Australia Day a time for unity, amid challenging times: Scott Morrison

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'We are a free, diverse and accepting people': ScottMorrisonMP

"We are a free, diverse and accepting people," Mr Morrison said."Our way is to see the humanity of others regardless of their ethnicity or disability or age, religion, gender, all these things. We accept and embrace people for who they are.

"We are a people, as Australians, who prevail not through luck or chance or good fortune but by the efforts and intellect and willingness and determination to stand one with each other." Prime Minister Scott Morrison gets emotional after speaking about his father at a 2019 Australian of the Year finalist morning tea at The Lodge on Saturday.Mr Morrison said Australians should use 26 January to"rededicate" themselves to"this great land"."That's what we celebrate this Australia Day: families, friends, communities ancient and modern who stand by each other and have so selflessly served each other particularly during these recent times of great crisis.


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ScottMorrisonMP Morrison is not the PM of Australia because the UN is as was voted in by a previous PM Gough Whitlam as well as the Lina declaration.

ScottMorrisonMP Unity?Australians actually want an Independent Commission Against Corruption, Big Money illegal in Politics, elections free from Sports Rorts ($100m), Oligarch Campaigns ( e.g. Palmer et al $50M + and a Foreign News Corporation that runs partisan campaigns and got you elected.

ScottMorrisonMP Since when?

ScottMorrisonMP Map of the World’s Most and Least Racially Tolerant Countries World Values Survey

ScottMorrisonMP Oh cut the crap Scotty. It’s real life not spin. You can’t fool anyone.

ScottMorrisonMP except for ScottyFromMarketting PeterDuttonMP who delight in locking people up in gulags or concentration camps. But its okay cos HilllsongCult forgives their sins. Sorta like mafia hitmen who kill Monday to Saturday, confess on Sunday and repeat!

ScottMorrisonMP Populated by sheep, governed by wolves.

ScottMorrisonMP We wish 🙁

ScottMorrisonMP ScottMorrisonMP You are one individual. You can't speak for the other 24, 999, 999 of us

ScottMorrisonMP If you are talking about Australians, that’s true. On other hand LNP , very very suspect,!

ScottMorrisonMP Yeah but nah. Free to vote you out. Diverse enough to see through your lies. No longer so accepting

ScottMorrisonMP Not with you leading us down this path...You manage our water our response to climate change and our tax $$$. ( Bridget McKenzie rort) what a mess!!

ScottMorrisonMP Tell that to the people who have just gone through the recent climate catastrophe , Scotty ... let’s celebrate with a noice BBQ ... oh that’s right 10 million hectares of Australia have been BBQ’d and 1 billion native animals have been thrown on that ‘barbie’ ...

ScottMorrisonMP He deliberately did not talk about the first nations people. A BTW 'ancient peoples' reference was it. Nothing of anything worth saying said. No wonder the government has no ideas for our nation's future.

Rodunworth ScottMorrisonMP 'And I am an appalling liar...'

ScottMorrisonMP This used to be true but now Aussies have woken up to the fact that Australia brings in (without the public's permission) many people who wish to change our culture and harm us. We are no longer accepting people. No to immigration.

ScottMorrisonMP Total b.s.!

KaushalyaFem ScottMorrisonMP Yes we are but your not

ScottMorrisonMP Disloyal leader. Go back to Hawaii- you are not needed. Too divisive

ScottMorrisonMP He is in his arse!

ScottMorrisonMP Well ScottyfromMarketing sure is accepting. With the awards his government and LiberalAus have basically said, 'How good is child sexual abuse, let's reward someone that excuses men that groom girls, and blames kids for the crimes of men' auspol crimeminister

ScottMorrisonMP This is all you care about? Bought & paid for by big coal & other parasitic chums. I certainly don’t feel respected, or part of a diverse culture & I certainly don’t feel safe with you or your colleagues running this country into the ground🤬🤬🤬

ScottMorrisonMP Tosser

KaushalyaFem ScottMorrisonMP Honestly, can someone tell him his jokes aren’t funny.

ScottMorrisonMP We are united against YOU Morrison.

