Not when, it's how: Ken Wyatt says Australia Day about truth-telling

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Exclusive: Ken Wyatt, the first Indigenous man to be Minister for Indigenous Australians, says January 26 should mark truth-telling and the 'good and the bad' in the nation's history | rharris334

Indigenous Affairs Minister Ken Wyatt says Australia Day should remain on January 26 and commemorations around the country instead mark both the "good and the bad" of the nation's history since 1788., Mr Wyatt said Australia's "dark beginnings" must be recognised in communities across the country but not overshadow celebrations of the "remarkable" multicultural country it has become.

"We can have anger at the past, the pain and the hurt ... but at some point we've got to give our children a better future," Mr Wyatt said."It's not about [Captain Arthur] Phillip landing in Sydney. It's about the way we've grown firstly into a federation, but ... a country of incredible people."The colour of our skin did matter once, but it doesn't anymore. It's about a society that has many hues of colour.


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rharris334 Shame his LNP are not good with telling truth or answering questions.

rharris334 The day should be reflective but we must focus on the future & the national optimism of all, while understanding & recognizing that the past was brutal. That is the balance we all need to aspire to.

rharris334 A day to celebrate! There will always be some out there who want to disrupt and cause problems but Australia Day should be a day to celebrate this great country!

rharris334 The bad, maybe taking over the land. The good, “Advanced 🇦🇺 “. Maybe treat this as a day of reconciliation. Apologize for the beginning but let’s build the future together. It’s a multicultural country.

rharris334 Indigenous politician, Ken Wyatt, is placed in a difficult situation. He is expected to tow the 'party line' AND to represent Indigenous human rights and to juggle these commitments. However, both the 'WHEN' and the 'HOW' matter to a significant majority of Indigenous people.

rharris334 Invasion Day 2020: where you can find this year's marches and rallies

rharris334 Great move, Ken Whyatt. If not now, then 200+ years ago.

rharris334 Coconuts anyone?

rharris334 Fence sitting coconut. Nothing good about the day and he know's it

rharris334 Having an each way bet.

rharris334 Nah, a bbq and a beer with friends will be about the extent of it.

rharris334 The holier-than-thou Ken Wyatt? Looking after Indigenous Australians, Hmm BS

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Australia Latest News, Australia Headlines

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