Armed robbers chased from store by manager with mop

A shop manager has chased two armed robbers from his store armed only with a mop.


A shop manager has chased two armed robbers from his store armed only with a mop. 9News

A shop manager has chased two armed robbers from his store armed only with a mop.

The manager told 9News he believes the man armed with the rifle attempted to shoot him but couldn't get the gun to work.

The robbers were last seen getting into a dark-coloured vehicle parked nearby on Pendlebury court before driving towards Logan River Road.

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Chilling radio communications describe Bourke St attacker as 'armed, dangerous and psychotic' | Sky News AustraliaA Coronial inquest into the Bourke Street massacre will on Tuesday hear from the police officer who tried to convince convicted killer James Gargasoulas to surrender as he led police in a car chase across Melbourne. \n\nThe inquest was played chilling radio communications from police units as they followed Gargasoulas from his home in Windsor where he stabbed his brother Angelo as he led them to the Melbourne CBD. \n\nGargasoulas was described as “armed, dangerous and psychotic” in radio excerpts from January 20,2017, when he killed six people and injured 27 more. Armed, dangerous & psychotic, and the police response........let him get into the pedestrian laden CBD in the hope he will calm down. Had he known fatal vehicle stopping force would be applied, he probably would have complied with an order to stop well before the cbd. Shocking response. He certainly did play the police as cowards. Just hope police are ready if there’s a next time. Not confident of that though. The police officer tries to reason with a lunatic. How's that workin' for ya?

Dozens of top roles spilled in shake-up of NSW transport bureaucracyThe impact of the reshuffle is rippling through all arms of the agency, including Sydney Trains, whose CEO Howard Collins will move to a new role. ozbob13 Here’s the chance for everyone who thinks they know how best to run a transport system to throw their 🎩 into the ring.

Three people killed in shooting outside Walmart storeAt least two victims are dead after a gunman opened fire outside a Walmart in Oklahoma, before reportedly turning the gun on himself. 9News

Best & Less, Harris Scarfe back in Australian handsThe private equity firm is set to buy discount retailer Best & Less, homewares and manchester store Harris Scarfe, and plus-size clothing chain Postie.

French liquor brand staff claim they were forced to drink on the jobOne current and two former employees have accused the group of strong-arming them into drinking at work as part of a drive to increase sales. Everyone is a victim these days, it’s the fashion and it pays. boo hoo And your complaining? Someone has to try before you buy! 🍷🍸🥂🍾

Why it doesn't pay to care: gender equality scorecard shows caring not highly valuedNurses and carers ask why they cannot stay in caring roles and still move towards equal pay with male managers. Caring is unproductive to the bottom line, so they expect you to pretend to care while doing your chores. No time to listen to the feelings of others it requires an open system where all concerned are not under companies pressure for profits. Old people need time for everything. It is supply and demand economics, there are more people who are qualified carers, if there was a shortage wages in these fields would be higher which in turn would attract others. Nothing at all to do with Gender Equality, just the laws of economics Encouraging women in STEM careers is great, but until we value 'women's work' we'll never achieve equality

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