ScottMorrisonMP If 'Quiet' Australians support? This individual and his way of being, then let us be clear and loud in our clarity of standards. Supporting Money Hoarders/Corps over our lives and the air we breathe is UNACCEPTABLE and will NOT be tolerated.

ScottMorrisonMP Are we really? Or is this what you thought we may have been? Only just into your gov and already we dont like you or what you are doing to our country crimeministermorrison lnpcorruption

ScottMorrisonMP The only thing that the disturbing conduct of this individual unites in, is Against Him and his appalling behaviour, mindset and actions. He is a disgrace with the blantant display against what We the people that own this country stand for and NEED!

ScottMorrisonMP 'An accepting people' - well, I'm pretty sure we're not accepting your bullshit, ScottyFromMarketing

ScottMorrisonMP Love Australia! Happy Australia day! Unless SBS gets its way then everyone should be divided and miserable just as the globalists want

ScottMorrisonMP Fess up

ScottMorrisonMP The man is delusional

ScottMorrisonMP Go ScottMorrisonMP and take your bunch of Climate deniers with you. You’re all damaging Australia very badly.

ScottMorrisonMP Is PMSC STILL try'n2 pull1 over us, we know the TRUTH He & his lackies keep lieing, rorting The People, we can c thru it. 👀ing them's SSSOOO EMBARRASSING, hearing the same rubbish cont is quite annoying. They've ❌policies ❌money4 NDIS+The drought, nor help agedcare residents..

ScottMorrisonMP Like hell we are.

ScottMorrisonMP The promise of Australia - I will burn for you every day.

KaushalyaFem ScottMorrisonMP You are none of it! CrimeMinister

ScottMorrisonMP You are appalling. We all know what you are and you are none of which you speak. ScottyFromMarketing CrimeMinisterMorrison torturerofrefugees

ScottMorrisonMP No acknowledgement of Invasion Day rallies around the country? The first nations people of this country are suffering his ignorance, as are many others but we won't suffer his bull sht!

ScottMorrisonMP we are not free weve had the diversity lie forced upon us just like the rest of the globe! and we do not accept your corruption!!

ScottMorrisonMP It would help if what is said was heard, a lot of strife is avoidable, better communication & greater focus on togetherness in the face of challenges. Put a stop to flights from China to Aust for the next 3 to 4 weeks. More biosecurity checks of imports needs to be done, as well.

ScottMorrisonMP We dont accept the corruption in your govt. SportsRort just one example. And you cant sack McKenzie because (a) she's a National so you can't (b) you need them to stay in govt (c) you knew all about the rort, in fact it was right up your alley and (d) we know more..

ScottMorrisonMP Who writes these overblown lines for him? Or is he just lying as usual?

KaushalyaFem ScottMorrisonMP Accepting People tell that to the family on Christmas Island for no good reason. And tell the detainees everywhere else who have been imprisoned for trying to save themselves from harm in their own country’s. LNP are a cruel un-Australian government.

KaushalyaFem ScottMorrisonMP Unless your poor or needy, or not christian, or a dang refugee hey CrimeMinister

ScottMorrisonMP Very many challenges! Far better ability, to live with our harsh environment. And stop wrecking it.Far better distribution of water. Far better use, of fire!

ScottMorrisonMP Is he kidding?

ScottMorrisonMP Royal we. Not speaking for those embarrassed and distressed about the Bilo family and the PNG prisoners.

ScottMorrisonMP So much so that we 'accept' Pentacostal Christians in our Parliament........

ScottMorrisonMP As long as you are not from Manus Island! Then we are Mean, Cruel & totally unaccepting!!

I will not be lectured on unity by this man. I will not.

ScottMorrisonMP Oh Scotty, no acknowledgement for the forefighters in a historyof you letting Australia burn. No acknowledgement how this impacts on a history of the Aboriginal community. Your services are ever harder to access for the people in genuine need.IMO you do not feel Australian.

ScottMorrisonMP Are we?

