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Breakıng, Play Community Sport

All the new rules for Victoria as road map out of lockdown revealed

#BREAKING: Premier Daniel Andrews has finally revealed Victoria’s road map out of lockdown. Here’s all the new rules and when they will kick in.

19/09/2021 5:58:00 AM

BREAKING : Premier Daniel Andrews has finally revealed Victoria ’s road map out of lockdown. Here’s all the new rules and when they will kick in.

Outdoor dining, community sport and a return to the classroom are on the horizon for Victoria ns as the state cautiously looks to a future where Covid is kept at bay by vaccines, not lockdowns.

The first major tranche of changes for metropolitan Melbourne will kick in when 70 per cent of Victorians aged over 16 are fully vaccinated, a milestone expected around October 26.The 9pm curfew and limited reasons to leave home will be abandoned and groups of 10 fully vaccinated people permitted to gather outdoors.

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Vaccination rates are key to Victoria’s path out of lockdown. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Daniel PockettPubs and entertainment venues can open with up to 50 fully vaccinated people outdoors, and all school students will return to the classroom at least part time.

Hairdressers can reopen and outdoor weddings and funerals can occur with up to 50 fully vaccinated attendees.In regional Victoria, indoor community sports can return at the 70 per cent milestone, and pubs can reopen to 30 vaccinated guests indoors.More restrictions will fall away across the state when 80 per cent of Victorians over 16 are double jabbed, a date likely to fall on November 5.

Then, masks will only be required indoors, people can have up to 10 people over to their house and indoor community sport can resume everywhere.Victorians can go to work if fully vaccinated — though still be encouraged to work from home if possible — and retail stores can fling their doors wide open.

Weddings, funerals and religious services can welcome 150 fully vaccinated people indoors and up to 500 outdoors.Premier Daniel Andrews said reopening Victoria will be a “difficult balancing act”. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Andrew HenshawThe announcement brings Victoria in line with NSW as the second Australian state to plan a significant relaxation of restrictions even as Covid continues to circulate in the community.

The state recorded 507 new cases in the previous 24 hours on Sunday, with 84 per cent of them in people aged under 50.Mr Andrews said nurses, doctors and paramedics would come under “intense pressure” even under the steady plan for reopening.But, he said, it was necessary to pass through an “important gateway” and normalise life with Covid.

“Lockdowns have been about buying time to get to 70 and 80 per cent vaccination,” he said.“We are fast approaching those milestones. At that point we have got to open the place up, because remaining closed forever has its own cost, in every sense of that word.”

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Any chance of updating your article to reflect the density limits still in place for hospo. The numbers reported are maximums, not what many venues are actually allowed. See attached taken from the releases on the Premiers site Political leaders have all agreed, 100 deaths a day is OK, backfill with migrants

Evil knows no boundaries. Reducing the number of Pfizer doses, replace with Moderna. Conspiracy theorists awake! Are we guinea pigs? Victoristans freedoms will kick in, when Donkey Dan gets kicked out! The people have outsheeped the sheep What a big f u to theatre and live entertainment Ha !! Ha !! Ha !! Ha !! Tippy toe outside a bit longer and if ya' blow ya' nose in public it's curtains again .

freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedom!!!! Not sure this is good for the rest of Australia. 😬

Victoria records 507 new local Covid-19 cases BREAKING : Victoria has recorded 507 new locally acquired Covid-19 cases on Sunday as Dan Andrews prepares to reveal the state’s road map out of lockdown. No Roadmap, nor freedoms. Stop using those words like they exist.

Victoria will open on Oct 2026 … VIC is so lucky to have Dan , doing a much better job than Gladys

Victoria’s road back from restrictions: What are the new coronavirus rules?Here are the details of Victoria ’s road map out of lockdown and a run-through of the new rules for the state. It will be updated as new information becomes available, so please check back for the latest information lockdown roadmap covid covid19 Yay!! Great to see a plan and a date, I’m feeling hopeful 👏👏 I can only see a roadmap for Melbourne, not regional Vic? Are our prep, 1, 2 students who were at school 5 days a week (in the last week of Term 3) now only going back 3 days a week in Term 4? Sorry I missed it the announcement. What time is Dan tucking us into our beds tonight?

Victoria records 507 COVID-19 cases, roadmap out of lockdown leakedOutdoor dining, extended travel limits and face-to-face learning will resume under Victoria 's 'cautious' roadmap out of lockdown, set to be revealed today. I hope it’s clearer than NSW. Areas of concern still don’t know what the future holds Here we go again as the failed actor again stands before the peasants with sarcasm & a fallacious style Socialist behavior that only dictators choose to delve in to influence the pavement kneeler’s again toward submission! comedy but he’s serious lol. What is the governments 'out of lockdown' definition? Restrictions will still be in place right?

Victoria records 507 COVID-19 cases ahead of lockdown exit plan Victoria has recorded 507 new locally-acquired COVID-19 cases and another fatality ahead of the release of a comprehensive plan for easing lockdown restrictions. What are the NSW numbers? How is the contract tracing in NSW going?

Victoria sets new record with 535 COVID-19 cases amid crackdown on anti-lockdown protests Victoria has recorded 535 new locally acquired COVID-19 infections and one death as Melbourne braces for an anti-lockdown protest rally. With a whopping 535 cases, I'd say that the top priority for Daniel Andrews is to get this outbreak under control. And stop blaming people from watching sunsets or wanting to play in playgrounds. VictoriaHasFallen The police should get some dart guns and load them with vaccines. When the protesters show up they can vaccinate the lot of them.

Leading epidemiologist weighs in as Victoria awaits roadmap out of sixth lockdownA leading epidemiologist has warned Victoria ns to temper their expectations ahead of the state government's roadmap reveal, saying case numbers will continue to shape the state's future. Victorians are all about tempering expectations with noplandan Lololllol Experimental vaccines are not always the answer.