Man accused of punching baby at a Perth hotel carpark says he didn't do it

Ian Douglas James Gordon is accused of punching ten week old baby Cruz outside the Saint Hotel in March, and has pleaded not guilty.


A man accused of punching a baby at a hotel car park has denied even touching the infant, saying he only wanted to know if it was real. 9News

Ian Douglas James Gordon is accused of punching ten week old baby Cruz outside the Saint Hotel in March, and has pleaded not guilty.

He's now on trial in Perth Magistrates Court, and today took the stand in his own defence, where he said he'd questioned earlier that day why anyone would bring a child to a pub.

Curtis MacLean admits throwing a punch after he says he felt the thud of his baby being hit - then stepped back to check on his child while a fight broke out.

Ian Gordon admitted consuming 7-8 pints of beer in about 2 and a half hours but said he wasn't drunk - just jolly.

Yesterday the boys' father choked up as he described how he felt his newborn son being hit. He admits throwing a punch at Ian Gordon but says that was after the baby was struck.

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This guy needs to go to jail, but in Australia they never go to jail for the really serious stuff. Not a man a scumbag. I seriously think people are circling the drain..😔 Wtf is wrong with people ? This is just wrong on so many different levels I don't know where to begin. Simply put, everyone is in the wrong here .

this happened in England too! What is wrong with these people? Happens all the time! You see a baby and think is that real, I know I'll punch its head in to find out🙄

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