ScottMorrisonMP Mr Morrison should “Rededicate” Himself to caring more for All the people of this great land, instead of just those more fortunate, and less about rigging the next election 🙄

margmopp ScottMorrisonMP ❤️🇦🇺PM ❤️ love for our PM


ScottMorrisonMP Sale con 😡😡😡😡😡

ScottMorrisonMP Said one of the most divisive dimwits ever

ScottMorrisonMP Australia free country to speech for everyone HAHA what a joke in Australia seems like only Murdoch pension media thinking they are only free speech well voters you are free speech in Australia for next generation

ScottMorrisonMP And yet ScottyFomMarketing is ripping Australia into the smallest pieces possible. CrimeMinister Guillotine

ScottMorrisonMP 'As long as you're white'

ScottMorrisonMP We WERE a free diverse & accepting people until you & your mob came along

ScottMorrisonMP says the man with this..

ScottMorrisonMP Accepting Is that why ScottMorrisonMP has had refugees loocked up on Manus & Nauru for years? That's a new low, even for ScottyfromMarketing...i guess it's the reason he's known as the LiarfromtheShire

ScottMorrisonMP ScottMorrisonMP hypocrisy at the highest level

ScottMorrisonMP Guessing those on manus island don't agree

ScottMorrisonMP Those are our weaknesses being exploited by the trash we accept and allow to despise us.

ScottMorrisonMP Tell that to the family on Christmas Island for starters. Your govt has wasted so much money through pure vindictiveness to keep them there. The money could have been used to better the lives of those who through no fault of their own continually struggle!

ScottMorrisonMP You remove freedom in exchange for facial recognition and files on every Aussie. You despise any who have alternate thoughts, opinions or beliefs. You accept only LNP voters deserve a voice, as long as their quiet. Worst PM in Australian history ✅

ScottMorrisonMP ScottyfromMarketing's claims that 'we are a free, diverse and accepting people' goes against every action of his LNPfail govt. Comments like this demonstrate that the CrimeMinister knows how out of step his values are with Australian values and how willing he is to lie to us.

ScottMorrisonMP NotMyPM LiarFromTheShire CrimeMinisterMorrison ScottyFromMarketting i do not believe Scummo can be genuine or believable

ScottMorrisonMP A sham PM, elected in a dishonest campaign who has tried his whole time in government to divide us, make us intolerant and have us hating anyone who is not white, Christian and English-speaking lecturing us on unity and tolerance. Does he have any idea how fake he sounds?

ScottMorrisonMP There is no unity with this pathetic, divisive, authoritarian, lying Government.

ScottMorrisonMP If we were free, you wouldn’t be writing the Religious Freedoms Bill or tell us what to wear, or lie constantly, or lock people up. We r NOT FREE UNDER YOUR PMShip, you r not making this country better. What a effing joke. ScottyfromMarketing

ScottMorrisonMP You are the least accepting PM I've ever had the misfortune of living under. No freedom for those locked up in detention, or those living under the punitive Induecard

ScottMorrisonMP Oh the irony

ScottMorrisonMP You know when he says let’s stay united he means keep believing the crap I say And blindly follow me to climate oblivion

ScottMorrisonMP Yes and one thing we should mourn is our pathetic government which has put us on a course towards an unknown future with known consequences.

ScottMorrisonMP He just keeps coming with the zingers!

ScottMorrisonMP “...But I’m trying to fix that...”

ScottMorrisonMP Oh yeah? why on earth is ScoMo pushing a religious discrimination Bill then?

ScottMorrisonMP auspol

ScottMorrisonMP God he talks crap. One of the things we need is a leader with authenticity. Not an insincere third rate marketer.

ScottMorrisonMP What’s free ?

ScottMorrisonMP Aussie!!!

wendoureeswans ScottMorrisonMP

ScottMorrisonMP No, no we aren’t....this is a middle aged, rich and privileged whiteman’s view....

ScottMorrisonMP Are we? LIAR hypocrite

ScottMorrisonMP Except when we’re not 🧐

ScottMorrisonMP Lol.. Australia.. The most locked down democracy on the planet.. I’ll believe that when crims in politics are held accountable..

ScottMorrisonMP But no mention of climate change

wendoureeswans ScottMorrisonMP Free? Diverse? Accepting ? Lots of question marks for that one. Maybe if you're white, straight and middle class but I don't think those languishing in your putrid detention centres would agree. Better consult the dictionary and check the meanings Scotty.

