Coronavirus update: Boris Johnson says his potential death was discussed, Spaniards head back outside - ABC News

3/05/2020 7:59:00 PM

Boris Johnson says doctors prepared for the worst during his COVID-19 battle

Boris Johnson says doctors prepared for the worst during his COVID-19 battle

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says he was in such a bad state when suffering from COVID-19 that doctors were discussing his fate and that contingency plans were made in case he died while in hospital.

Jenny McGee from New Zealand and Luis Pitarma from Portugal, he said, embodied the caring and sacrifice of National Health Service staff on the front lines of the pandemic, which has already killed more than 28,200 people in Britain.The PM told The Sun on Sunday he was given “litres and litres of oxygen” to keep him alive.Play video "It was a tough old moment, I won't deny it," he said.Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Doctors treating Boris Johnson for coronavirus prepared to announce his death after he was taken to intensive care, the British prime minister said on Sunday, in his first detailed comments about his illness.

After Mr Johnson was discharged, St Thomas' said it was glad to have cared for the Prime Minister, but the hospital has given no details about the gravity of his illness beyond stating that he was treated in intensive care.Mr Johnson's close call is , giving him the middle name Nicholas after two doctors who helped treat the Prime Minister.They had a strategy to deal with a ‘death of Stalin’-type scenario.Spaniards and Italians look to enjoy the sunshine again Spaniards were able to go outdoors to do exercise for the first time in seven weeks on Saturday.Medical workers gave him "litres and litres of oxygen" but he said the "indicators kept going in the wrong direction.( AP: Manu Fernandez ) Spaniards revelled in a second day of freedom on Sunday, flocking outdoors in time-slots for age groups on the first weekend adults were allowed out since one of the world's strictest coronavirus lockdowns was imposed in mid-March.“The doctors had all sorts of arrangements for what to do if things went badly wrong.Though Spain's COVID-19 outbreak has shrouded the nation in mourning for more than 25,000 dead, there was much-needed relief on a sunny spring day as people at last headed back to the streets, hills and sea." Mr Johnson, 55, first announced he had contracted COVID-19 on March 27 but maintained he had only mild symptoms.

To prevent overcrowding, Barcelona's city council barred entry to its urban beaches, so thousands converged instead on the beachfront boardwalk.” The stark reality of his plight quickly struck home when he was wired up to monitors and moved into intensive care..In the capital Madrid, where parks and other large public spaces remain closed, runners and walkers shared narrow pavements and walkways.The relaxation of exercise restrictions is one of the first steps in a four-phase plan to reopen Spain by the end of June.During his life-or-death struggle at St Thomas’ Hospital last month, Boris kept asking himself: “How am I going to get out of this?” He recalled: “It was hard to believe that in just a few days my health had deteriorated to this extent.Italians, meanwhile, are counting down the hours until Monday, when parks and public gardens will re-open across the country for strolling, jogging or bike riding." Loading The remarks were Johnson's most candid yet on his brush with death, though he acknowledged when he left the hospital that his fight to survive "could have gone either way", as he paid tribute to the two nurses who never left his bedside for 48 hours.Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has warned that if the rate of contagion starts rising again, such freedoms will be curtailed.I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t getting better.Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson arriving back at Downing Street from hospital after the birth of his baby son in London.

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Probably should not have gone into that hospital and shaken every patients hand. He's a twat. he looks dead in this picture, anyway. Trying to get some sympathy, are we? The fact is, he is dealing with the crisis very poorly. And now hiding behind his mild illness. Shameful. FireSashaPezenik Prepared for a false alarm expectedly.....use of fear to justify lockdown and economic destruction. Extremely sinister.

The UK is in big strife with their situation and a mini trump as leader.covid19 CovidUK covid19australia He is still out there, babbling around- He should rather be thankful.

Boris Johnson reveals how close he came to deathBritish Prime Minister Boris Johnson has spoken about his struggle with coronavirus, revealing doctors prepared to announce his death. Yawn. He was never close to death for gods sake. In other words, when the world was told he was doing fine, that things being done were precautionary, the were being fed a diet of lies. Make Mask Wearing A Must in Australia Before Lifting the COVID 19 Restrictions - Sign the Petition! via ChangeAUS

Boris Johnson speaks about his COVID-19 brush with deathUK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has offered more insight into his hospitalisation for coronavirus, saying he knew doctors were preparing for the worst. Bullshit More slavishly reported distraction from this lethal idiot's incompetence. Even myriad UK citizens know this was a gaslight to push herd immunity eugenics as safe

Boris Johnson reveals he needed 'litres and litres of oxygen' in hospitalDoctors treating Boris Johnson for coronavirus prepared to announce his death after he was taken to intensive care, the British prime minister said on Sunday, in his first detailed comments about his illness. I hope they have charged him 2000 pounds a litter. A bit melodramatic..... “prepared to announce his death”.... He was on oxygen. He did not need to be ventilated, not placed on ECMO. I’ve no doubt he was quite unwell, but question the life & death spin the media is placing on this. Herd immunity !

Coronavirus update: Jair Bolsonaro says 'so what' when questioned on Brazil deaths, Boris Johnson names son for doctors - ABC NewsThe world closes in on 4 million confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus, with 1.1 million in the United States alone. These are the key coronavirus developments from today. 1/3 It's really disappointing to read ABC News with such a poor journalistic composition over such an important international matter. If you didn't mention the basic truth, it can't be because you ignore it, but because you don't want to. It's simple to see that you have your own

British PM Boris Johnson and partner name son after doctors who treated him for coronavirus - ABC NewsBritish Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his partner Carrie Symonds name their son Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas Johnson in honour of their grandfathers and the doctors who treated Mr Johnson for coronavirus. Touching N H S Johnson He wasn't facing death. Please.

First picture of Boris Johnson's baby released | Sky News AustraliaThe first picture of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his fiancée Carrie Symonds' baby has been released. \n\n\nThe couple have named their son Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas Johnson.\n\nThe British Prime Minister and his partner revealed the name Wilfred comes from Boris' grandfather and Lawrie was Carrie's grandfather's name.\n\nBoth doctors who Mr Johnson credits with saving his life during a battle with coronavirus were named Nicholas.\n\nImage: Associated Press Hey, Boris, when’s 7 happening? ‘Catch that one will you Derdrie? Congratulation, naming the newly born and giving gratitude to the Doctors 'The Heros' who saved you. Best wishes to you n family. BorisJohnson