WEBINAR | Voting out corruption: citizen responsibility in a democracy

WEBINAR | Voting out corruption: citizen responsibility in a democracy

2021-10-17 06:23:00 AM

WEBINAR | Voting out corruption: citizen responsibility in a democracy

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16 October 2021 - 13:04SponsoredAs citizens, it is our democratic right to hold the South African government to account. Picture: THE SUNDAY TIMES/ALAISTER RUSSELLFor a country gripped by corruption at the highest levels of government, SA's 27-year-old democracy cannot afford to languish in ignorance and apathy as the hard-fought gains of the generations raised in the apartheid era get swept aside.

SA records 11,125 new COVID-19 cases, 1 death Body of motorist who tried crossing flooded bridge retrieved in Tshwane Tebogo Khaas | Malema: an existential threat | Citypress

It is unfortunate that at a time when the country was already dealing with burgeoning unemployment and decreasing interest from foreign investors, SA found itself in the grips of the global Covid-19 pandemic. A situation presented itself where the ANC  government could provide leadership in time of significant health and economic challenges.

Initially, President Cyril Ramaphosa inspired the nation to unite at “family meetings” to tackle the crisis. Health minister Zweli Mkhize appeared to have a firm grasp on the management of the disease, relying on the contribution of scientists and epidemiologists in providing sober leadership. It was therefore a great shock to the nation when Mkhize was implicated in the R150m Digital Vibes corruption scandal. It was yet another blow to a country desperate for respected leadership. headtopics.com

But Mkhize’s fall is not the first we have seen in the ANC government over the years. He has been preceded by the most notorious exploits of former president Jacob Zuma, the ANC’s secretary-general Ace Magashule, Eastern Cape health MEC Sindiswa Gomba and former eThekwini mayor Zandile Gumede, among others.

Is it really true that the government cannot take successful anti-corruption measures?A recentAfrobarometersurvey reveals that South Africans believe corruption has flourished under Ramaphosa’s leadership. In fact, the study reports that “not only do South Africans believe that corruption is getting worse, but they also see large portions of elected officials and civil servants as involved in corrupt activities”.

If it is beyond the ability of the government to impose anti-corruption measures, where does the responsibility for recovery lie? Is it really true that the government cannot take successful anti-corruption measures?As citizens of SA, it is our democratic right to hold the government to account. We cannot stand by and let corruption happen, nor can we expect business alone to combat it. Engaged and participative citizens make a moral judgment of governing parties by turning out to cast their votes on election day. The voting decision should consider what practical plans parties have to fight corruption. 

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LIVESTREAM: Police Minister testifies at SAHRC hearings

The Human Rights Commission hearings into the July unrest continues on Friday.

“The democratic man is more concerned with his money over how he can help the people. He does whatever he wants whenever he wants to do it. His life has no order or priority.”

WATCH: Blade Nzimande tells SACP volunteers to ensure maximum turnout on voting day to avert ANC defeatSACP general secretary, Dr Blade Nzimande, has called on his party's volunteers to ensure a maximum voter turnout on November 1. Imagined an old confused man telling u to vote ANC VoetsekRamaphosa voteeff Even though I have pride as a man, at the end of the day I'm a parent too. My children slept hungry for the second night in a row😔. Please, please assist my family with any food donation or food parcel🙏. We can go days without eating, my babies can't 💔😭 Who takes them seriously though

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Ministers say hostage ordeal was a sign of ‘maturing democracy’ | CitypressThe two ministers who were held hostage by ANC military veterans are of the view that the ordeal is a sign of South Africa’s maturing democracy, and that the country is not a security-heavy state. Arthritis Government 😑😑 What utter nonsense. The hostage saga is a complex situation in regards to authority. 😱🤣🤣🤣

Pro-democracy protests flare up in eSwatini, UN calls for peaceeSwatini authorities have restricted the country’s internet services, leaving most social media applications down.

Pro-democracy protests mount as Eswatini blocks InternetUnions, opposition parties, and student groups have joined the latest protests, which have run for more than two weeks. Again? Monarchies & their inability to resign. When people have decided to relieve you of your duties, have the grace and dignity of the King you claim to be and step aside. Why must it come down to police brutality, violence towards citizens & making enemies of the people? In 21st century there is no place for absolute monarchy except museum. Swazi monarchy should go, let the people of Swaziland breath freedom and full democracy.

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