ScottMorrisonMP Is Morrison purposely taking the Mickey here Unity in the face of his many failures and divisive attempts at policy ? As they say, more front than Myers 🤓😬

ScottMorrisonMP [citation needed]

wendoureeswans ScottMorrisonMP Unless you're brown and came by boat

ScottMorrisonMP I call Bulls*t

ScottMorrisonMP No such thing as unity when you claim “diversity is our strength.“ We Canadians are sick of hearing it!

ScottMorrisonMP ScottyFromMarketing mouthing platitudes and weirdly believes that: this works? people believe? He really is a stinker CrimeMinister

ScottMorrisonMP * Well some of us are, the majority though.

ScottMorrisonMP Tell Chinese to stay home

ScottMorrisonMP “We are accepting” says PM as he graciously accepts a $10k pay rise. Thought given the fire emergency that he might donate it to a worthy fire related cause?

ScottMorrisonMP Where corruption has become the norm!😡

ScottMorrisonMP Vomit we are none of these things, just another marketing line from you guessed it the crimeminister the dishonourable ScottyfromMarketing amd his desire for a corporate Australia devoid of any morals and a sense of doing the right thing

ScottMorrisonMP I hope it's true, as a result yet you have been the one who abandoned, ignored, and tortured people in offshore.

ScottMorrisonMP We tolerate him, against the better judgement of many, so it must be true.

ScottMorrisonMP ScottMorrisonMP' We are free, diverse and accepting people' just have to look at the freedom of religion bill... it is full of hatred and judgement There is nothing in this bill that is accepting of people Scottfrommarketing you and your cronies are nothing more than criminals

ScottMorrisonMP Bullshit.

ScottMorrisonMP Says the man who left for Hawaii whilst his country burned

ScottMorrisonMP Except if you are a refugee, indigenous, disabled or gay. Then you definitely haven’t been free or accepted

ScottMorrisonMP I don't feel very free when I am marching at a protest and big men in black armour are glaring at me and as for being 'accepting' that's a laugh.Half of australia voted for the current crime minister after what he did to the refugees in the offshore rape and murder camps.

ScottMorrisonMP 😑😑😑😑😑😑

ScottMorrisonMP Accepting? Then why does your government prosecute the politics of division?

ScottMorrisonMP Words, words, words

ScottMorrisonMP Says the narrow minded pentecuntal that locks People in cages, kisses the arses of billionaires, & wants to outlaw unions & the environmental movement

ScottMorrisonMP ScottyfromMarketing strikes again! Load of crap!

ScottMorrisonMP Is he trying to look like batman?

ScottMorrisonMP 😂😂

ScottMorrisonMP Except for you. You're none of those things

ScottMorrisonMP Unity ! What like pissing off to Hawaii?


ScottMorrisonMP Australia’s democracy has been downgraded from ‘open’ to ‘narrowed’ via AustraliaDay auspol AuspolSoCorrupt corruption

ScottMorrisonMP BS mate, words mean nothing without appropriate action. You bring us all shame sir. auspol LNPfail ScottMorrisonMP

ScottMorrisonMP 2000+ people died after receiving Centrelink robodebt notice, figures reveal robodebt is unlawful! NDIS minister claims no one died waiting for the scheme, despite agency revealing 1279 deaths auspol AustraliaDay corruption

ScottMorrisonMP families and communities all over Australia are doing their best to not just survive but to make it a better place for everyone... You and your horrific government are doing your very best to not just ruin it but take it back to the dark ages.. you have nothing to be proud of!

ScottMorrisonMP Please try & see Australia the way I do.

ScottMorrisonMP Oh spare us this drivel. Just change the date.

ScottMorrisonMP Tell that to those held in detention.

ScottMorrisonMP I am. I don’t think you are though. Biloelafamily InvasionDay2020 australianoftheyear - Bettina Arndt? Really? quietaustralians electionrigged religiousdiscriminationbill havefunwiththatsatanists

ScottMorrisonMP We are a racist, cruel, neoliberal, capitalist failure of a nation letting down our International allies across the globe with climate change inaction, denialism, obstruction, misinformation and human rights abuses and this is due to the LNP and Murdoch. It is a disgrace.

