Indigenous history must be at centre of Australia Day

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Editorial: Indigenous history must be at the centre of Australia Day

As we argued last year, once that has been done Australia Day can become both a celebration of modern Australia and a time to reflect on past injustices. We must use this day and every other opportunity to promote this cause and improve living standards for Indigenous on the welfare of Indigenous Australians in a few weeks and, as in previous years, it is unlikely to show a dramatic improvement.

It is also important to talk about the strength and value of Indigenous culture. For example, many are hoping the techniques of controlled burning used by Indigenous people as part of their farming practices before 1788 can provide lessons for modern Australia to deal with the risk of bushfires that comes from climate change. As the debate about the date inevitably becomes part of this Australia Day, let us use it as a chance to raise these issues.


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Yes! Then they invited us and gave us fish, and what did we do? We shot them, until they adjusted to our expectations! Actually some still don’t and I love them for it.

Can we for once celebrate a national day with bringing it down with politics


No - central should be what separates free liberal societies from totalitarian dictatorships (like the one to our north)

Why ? I celebrate the arrival of the First Fleet on this day !

Australia day should be about all the elements that have created on of the most successful countries in the world.

They wont change anything they love the devide the day causes and will ramp up these headlines as we near closer to the day and the sheep will act accordingly

My 74th Australia day is coming up. And I can tell you that in my childhood we were taught NOTHING of Aboriginal Culture NOTHING!!!

Just get over it and enjoy the day, the way the vast majority of Australians (of all backgrounds) do.

Anyone who labels our national day as 'invasion day' clearly has blinkers on, with no concept of what has occurred throughout history. The fact that there are still Aboriginal people in Australia today highlights how lucky they are that it was British who settled, and not others.

No, Australia day should be about Australia and Australians. If people don't want to identify as being Australian then fine but don't try to ruin the party for everyone else.

If we moved Aus Day, could we keep Jan 26th as a public holiday to celebrate the arrival of the First Fleet?

How do you make up for taking over someone’s Country and committing Genocide!

Invasion Day 2020: where you can find this year's marches and rallies

Cue the white inner city Greens voters being offended on behalf of Aborigines who really don’t care about the date

Strange that many indigenous traditions & ceremonies have only been around since 1970s. At least the ones they charge big $$$ for.

Australia Day is for everyone! Enough of this leftist political correctness.

MorpheusBeing why

Change the date. This is insulting and patronising.

Why not the beginning? smh australiaday invasionday indianrepublicday auspol


Have enough days to celebrate indigenous people plus 30 odd Billion dollars spent on them stop causing division pit the spotlight on the organisation that handle our money and why is there so much poverty still

No lmao that’s illogical and silly

How about this!? Building a huge Aboriginal Memorial Monument in Sydney Cove of unrivaled grandeur to help heal 200 years of Aboriginal cries, humiliation, genocides, corralling & loot & of course third house of parliament for aboriginal constituents alone & aboriginal President!

Why? Because theage says so. No thanks we have elections to decide these issues and we’ve had literally 100s and the decision has never changed. theage making up news. Many Indigenous = code for a few malcontents who represent no one auspol

Who says so? Not everyone agree with your stupid comments!


And the date should be moved out of respect for invasion day.

Take the flag you have shown and shove it. This is the Australian Flag

If there had been no 'white' settlement in Australia, the Japanese would have easily conquered Australia in the 1940s. 'Aboriginals' owe 'white' Australians and can express this gratitude on Australia Day.

All the so-called 'First Peoples' are long dead. More advanced civilisations always conquer the weaker - Darwinism at work. The Normans conquered the Saxons in 1066 and there is no 'First Peoples' bullshit in the UK.

How much can you say about civilisation that never evolved over 40000yrs. Not one structure bigger than a humpy in 40000yrs, now that was a waste of time.

26 January is Invasion Day...

It has become that

One Nation, One Flag and One Social Welfare System.

Any particular achievements of Koori culture which should be celebrated? Literature? Quality of life? Technology? Plant/animal husbandry? Domestic violence? Medical and scientific advances? Astronomy? Music? Exploration? Compare a corroboree with a symphony orchestra.

There is a certain similarity between Brexit remainers and those seeking to ram the word 'indigenous' down eveyone's throats.

Ah no , British colonisation should be . 🇬🇧🇦🇺

Never will b while we have two flags .. When asked I say one is for White people and one flag for Black people .. 🤔

There is always something that is not good enough and used to resist assimilation into mainstream. Join Australia or hold your peace we are tired of this continual moaning.

What history? Sitting under gum trees banging rocks for thousands of years? Yeah let’s include that, won’t take long to cover.

Australians must be at the centre of Australian day. If you want to make a seperate indigenous day where we can all be indigenous to each other... that sounds awesome.

Oh FFS Australia Day is for ALL Australian people to come together. Why does SMH work so hard to be divisive

We must move Australia Day

SMH pushes privileged minorities and identity politics. Key strategies of Marxist feminist ideology. Once great newspaper now woke garbage!

Don't we have at least another 5 days each year dedicated to Indigenous recognition? Can't we have one day that's for all Australians irrespective of background?

I’m not aboriginal. I’m an Aussie 👍 It’s all our day

Indigenous history is a tad hard to pin down, as they forgot to invent writing and developed construction techniques

I am so sick of this every year. Australia Day is about what we achieve TOGETHER as a nation. Not to delve into the past. What happened is over. Time to look forward to the future as one people.

Indigenous history is 1 aspect of Australia's emergence as a modern nation.There is only so much we can write about our failure to include our 1st immigrants before we have to ask how much longer do we ignore them by elevating them to the preferential victims of change status.

so much fuss about a date It was past history so move on

I'll fix it for you. Australian history must be at the centre of Australia Day.

ellenmfanning Its Invasion Day and nothing we hav done since will change that! In fact we hav made it much worse!!

Because 3.3 % of the population is far more important than everyone else?


Actually at the centre of Australia Day should be how WE ALL should band together and help bushfire communities through these tough times. Come together as 1 Australia not segment into minorities.


Irrelevant to the founding of the modern nation. No thanks

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