew which NO ONE TALKS ABOUT! Who are on FAR LESS MONEY. They don’t care about anyone’s wellbeing or health- all about money Luckily for them they're not in the military...They'd be away from their families, on a fraction of the pay...and being shot at.

He is getting 80% of his salary when a lot of others are getting 0% of their salary so he needs to comply Smart man If kids can’t go to school without vaccinations then sorry footballers can’t play with others. I don't agree with anti-vaxers but why should he be forced to take the flu shot? It doesn't make sense bcos it doesn't protect against Covid-19. So why should he? Why should anyone?

Flu shots are not mandatory and they won't stop coronavirus so he shouldn't me made to get one. Lol. Idiot MY BODY MY CHOICE INCLUDES MEN TOO! NRL GregHuntMP what has the flu shot got to do with covid19 Not everyone can have the flu shot, there is those with allergies although minimal. nojabnoplay

Hands off: NRL players banned from tackling, wrestling in training returnThe code has told its clubs players and staff will be restricted to non-contact training in groups of 10 when they return this week. app85 Big money counts aye app85 Yep, they’re pretty good at sticking to the rules. What could go wrong? app85 except for DaleFinucane who will continue to use his head to tackle, avoiding a shoulder charge penalty

Can people not see where this is heading? Its your freedom you are giving up. Besides, if you had the shot you should be safe from the guy who refused These guys are paid SO much money to play sport. Yes it means you can't go out drinking, cant make a tik tok vid during social distancing, have to be a good role model, have to get a flu vax. Cry me a river. You can't have both.

Good on him 👏👏👏👏 Now we know the secret to Bryce’s great defence! Well no Vax no play, don’t risk the team for your selfish act👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 why are you not reporting that there is a cure. There is also no guarantee that the flu shot works more people get sick for the shot then they wld from the flu then he doesn't play or get paid. NRL

He is allowed to say no ffs How can this possibility be mandated as a condition of employment? Hope he sticks to his decision. He has every right to make his own choice. I knew Rugby has damaging effects on player's brains but then few just dont need to worry about it seems they are born without one!

Good on him ! Then Bryce doesn’t play or get paid These are the dangers of the vaccines DO NOT TAKE THEM; There are cures so the vaccine is NOT required What’s the flu got to do with covd 19 How many people are saying 'well he doesnt play then'.. I wonder if your boss made you do something that you were against you would do it? Now I am not against vaccines but I believe he has a choice.

We'll done Bryce. Keep safe from vaccine toxins. Win-win for the GCTitans. This is cohesion its against any human right. My workers were also told last week they must have a flu shot in order to work . This is against any human right, If his Peers are vaccinated they'll be protected though

Remember the ASADA doping scandal where players were sanctioned for accepting injections from clubs without question? good on him for daring to have a personal choice. Its like the government telling everyone to download covidsafe - it is a personal choice. The flu-vac doesnt protect against C19. The fluvac is not manditory and not even recommended for BryceCartwright. This is a witch hunt for anti-vaxers.

How does a flu vaccine protect against COVID-19? They'll have to pay him out. You can't force people to vaccinate Why should anyone be forced to have the flu vaccine? I understand the infectious diseases ones but the flu should not be mandatory. 👋🏾 Cartwright... He doesn't play then, simple. Does he still play first grade?

Then he doesn't play. Off you go.

if he says no it's simple ..he doesn't play!