ScottMorrisonMP Our burbling ad-man PRime minister misread his auto-cue again! His Festivus [ as meaningful to me as Jan 26th for celebration ] Airing of Grievances actually read, ' We are too free, too diverse & too accepting'. God told him so. Why is he standing in front of 2 Union Jacks?


ScottMorrisonMP At least you spoke like a Prime Minister last night. I was initially scared with what would come out of your mouth! I didn’t want our country to be embarrassed or ashamed off our PM again Ever!!

ScottMorrisonMP Well said Scott PM... Let's not allow whingers to divide us 😉

ScottMorrisonMP Unfortunately we are none of those things under this government!

ScottMorrisonMP Hollow words from a hollow man.

ScottMorrisonMP I celebrate Australia. But I'd prefer to celebrate it on a day thats not a day of sadness and tragedy for so many. It seems simple. Let's find a day thats happy for everyone and be a generous, inclusive country that values everyone.

ScottMorrisonMP CRAP!!!!

ScottMorrisonMP That’s just it. We’re not any of those things. Under your ‘leadership,’ things have only deteriorated.

ScottMorrisonMP Except for those people who were seeking freedom from tyranny & are still imprisoned in PNG, Nauru & Christmas Island. We will not be free until we acknowledge the tyranny Indigenous Australians suffered & still suffer AlwaysWasAlwaysWillBe

ScottMorrisonMP [citation needed]

ScottMorrisonMP Privileged corrupt powerful white man ScottFromMarketing changethedate AlwaysWasAlwaysWillBe Aboriginal land

ScottMorrisonMP We dont accept people only the ones we want here saas PM you cany alwats get want you want amd this is a misrepresentation the UN agrees

ScottMorrisonMP The people are but NOT the LNP govt. Do better. auspol newstart health RefugeesWelcome Homeless fires ClimateChange FirstNations Firstnations Mentalhealth

ScottMorrisonMP Except if they are refugees... maybe not be saying you are accepting if you have people incarcerated for ten years WITHOUT charge and without ANY end date to the incarceration!

ScottMorrisonMP More hypocrisy what is happening to the family on CI is your doing no you are accepting of people.

ScottMorrisonMP Says the stirrer of culture wars and gaslighter in chief.

ScottMorrisonMP Cue coarse laughter

ScottMorrisonMP Diverse? yes Accepting? maybe Free? Now you're pissing in my pocket.

ScottMorrisonMP ... who just happen to find ourselves governed by a non-diverse, divisive, cruel and venal group of people.

ScottMorrisonMP Says the Pentecostal Christian whose religious privilege law will make violence against LGBTIQ+ Australians, legal...

ScottMorrisonMP You have destroyed the lives of so many. You are free, we are prisoners to your deliberate divisive and corrupt leadership.

ScottMorrisonMP ' accepting people'

ScottMorrisonMP Time for unity says a divisive PM. Divisive to the point of dividing those who want to save the planet , humanity & all living creatures from those who care only for the base( no honour, no morals) things in life?

ScottMorrisonMP We are burdened with a clueless oaf as a leader. I am not accepting of CrimeMinisterMorrison

ScottMorrisonMP Accepting of their own born to rule class, the rest of us peasantry aren't included

ScottMorrisonMP Dutton's 'African gangs'?

ScottMorrisonMP ScottMorrisonMP Sure. Release our Tamil family back to Biloela then. Deeds not words.

ScottMorrisonMP Unless you’re a refugee on Manus island

ScottMorrisonMP You’re an accepting person!?

ScottMorrisonMP A little family banged up on Christmas Island may beg to differ. hometobiloela ScottyfromMarketing

ScottMorrisonMP That's actually not true. Manus. Bileola. African gangs. Bills supporting bigotry. More like your immediate surrounds are free of diverse and accepting people ScottMorrisonMP

ScottMorrisonMP With, for the most part, old white men in decision making positions, overseen by outdated, and inadequate 19C governance systems, that need renovating for 21C speed and complexity. That a minimum requires federalICAC. auspol abcnews

ScottMorrisonMP I think the children in NSW being stripped search for no reason might disagree!

ScottMorrisonMP I wish that was true

ScottMorrisonMP We are far from free - the majority are enthralled by an ideology of hate, exclusion and deep division. We are far from accepting diversity - of people, of opinions The only “acceptable” people in this country are those inside the LNP IPA tent - the rest will never count

ScottMorrisonMP ScottMorrisonMP unless you are a refugee seeking asylum in our country, or a young person expressing concern about govt inaction on climate change or a struggling indigenous person. Then we are not quite so accepting, are we?

ScottMorrisonMP Except, of course, for all the aboriginal people we have incarcerated, all the positions of power occupied overwhelmingly by white mean, and all the brown asylum seekers we keep in cages on islands in the pacific. Got it, thanks.

ScottMorrisonMP Cynical pollies making nation building statement? It jars so hard CrimeMinister Cash4votes SportsRorts

ScottMorrisonMP Whens that going to happen under your government?

ScottMorrisonMP Diversity much for future Liberal? LNPCrimeFamily

ScottMorrisonMP Not whilst you are locking people up whom don’t meet your criteria

ScottMorrisonMP Huh......hasn't CrimeMinisterMorrison spent millions locking up two little girls and their parents on ChristmasIsland fauxchristian auspol LiarFromTheShire

ScottMorrisonMP Wrack off liarfromtheshire fake christian fake primeminister

ScottMorrisonMP People .... all people or people who just like you? White christian and coal’s lovers?

ScottMorrisonMP The most divisive Prime Minister in recent memory (which is saying something given we all remember Abbott), calls for unity because conservatives don’t understand hypocrisy.

ScottMorrisonMP We used to be, before the Libs and Murdoch turned us into a nation of fearful, angry, petty little xenophobes.

ScottMorrisonMP Only if you’re a white Christian male or European extraction eh ScottyFromMarketing... AuspolSoCorrupt auspol

ScottMorrisonMP Bollocks.

ScottMorrisonMP I’ll pass it to the people in Manus and Nauru. Shall I deliver their response or you’ll call them again soon ScoMo?

ScottMorrisonMP Except we're not. ScottyfromMarketing

ScottMorrisonMP Not at Hillsong it seems.

ScottMorrisonMP Lest we ever forget that it was Howard who declared “we decide who comes to this country and the manner in which they come”. It was Morrison who championed stopping boats and Duttön who takes pride in incarcerating women and children in offshore detention centres.

ScottMorrisonMP Ummm no we are not free, diverse, and accepting. You’re a liar

ScottMorrisonMP Unity? With ScottyfromMarketing ? Where? In Hawaii? Walking away from folk needing to speak with him? Forgetting our dead? Donating for wedding foyers in golf clubs? Giving mates’ daughters a leg up? Imprisoning folk beloved in Biloela?

ScottMorrisonMP My heart is breaking today. So many reasons not to celebrate. LNP has killed the Aussie spirit

ScottMorrisonMP Accepting if you’re white and quiet.

MsRonnyB ScottMorrisonMP Unity ScottMorrisonMP using that word today of all days shows exactly how little you know of our history and how heartless, and void of empathy you are.

ScottMorrisonMP Free* *not in all circumstances, I.e. climate protesters, Another word salad devoid of empathy by ScottyfromMarketing

ScottMorrisonMP Watching NITV this morning telling the true history of Australia!!

ScottMorrisonMP As John Oliver once said: “Australia - comfortably racist”

ScottMorrisonMP Man who divides and conquers asks for unity🤔


ScottMorrisonMP By “accepting” ScottyfromMarketing means being gullible to his government by marketing philosophy. Slogans created by 80 advisors at a workshop costing us $$$’s. auspol

ScottMorrisonMP Accepting of what? *shudders* Class A gaslighter

ScottMorrisonMP 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤪🤪🤪

ScottMorrisonMP It's not April fools day is it?


ScottMorrisonMP Free. Diverse. Accepting. Unless you dare to show respect to our Indigenous peoples by moving the date. ScottyfromMarketing enforcing disrespect on InvasionDay2020 AlwaysWasAlwaysWillBe

ScottMorrisonMP I guess this means we’ll be accepting the offshored refugees, then?

ScottMorrisonMP He also mentioned the word 'Rich' We all know who the Rich ones are don't we ScoMo! 🙄


ScottMorrisonMP Nope. With One Nation and LNP in parliament, Australia has turned into a racist nation.

ScottMorrisonMP More of what ScottyfromMarketing thinks Australia is about but definitely not LNP/IPA policy LNPfail

ScottMorrisonMP Accept the Biloela family as a gesture of fairness today... thanks.


ScottMorrisonMP “We are a free, diverse and accepting people”.😏🙄

ScottMorrisonMP WTF you need to sack that speech writer mate free and diverse 😳


ScottMorrisonMP cliched claptrap,that does not bare scrutiny

ScottMorrisonMP We were until you and your dictatorial mates started changing the rules in your favour.

ScottMorrisonMP Bullshit.

ScottMorrisonMP really ScottMorrisonMP

ScottMorrisonMP ' in a proto-police state.'

ScottMorrisonMP FREE & DIVERSE

ScottMorrisonMP Is this trolling or what? The federal government literally made denying medical treatment to refugees and discriminating against people their priority last year - not meeting with fire chiefs as a result.

ScottMorrisonMP We are anything but free. Whenever I return from an OS trip, I feel instantly stifled, and oppressed. There are so many rules, kerbing our freedoms I want to leave again. We aren't free at all.

ScottMorrisonMP No we are not

ScottMorrisonMP Rubbish!

ScottMorrisonMP Unless you are incarcerated or incinerated


ScottMorrisonMP For the sake of unity, please change the date InvasionDay


ScottMorrisonMP Bushfires, drought and floods but careful not to use the C word MorrisonFires ClimateCriminal

ScottMorrisonMP Except if you're indigenous, we'll just ignore you for the most part. And if you're disabled, we'll 'repurpose' the money we should be using to support you to any number of things including a bullshit trophy surplus that we can wave around in parliament despite doubling debt.

ScottMorrisonMP 'We' certainly are, ScottyFromMarketing. But 'you' have a funny way of showing it.

ScottMorrisonMP Except if you came by boat in 2013.

ScottMorrisonMP TheLiarFromTheShire, ScottyfromMarketing, CrimeMinisterMorrison👎at it again- spouting lies, while you actively destroy our country & the freedoms we once had, while you incarcerate people for years in offshore detention & deny them medical care.

ScottMorrisonMP Yes as long as you're a Quiet Australian

ScottMorrisonMP What a load of rubbish

ScottMorrisonMP Yay let’s ALL go to Hawaii together!

ScottMorrisonMP No we are not. Thanks to you.

ScottMorrisonMP What rot.

ScottMorrisonMP People on Newstart are not free ScottMorrisonMP They are trapped. You have trapped them into a dreadful life in this wonderful wealthy country.

ScottMorrisonMP Our freedoms are slowly being eroded away under this government

ScottMorrisonMP Said the white middle aged President of The Mosman Rowers Club when receiving the massive cheque.

ScottMorrisonMP That's not reality, it's a marketing statement!!!

ScottMorrisonMP gave up shirelive today?

ScottMorrisonMP Seems that’s not always the case

ScottMorrisonMP We are BUT NOT YOU SCUMO!

ScottMorrisonMP As PM tries to bring in the bigots' bill in February! Let's call it for what it is! We have current laws which are all that's needed for freedom of religion! Otherwise what is Australia Day all about? Just words, pomp & ceremony? AlboMP RichardMarlesMP zalisteggall WilkieMP

ScottMorrisonMP No, we are certainly not free. You call the shots and we have reduced options. The ability to breathe clean air, you would assume should be a given right, but Yu refuse to do anything about it.

ScottMorrisonMP ScottMorrisonMP aka ScottyfromMarketing, CrimeMinisterMorrison CaptainCorruption, Free to rort Australians!

ScottMorrisonMP Delusions

ScottMorrisonMP Says the scummo who opened up christmas island at outrageous cost to remove one very beloved family from their home. hometobilo

ScottMorrisonMP 🤪 ScottyFromMarkting

ScottMorrisonMP might want to tell dutton to get in the same page mate 🤥

ScottMorrisonMP ...not really !!!

ScottMorrisonMP Hmmmm, when it suits

ScottMorrisonMP Ah not Coalmo Most of the rest of us yes but

ScottMorrisonMP “I don’t accept the premise of that question”

ScottMorrisonMP the monster who locks up refugees and tortures them, including children?!

ScottMorrisonMP long as you have a job, don't have a disability & don't need a roof over your head.

ScottMorrisonMP We also know a shonky rorter when we see one! The integrity of a sewer rat.

ScottMorrisonMP Yeah, nah. Not uniting behind his band of bigoted, climate denying god-botherers.

ScottMorrisonMP Oh bugger off!

ScottMorrisonMP ScottMorrisonMP I don’t think these dead men would agree with you. Locked up indefinitely on an island with no way out. It is not illegal to seek asylum

ScottMorrisonMP So he does have a criminal heritage. Explains some of his inherit traits perhaps.

ScottMorrisonMP PLEASEFREEASSANGE Free Julian Assange on Australia Day. He is the Australian Hero. The Australian Citizen who has been persecuted for revealing the truth. You are a Christian you say? How can you let this tragedy occur on your watch? You are the PM. Please do the right thing 🇦🇺

ScottMorrisonMP We are accepting people but our government does not acknowledge the important place of our First Nations people or the harm that was done to them by the colonialism of England that still overlords us. Educate yourselves

ScottMorrisonMP You literally have a trophy on your desk that celebrates the exact opposite.

ScottMorrisonMP Burning us, restricting cash, pushing religion on us, hmmmm handmaiden like anyone?

ScottMorrisonMP His government is very challenging alright 😡

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Mourning in Moree: Why one community can’t celebrate on Australia DayOn January 26, the community of Moree in north-western NSW will mark two very different anniversaries. EllaMareeAB RhettWyman Well ...that must mean.. every one else must never celebrate Australia day ....wake up SMH stop with the hate Australia propaganda ...SMH you are fake news ...before the internet you at SMH could lie and we couldn't say anything ..welcome to the truth
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'Personal toll' on firefighters 'grows every day' | Sky News AustraliaNew South Wales Deputy Liberal Leader John Barilaro says 'the personal toll' on our volunteer firefighters, RFS crews and communities 'is growing every day'.\n\n'We thought with the rain over the last few days would dampen those fire... we are in the peak of the season,' Mr Barilaro told Sky News. \n\nFlags will be flown at half-mast across New South Wales on Friday to honour three US firefighters killed on the front line.\n\nImage: News Corp Australia\n\n Volunteer fire fighting is exploitation How would that be as Scotty from marketing said volunteers love fighting fires
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Indigenous history must be at centre of Australia DayThe date is undoubtedly divisive and it may well make sense to change it at some stage. But it is more important to have our Indigenous heritage recognised in the constitution. Rubbish Irrelevant to the founding of the modern nation. No thanks Actually at the centre of Australia Day should be how WE ALL should band together and help bushfire communities through these tough times. Come together as 1 Australia not segment into minorities.
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Australia Day celebrations across the countryAustralia Day is just around the corner and to celebrate the national holiday, an abundance of events are on offer around the country. Really? Lefty nine has me covered? Where are the invasion rallies being held? 😂 it twould be better to remove the stars Why does the 'Australian' flag have the flag of a foreign nation in pride of place in the top canton?
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Not when, it's how: Ken Wyatt says Australia Day about truth-tellingExclusive: Ken Wyatt, the first Indigenous man to be Minister for Indigenous Australians, says January 26 should mark truth-telling and the 'good and the bad' in the nation's history | rharris334 rharris334 The holier-than-thou Ken Wyatt? Looking after Indigenous Australians, Hmm BS rharris334 Nah, a bbq and a beer with friends will be about the extent of it. rharris334 Having an each way bet.
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Where all Aussies can be proud this Australia DayIf you're unsure about celebrating January 26, this First Nation's festival might be for you. Let's celebrate that we are one people, one nation where everyone is equal before the law. All nations have skeletons in the closet from less enlightened times. Let's celebrate the present and look forward to the future, let us not dwell on the past. Will First Nations people be thanking other Australians for saving them from the Japanese Invasion in 1942? It's just business as usual for 75% of us.
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